Thursday, 9 December 2010

Indian Bloggers

Why do u think most Indian bloggers are Software Engineers? Is it bcoz India have too many software engineers? Or is it coz software engineers have lotsa free idle time at hand. Or maybe its bcoz they have accessed to computers?(that's an understatement) But whatever the reason may be, its true that many popular blog came from the office's net of  various IT industries.

I know why i'm blogging though. I'm bored. Plain & simply BORED. Many people are writing all their useless shits on the net these days. So i thought, why don't i join them and contribute to these abomination, boring everyone who step into this blackhole of Della in return. After all, why should i be the only one bored!!

So, it's Thursday afternoon and i'm sitting at my office jobless, wondering whether there's a way to delete Friday and jump right over to the weekends. Or wait, maybe i'll start the weekend tonight! You know, I'm quite a fresher to all this work thingy. Still havent get used to the idea that i shouldn't feel guilty for not thinking about classes or internals. And that having a blast at the evening,shopping compulsively, watching any amount of movies i want, sitting with the girls and gossip till the clock struck midnight is perfectly healthy and acceptable now. Totally Guilt-free!! :D


  1. this reminds me of one fren of mine who is a software engineer n he also does this bloging thing....u r right may be they have loads of idle time :D...LOL

  2. yes.. we have lotsa idle time ;) sumtimes it drives u nuts!!


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