Friday, 17 December 2010

Silent Girl? WTF!??

A few days ago i had a rather big argument with my “Big Guy”. One moment we were having a perfectly normal conversation and the next thing i know he was telling me i am a silent girl. I flipped out. I mean what have we been doing in all those long hour calls? Sign language? What the hell?!! It meant war! A one sided war to be exact, since he was ever so calm trying to explain he meant it only for the first few meetings. I bet my ass he didn’t remember anything about what was said and done on our first few meetings! I was losing my cool with every word he said. How can anyone think i’m silent !! How?!!

It took me a whole day of not receiving his calls and dissecting each word spoken to finally realise that being silent is not that bad. Silence is golden they say. (not that i am silent,damn!!) But the notion of being classified as “Silent and Quite” is not an attractive feature for many. Maybe many years ago when women hide inside the house, it must have been a big compliment. In today’s world it is a sign of weakness. Also a tag for “I am BORING”. So i guess my reaction was justified, especially since it came from someone with whom i constantly chatter. Make no mistake, i won’t have minded if it was told by someone who hardly know me. Some people are not worth my attention. They don’t bother me, i don’t bother them. And I’m sorry if i feel a bit uncomfortable showing my larynx to strangers. But being classified as “silent”!! Preposterous!!

And with the risk of making this even more boring, let me try to explain what he actually led me to believe eventually. Or lets just say the refine version of the insult. So according to him, i'm someone who always think before i speak(not true). He said i don’t gossip like most people or backbite(partially true). That doesn’t give me any lesser topic to chat!! Ammm..on 2nd thought, it kinda does actually. :P And i don’t feel comfortable with everyone. Who does? Alright, some privileged people do. My Big Guy included. He also said that he meant “quite” as in “not loud”, someone who doesnt scream & shout. Plus he added how much he loves me and that i’m different from the rest. That always do the trick no matter how untrue it is. LOLz. I had to forgive him then.

Anyways next time when you tell someone that they are “Quite or Silent” you better think twice. Its as well as slapping her on the face and saying “You’re a Loser”. And even if u did say the “unspeakable” right at the face, you should have the patience to bear the afterheat and good tactics to try and lie your way out. Or else it can get pretty ugly. Trust me.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I definitely know what i want for Christmas now!! KINDLE 3G !!! It’s a dream come true. Hell, it even plays music! Its going to be a bit tricky buying it since its an Amazon product, we have to order it online and i stay in some hellhole presently :P . Funny thing is i didn’t have a clue that it existed before today. I heard of other e-reader on the market but kindle is on a whole different level. It looks a lot like a book. So i can just lay down on my cozy bed and read it forever. Battery life lasted a month!! How cool is that!

I guess its not that horrible to say that i’m a book lover. Not academic books of course. But novels and the world of fictions and fantasies. Yeah i’m a Harry Potter fan too. And J.K. Rowling is my role model. There, i said it. :) I also love Sidney, Dan Brown, Frederick Forsyth, Danielle Steel, Paulo Coelho and  the list will never end. I like being lost in the world they created for us. It seemed just yesterday where i was introduced to my very first novel by a sweet cousin ‘B’. Well, it was Mills & Boons, a no-brainer story whose name i can’t for the life of me remember. But i can recall that the tall-dark-handsome hero was “Patrick”. After that my thirst for novel have never quite satisfied. I keep on asking for more and there were lots. But way before that, i remember reading Enid Blyton, Hardy Boys, Treasure Island, Nancy Drew and a magazine called Chandamama. For a kid, those were the best, adventurous, adrenalin filled books of the time. Simple language and tons of incredibly dumb bad guys.

Sherlock Holmes was my first crush. I really liked that character. I tried to observe everything like him. I’m horrible at observation,stuffs just slipped out of my mind. That’s when i realised being a detective is probably not the profession for me. Also used to carry a brown bag having important stuffs for a weird 10-year-old like matchstick, candles, thread(don’t ask), scissor, pen & paper, pretending to be in some secret investigation. It was quite annoying for everyone except me. That phase lasted only a few months just like the different other disastrous phases of my childhood.

Then internet with all its geeks(love you all) decided to give back the people with torrents and other magnitude of file sharing, i couldn’t believe how lucky we were. Not only do i get to see endless movies and tv series for free, i can also read endless books without costing a dime. E-books are such a blessing. But reading from the computer is not exactly what you call "fun". Stiff neck, eye strain and what not. Always thought there should be something that could make this more comfy, never quite wrapped my head on it though. Shouldn’t have worried at all, technology had been constantly evolving to make our life easier. It won’t be long when you’ll be going to work on a flying saucer!!(secret hope).

Well KINDLE with up to 3500 books in that tiny thing, ink-based display, light-weight, built-in Wi-Fi, its too good to be true. I can imagine a future where kids go to school without all the heavy school bags but a small kindle in hand. I imagine kindle replacing paper and saving global warming. Sonia Gandhi reading her speech from her kindle. And i sound like i’m advertising it. LMAO! I’m just a bit excited that’s all. “Kindle” is the future, baby.

Sunday, 12 December 2010


My room stinks of dead rat!! My 2 roommates have ran away to their respective so called “relatives” for the weekends. And poor me, i’m left with the stink. Weird thing is, i cant find the source. Where is this damn rat? Dead rat? Dead cat? Hope its not dead man!! Nah. Dead people wont smell like that (not that i had any experience). So if i die tonight, u can sue the warden for the horrendous torture which no girl should endure! Promise?

When i first found out that there were rats in my room, my killer instinct automatically awakens. But then i saw this baby mouse, little tiny (still ugly), but kinda innocent looking creature running up and down my table without a care. I could have swatted it right there. But thought its a bit too violent. I mean, i’m relatively new here & i don’t wanna be labelled as "baby-killer". Later, i realised that they won’t have mind at all. So i was gathering strength. Hoping that some angry day, when they're more bigger & uglier, i’ll hunt them down. But damn!! Some cat beat me to it. Or maybe the rat committed suicide. Whatever, its stinking & i’m mighty pist right now!!

But since i’m writing about it, maybe i should try to act wise and bring out something that will make this look less stupid. You see, this smell (ghost dead rat) is a lot like our life. Sometime we know that our life stinks. But we cant do anything about it since we don’t know what went wrong or how to make it right. Sometime most of us don’t know what we actually want. Especially since we want infinite things, all at once. This ghost will stink and keep on stinking until i find the source. Or i could wait for nature and time to heal all wound, that might take months. So what i’m basically saying is, find the rat, make your life a better hell !! Lol. That was lame. And i don’t know where i’m going with this. All i know is that i might actually die tonight. If only it wasn’t so cold, i would have slept at the street :P

Friday, 10 December 2010

The Cat

There are some moments in our pathetic life that defines our existence. While there are some that completely destroy its meaning. It’s a constant debate whether or not “SOUL” existed in this universe. But if we just assume that it does, then it undoubtedly will need constant feeding. We need to take care of it. Replenish it on regular basis or else it would break us in return.

I still can’t forget the day where i saw a cat being ran over by a speeding jeep. . For a girl whose only bloody action was when she chopped off some monster’s head in some video game, that incident was classified as violent. I heard the sound of its bone break. I witness the way it tried to get up hastily and move away from the road, falling with every small hasty step it took. I just drove away, i didn’t stop to help. A part of me wanted to. A part of me feared being ridiculed by the crowd. But mostly i didn’t help bcoz i have cultivated the habit of ignoring people whom i don’t know personally. Alright it wasn’t “people” who needed my help in this dying-cat scenario, i’m just saying.

When i was a kid, i was surrounded with happy homely people where everyone knows everyone. Then i came to Bangalore and knew that upgraded city life is different. People don’t care anymore. For instant, i stayed at a rented room for 1 year and still don’t know who lived at the next apartment. He or she could be a serial killer for all i know! Such are the way of life nowadays. I also remember the day where i saw a small boy crying his heart out in a corner of a shopping mall, while i was just stepping into the escalator. I didn’t do anything, except stare at him for a few seconds, the escalator was moving down. I know i suck big time. And there’s more. Saw an accident. Not exactly saw, but knew there was a crash a few blocks before me. A bus hitting someone at a bike and the terrified bus driver was running away. Frankly, I don’t wanna see wat was left. But guess what my first thought was? “ Oh no, poor guy! Let me get out before the traffic jammed up!!”. I don’t wanna justify what i did was right or wrong. It is what it is. The only thing is, are you okay with it? I certainly am not. Especially since i remember all this vividly months after the incidents. So let me come back to the original thought. Does it affect the soul? Maybe we don’t know we’ll feel that way when things happened unexpectedly. But every bad action always comes back to haunt us one way or the other. It affects how we feel about ourselves. And that, my fren, is the most important feeling a person can have.

Hmmmm.. now i have to try & remember the good deeds i did in my life that could somehow nullify this. I did save a bunch of puppies once. Re-unite them with their mom. They all fell inside some pit one dark cold night and i rescued them.Now that sounded really good. Okay, it wasn’t totally selfless since the mother doggie was howling around 3 am in the night and it was impossible to sleep at that noise. Seriously contemplated shooting it, except i don’t have a gun. I went out to find the noises with full intention of throwing a big rock at it. But instead i end up doing something good. I hope that count for something, right? :P And the time where i didn’t kill that ugly brown grasshopper even after it transgressed into my bed! And also the incident where.. ammm.. that.. aaaaaaamm.. Damn !! My list of good deeds are extremely thin. I’m definitely going to hell. Lol.

Now that's just sick!! But can't help it.. LMAO!! (again sick for lmao-ing)


Sorry again, can't help it!! I found this pic under "cute puppies" when i search google.  PEACE.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Indian Bloggers

Why do u think most Indian bloggers are Software Engineers? Is it bcoz India have too many software engineers? Or is it coz software engineers have lotsa free idle time at hand. Or maybe its bcoz they have accessed to computers?(that's an understatement) But whatever the reason may be, its true that many popular blog came from the office's net of  various IT industries.

I know why i'm blogging though. I'm bored. Plain & simply BORED. Many people are writing all their useless shits on the net these days. So i thought, why don't i join them and contribute to these abomination, boring everyone who step into this blackhole of Della in return. After all, why should i be the only one bored!!

So, it's Thursday afternoon and i'm sitting at my office jobless, wondering whether there's a way to delete Friday and jump right over to the weekends. Or wait, maybe i'll start the weekend tonight! You know, I'm quite a fresher to all this work thingy. Still havent get used to the idea that i shouldn't feel guilty for not thinking about classes or internals. And that having a blast at the evening,shopping compulsively, watching any amount of movies i want, sitting with the girls and gossip till the clock struck midnight is perfectly healthy and acceptable now. Totally Guilt-free!! :D

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Why the name Della? The answer is simple. I like the name “DELLA”. But then, like most thing on earth, there’s a story behind ( literally). Have anyone read “The Gift Of The Magi” by O.Henry. I came across that short story in my literature class while i was in 5th grade or so. And the story kinda stuck on my brain ever since. I admire the sacrifices done in the name of love. Maybe i'm a born romantic, even though i don’t show :P

For those who don’t know what i’m talking about, the story is about a Christmas eve where this very poor couple try to find surprise gifts that will make the other happy. Della had long beautiful knee-length hair of which she was very proud of.  She sold that to buy a platinum chain for the gold watch her husband had, a family heirloom which he highly treasured. On the other hand, the husband Jim sold his watch to buy her a very beautiful comb which he felt she highly deserved. Both the gifts are wasted. How stupid. But then, it was the wisest gift of all since it was purely selfless and showed their immense love for one another.

Touching feminine crap. And that's why i'm Della. So what if i can’t relate to her in real life. Selling my netbook to buy a PS3 for my boyfren. Uh uh. Not happening!! But we can actually learn something from here. Gifts are good!! I have decided to accept them 365 days a year.

Even now i find the story quite interesting. You have to read it to feel the sentiments. You can check it out here I imagine Della to be a gorgeous lady with long black hair. And Jim a handsome hunk with a dashing smile. So here’s my version of the wonderful couple. :D

Well, all i can add is that, its Christmas season and sharing is the key to happiness right now. More happier if you’re on the receiving end, obviously. But really, there’s no harm in giving a small thank-you gift to all those people who made your life beautiful. All smiles.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Five months back, it was a miracle if i go to college for 2 continuous days. Ask any of my ex classmates. They’ll vouch for me. At present, my colleagues will be highly surprised if i don’t show up 2 days in a row. By now they also know that i don’t get flu. Seriously, i don’t get sick when i’m in good mood. Weird!! Meaning, i have never bunk office. Not once. Been waking up in time (almost) and hopping to office religiously. Amen to that. Don’t know how long this’ll last.

Five months back, there was this unreal, dream-like feeling if i go out early in the morning. The sunlight hurting my eyes like some burnt vampire. And most probably i was awake at that hour coz i haven’t slept at all. Don’t worry, i make up for the lost paradise of parting with my pillow by sleeping the whole afternoon and more. Nothing like a good beauty sleep. Who cares about the timing, right?

Sound like i’m exaggerating? Believe me a lot of nocturnal student exist in this generation and they know exactly what i’m talking about. We communicate with a silent understanding that waking up in the morning is not only hard and boring, but totally impossible! We obviously bunk classes, thinking 'Hey, its only today’s class!! '. All these “today’s” classes piled up the whole semester. Time flies super fast and we know we’re screwed.  Get into depression and hide them with booze and loud music and wild parties. Anything to get pass the day. A downward spiral i will say. My college days were full of it. Good days i feel cured. Bad days i feel like a junkie who’ll never get a degree.

Somehow the heat of exam always managed to make memory power expand exponentially. Its amazing how much you can grasp the day just before the exam. Empty sponge absorb more. Its pure physics. So on normal days,i’m lucky enough to get by quite well. Sometime even topping my class. That makes some people think i’m a nerd. So little do they know. But liked the new name for a change so never tried to correct them. A bunker nerd. Didn’t know the two name could co-exist.

Anyways, i hoped and prayed that things would go normal someday. Amazingly, i’m as normal as any girl can be, right now! Even though i still struggle to get to office in time, everyday. Never made it. But hey, they don’t make me stand outside the building for being late!! I still struggle to fit in. I guess that quest will never end. I’m still lazy as hell. Still do things at a wimp. Still have crazy dreams. And i hope with all my impatient heart that i won’t flip back to the old me. I kinda miss my nocturnal days though. After all, it was a part of my life for 7 years.

And here's to all those who hate morning sun. Enjoy your nights while it last. You’re not alone. Life keeps changing. Every moment is a creation of unique memories. Peace. \m/

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Hello world!

I copy pasted this classic poetry as a trial to check out my various themes of my supposedly new blog. And now i don't feel like removing it. Needless to say, this is one of my favorite poem. In fact, i have never met anyone who hate this woods. So, here's Robert Frost as my first post. And he's still going miles after he sleep.
Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village, though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep

-Robert Frost