Friday, 10 December 2010

The Cat

There are some moments in our pathetic life that defines our existence. While there are some that completely destroy its meaning. It’s a constant debate whether or not “SOUL” existed in this universe. But if we just assume that it does, then it undoubtedly will need constant feeding. We need to take care of it. Replenish it on regular basis or else it would break us in return.

I still can’t forget the day where i saw a cat being ran over by a speeding jeep. . For a girl whose only bloody action was when she chopped off some monster’s head in some video game, that incident was classified as violent. I heard the sound of its bone break. I witness the way it tried to get up hastily and move away from the road, falling with every small hasty step it took. I just drove away, i didn’t stop to help. A part of me wanted to. A part of me feared being ridiculed by the crowd. But mostly i didn’t help bcoz i have cultivated the habit of ignoring people whom i don’t know personally. Alright it wasn’t “people” who needed my help in this dying-cat scenario, i’m just saying.

When i was a kid, i was surrounded with happy homely people where everyone knows everyone. Then i came to Bangalore and knew that upgraded city life is different. People don’t care anymore. For instant, i stayed at a rented room for 1 year and still don’t know who lived at the next apartment. He or she could be a serial killer for all i know! Such are the way of life nowadays. I also remember the day where i saw a small boy crying his heart out in a corner of a shopping mall, while i was just stepping into the escalator. I didn’t do anything, except stare at him for a few seconds, the escalator was moving down. I know i suck big time. And there’s more. Saw an accident. Not exactly saw, but knew there was a crash a few blocks before me. A bus hitting someone at a bike and the terrified bus driver was running away. Frankly, I don’t wanna see wat was left. But guess what my first thought was? “ Oh no, poor guy! Let me get out before the traffic jammed up!!”. I don’t wanna justify what i did was right or wrong. It is what it is. The only thing is, are you okay with it? I certainly am not. Especially since i remember all this vividly months after the incidents. So let me come back to the original thought. Does it affect the soul? Maybe we don’t know we’ll feel that way when things happened unexpectedly. But every bad action always comes back to haunt us one way or the other. It affects how we feel about ourselves. And that, my fren, is the most important feeling a person can have.

Hmmmm.. now i have to try & remember the good deeds i did in my life that could somehow nullify this. I did save a bunch of puppies once. Re-unite them with their mom. They all fell inside some pit one dark cold night and i rescued them.Now that sounded really good. Okay, it wasn’t totally selfless since the mother doggie was howling around 3 am in the night and it was impossible to sleep at that noise. Seriously contemplated shooting it, except i don’t have a gun. I went out to find the noises with full intention of throwing a big rock at it. But instead i end up doing something good. I hope that count for something, right? :P And the time where i didn’t kill that ugly brown grasshopper even after it transgressed into my bed! And also the incident where.. ammm.. that.. aaaaaaamm.. Damn !! My list of good deeds are extremely thin. I’m definitely going to hell. Lol.

Now that's just sick!! But can't help it.. LMAO!! (again sick for lmao-ing)


Sorry again, can't help it!! I found this pic under "cute puppies" when i search google.  PEACE.


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