Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Lazy Housewife at Atlanta

If you read my previous post just now, then u are jumping 4 months into the "future" with this post, which is my "present" here at Atlanta and will be my "past" if I’m reading this years from now. Just messing with ya. But isn’t it interesting how time can be so relative, no?

For those spouses who came to the US on dependent visa, we can all agree on one thing: we are dependent. Damn, so dependent. I followed my husband on H4 visa and right now I haven’t got my work permit. US is a stickler for rules so I don’t want us getting deported by duping employers to give me a job. In a year or so my husband can apply I-140 and things might change. Don’t wanna bore you with details. Bottom line I depend on my husband financially right now and I’ve been branded a housewife, the horror.

But I’m kinda enjoying it. I’m actually taking this as a long vacation. It’s like the world belong to only me and him. Finally together. Far from families and friends, I can be anything I want. Every weekend we would watch a new movie in this mall we always go. Try out new food in some random restaurant. We would also go for long drives or hiking. And now that it’s spring, everything looks so beautiful outside. 

Weekdays are sometime boring when he goes to work. But there’s always stuff to do here. Like reading a good book sitting in the park, checking out some local events with my new "housewife" friends, yoga classes, taking a long walk, etc, etc. And oh yeah, Netflix. I have watched all the movies and TV series which I always wanted to see.

 Though I got all the time in the world, I’m doing a very shitty job of being a housewife. I don’t keep the house spotless and shiny all the time, I don’t cook if I feel lazy and I don’t wake up in time to kiss my husband goodbye before he go to work. But he said he still loves me. Teeheehee.. Though in my defense, when he return home i would often greet him like this happy jumping pet dog who is very excited that the master is back.Yep! I'm a dog when i'm not being a cat.

Alright then. This post is just an update on my life. It is a pretty good life for a shameless freeloader. And with all the beauty and free time around me, I’m gonna write more. I got my muse back. So stay tuned. And bye for now.

Happy New Year 2016

I always write a post when it’s the New Year. This year, I didn’t. So here I am 4 months late writing a post in my dead blog. Déjà Vu

Night of 31st Dec 2015 :

Midnight was fast approaching. And we were ready. By ready I meant stocking a couple of booze like old monk, some cheap beers, kebabs and lotsa unhealthy snacks. The usual. We are a low maintenance group. We like hanging out with crazy friends, get drunk, get loud and laugh at the most silliest thing which aren’t funny at all when we are sober. 

At times one of us will start a fight, get all emotional and accuse the other of some stupid thing that happened 7 months ago. Tears and screams will follow. And it will end with all of us hugging each other in a dramatic happy ending. Unless another person decides to accuse another person about another stupid stuff.

I thought all these madness was over for me. I’m married now. Though it’s been only a month, things have changed. I feel I need to be more responsible and commit my crazies only to my husband. So tonight I was with three of my closest friends, toning down my so called "crazies" and telling myself that this is the last time. After all, these three were like my extended family. My best friend Rosy, the kickass Reeya and non-drinker Nizam. They were at my wedding too. They traveled 3000km from their home to a semi-violent unpredictable land just for me. That qualified them to be in my top rated friend list (if I have any list).

Midnight, dawn of 1st Jan 2016:

It was countdown time. We were tipsy. We all ran up the stairs to the 6th floor terrace of Rosy’s Apartment. Some other resident were already there. The night was noisy. Lots of firecrackers everywhere. And since we were pretty high up, we could see the colors exploding very near us, making it all the more awesome.

Boom Boom Boommm the sounds go and we were jumping like little kids grinning from ear to ear. It was a Happy New Year to be with them. I wont be seeing them in a while since I was leaving for US to be with my husband a few weeks from now. My mind drifted to my husband. He missed it all since he was in a flight at that moment, heading to Atlanta. He left yesterday. I wished he was here.

Another group of resident came up with a big chocolate cake and they shared it with us. Such a good Samaritan. Maybe coz we were staring at those cakes hungrily. Hmmm..

We all started wishing each other. To friends as well as strangers.  Also calling up people if our busy pompous network will allowed us. The air was filled with happiness and hope. I guess its coz people want the thought of a new beginning. Though it may not change anything in our life, we still hope that there’s a good thing coming in this brand new year and it’s only natural to welcome it with open arms.

So yeah that was my new year 2016. Some stuff did happen after that; like me chopping off my long hair with a blunt scissor which I found in Rosy’s kitchen.  But that’s all drunk talk. And all’s well now.

Friday, 2 January 2015


 It wasn’t planned. All good memories in my life happen unplanned. And this was a ride which I will remember for a long time.
The party was supposed to start at 8pm on the starting of this Newest Year of our current life. Most of us already had our separate New Year Eve party on 31st and was ready for more on the 1st day of the year “2015”.  But only one friend showed in time. Irony is this one friend often ditched us at other times. So this was a treat for me. After that I had a short panic moment when this best friend switched off her mobile and disappeared from the face of the Earth ( a human being doesn’t exist in my world if they don’t have a mobile).  And me being high and dramatic thought that she ditched me which made me muttered  stuff like “if she don’t get her ass here today I’m never gonna talk to her in my life, ever, my entire life, yes, never ever.. yeahhh…”

But then it all worked out. And around  2:30am we random six totally different people found ourselves on the Mysore highway having one of the best bike ride. Lucky to have two beautiful ladies to share the moment with and my pillion ride was with this long hair mysterious guy who likes to talk about weird ideas like me. The two other guys are from my work and whom I’ve grown very fond and respect. We made a good team.

We ride with the wind in our hairs till the sun rises in the horizon. Of course stopping at many places on the way to create small memories. I think I like 2015 already. 

Thought I will stop by to write this blog post and make it a tradition to start each year with a New Year wish. So here’s wishing everyone reading this to have a great year ahead!! Enjoy and Live Free.


Monday, 30 December 2013


The year 2013 is about to come to an end. It’s only fitting that i’m back in my home-town right now. Reminding myself that no matter how long i take or how far i stray i’ll always have a place to come home to.

This was a year of many “ my first time” shits. I did things i never thought i would. I tried new stuffs which not all were good. I even had my first surgery (though it was a very very minor one). I lied more than any other years that i remembered. I can even say i’ve partially gone “the dark side” now. Made many new friends too. I changed.

Though i’ve lost interest in reading or writing for now i know in the coming years i might change my mind again. That’s one of the things i’m really good at. Changing minds. Yes. So i won’t be saying goodbye to my blog just yet.

As the New Year approaches i can’t help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. It’s like a BIG present which i can’t wait to open. Hoping it will have lotsa exciting new things in store for me. And hope it has lotsa exciting things in store for YOU too. Happy New YEAR! And babye to the old one, 2013 you will be remembered !

Thursday, 14 November 2013

100. Write coz no one listen

In my line of work, I have to talk to a lot of people everyday. Some are real bitches. I imagine myself stabbing them a thousand times in my mind or pouring gasoline in their filthy mouth and setting it on fire. These images made talking politely to them much easier. However,  now and then I'll come across people who are real gems. They inspire and touch your life and they change the way you perceive the world. And so I keep learning new things everyday. New lessons and new stories.

On one such talk a few days ago, I came across a sweet lady writer. She was a retired school teacher who wrote a book containing short stories. She even let me read one of the chapters. And it was something she said that I just can’t seem to forget. She said "I write because no one is free to sit and listen to my stories." Everyone is busy and there's lots of stories she wanted to share.

And I guess that's true for most writers. We write because we want to share our stories. We want to put it out in the world, in hope that someday somewhere someone will read them. The readers don't even have to like what we wrote. We just need someone to read what we have to say.

I'm not a real writer (whatever that means). I'm not dedicated enough to sit and write a book. Or to maintain a routine on what and when to write. I write as I please, when I please, ignoring the expression "please!" from some critics( here by critics I mean my blood relations so I guess it doesn't really count). Anyways, I'm not a serious writer as of now. I'm learning. I'm taking my sweet time to mature and gain life experiences. I'm exploring new paths and options that may sound a little unconventional to people. In short, I'm sinning a lot. Because what I've realized in this past couple of years is that nothing lasts forever (Guns N' Roses were the brilliant prophets if you ask me.)

Yes, Nothing lasts Forever! And so being a saint is a waste of life. All exciting things in life are often a crime. I'm not making much sense now, am I? Must be due to sleep deprivation. I even forgot what was the point of this post. Oh yea, the writers. Well folks, people come people live people die. As long as we're alive we have room to make one more mistake and thereby create one new memory. This is the 100th post of Gracy's Garbage. And I'm just reminding myself why I write. I found there are more than a hundred reasons.

Monday, 14 October 2013

My first wedding

Did I mention that I'm already married? Well “almost married”. The story happened 20 years ago when I was 8 years old. Me and this boy next door under the influence of child stupidity was made to play a part of the wedding couple. (It wasn’t child marriage, FYI)

As I remember, the sisters were annoyingly happy about the whole thing. Yes, they married me off to a boy of same age one sunny Saturday afternoon to ward off boredom. And they never let me forget.

 The wedding was arranged and attended by four annoying sisters, counting both sides. They then invited 2 other adult who didn't show, despite desperate attempts to pull them and tug them on their wrist. A total of four female craziness and one silly couple. They arranged white stuff for me to wear. Lines for me to say. They made him wear his Sunday school outfit. And there we were standing, ready and dressed for the wedding.

The elder sister of the groom played the minister who was supposed to wed us. And though the groom backed out when the puppet master asked him to put the ring on me, I still considered myself married that day.. Or should I be worried that the groom left me at the altar 20 years ago. Lol. This is kinda confusing.

Anyways, a few months after that wedding, errrr.. I mean "almost" wedding, our sweet neighbor shifted their house and I've never seen them since.

 He was the one I played my toys with or wrestle or climb walls. While my sisters love to play with pots and pans with his sisters, I always prefer to run around with him. One can even say he was my best friend.

So when I knew that they were shifting their house far away, my little mind was very confused. I think that's why I wrote my first love letter. It was more of a goodbye letter stating how much I'll miss him.

His parents got hold of the letter somehow and when my parents visited them that night, they read it out loud and laughed till they shit. It wasn't embarrassing at all. It almost killed me. That must have been my first heart break? Who knows what I felt. I was too young. But now that I think about it, it explained why I had commitment issue for a long time. Hmmm.. Interesting..

He never replied. I guess he was still too young to feel anything. (Jerk)

Wondering why I’m babbling about this now? Coz 20 years later he found me. He found me in facebook a few weeks ago. I barely recognized him or in this case his profile picture. But I remembered his name. After all how could I ever forget the name of my “almost” first husband? We chatted, we reminisced, we connected.  He said he wish he have a time machine. From what I know, he’d grown to be a fine man with sensitivity and integrity, dedicating his life to the work of God.

I hesitate a little before writing this post. I don't want him to read this. But then I realize he doesn't know me. And I don’t know him. What I remember of him is not the person who he is right now. And neither am i. That girl 20 years ago was a version of me which I don't even recognize.  And so maybe he will never know about this blog too. So under the influence of cannabis and some sexy music, I'm writing and posting this blog post.

And dear ex-boy-next-door, if you're reading this, I did love you once. But you're 20 years too late :)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The devil kept my soul

I played with the Devil and he kept my soul.
I tried to be nice but felt so wrong.
Now I’m just a puppet dancing in his tune.
Evil felt so good though I’m forever lost.

- Della

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Life @ BPO

“This is your honeymoon stage!”, said the trainer for the second time. She suppressed a giggle. She had been doing that a lot lately, suppressing laughter when she should be rolling on the floor. It was the 3rd week of her training. Life at BPO was a breath of fresh air comparing to all the uncertainties she faced in the past couple of months. People are less serious, dresses are less formal and it was easy to slip in the background when she doesn’t wanna be noticed.  

 There was always someone or the other to entertain her thoughts. Be it the weirdo who loves stealing water bottle, the Shaktiman who kept calling her crazy, the cockroach eater who tends to pull her hair, the girl who likes poking her to provoke a response or the hyperactive boy who likes playing with people’s chair. The team have all sorts of people. And now they were listening intently to what the trainer had to say about the incentives and bonus the company had to offer. No sleepy eyes this time!

It was Friday night and they were all in very good moods. The tall trainer had explained that training period is the fun part and there they refer it as “The Honeymoon Stage”. She can’t help but compare the jokes that go around inside the room with that of her former work environment. For a start it was much more funnier though vulgar at times. A freedom that was not there in her previous life. Among other things.

She knew this life won’t last. But she had always wanted to experience life at BPO and work on night shifts. Keeping a mental note to cross out this item from her bucket list, her attention shifted to “the friend” who speaks with his eyebrows. He was looking a little tensed since he was giving a presentation and answering questions, thereby making his expression more cartoony. He kept on repeating “It’s for the Customer’s Satisfaction”. She suppressed her laughter again almost killing her this time. “This is going to be harder than i thought”, she mused.