Wednesday, 15 December 2010


I definitely know what i want for Christmas now!! KINDLE 3G !!! It’s a dream come true. Hell, it even plays music! Its going to be a bit tricky buying it since its an Amazon product, we have to order it online and i stay in some hellhole presently :P . Funny thing is i didn’t have a clue that it existed before today. I heard of other e-reader on the market but kindle is on a whole different level. It looks a lot like a book. So i can just lay down on my cozy bed and read it forever. Battery life lasted a month!! How cool is that!

I guess its not that horrible to say that i’m a book lover. Not academic books of course. But novels and the world of fictions and fantasies. Yeah i’m a Harry Potter fan too. And J.K. Rowling is my role model. There, i said it. :) I also love Sidney, Dan Brown, Frederick Forsyth, Danielle Steel, Paulo Coelho and  the list will never end. I like being lost in the world they created for us. It seemed just yesterday where i was introduced to my very first novel by a sweet cousin ‘B’. Well, it was Mills & Boons, a no-brainer story whose name i can’t for the life of me remember. But i can recall that the tall-dark-handsome hero was “Patrick”. After that my thirst for novel have never quite satisfied. I keep on asking for more and there were lots. But way before that, i remember reading Enid Blyton, Hardy Boys, Treasure Island, Nancy Drew and a magazine called Chandamama. For a kid, those were the best, adventurous, adrenalin filled books of the time. Simple language and tons of incredibly dumb bad guys.

Sherlock Holmes was my first crush. I really liked that character. I tried to observe everything like him. I’m horrible at observation,stuffs just slipped out of my mind. That’s when i realised being a detective is probably not the profession for me. Also used to carry a brown bag having important stuffs for a weird 10-year-old like matchstick, candles, thread(don’t ask), scissor, pen & paper, pretending to be in some secret investigation. It was quite annoying for everyone except me. That phase lasted only a few months just like the different other disastrous phases of my childhood.

Then internet with all its geeks(love you all) decided to give back the people with torrents and other magnitude of file sharing, i couldn’t believe how lucky we were. Not only do i get to see endless movies and tv series for free, i can also read endless books without costing a dime. E-books are such a blessing. But reading from the computer is not exactly what you call "fun". Stiff neck, eye strain and what not. Always thought there should be something that could make this more comfy, never quite wrapped my head on it though. Shouldn’t have worried at all, technology had been constantly evolving to make our life easier. It won’t be long when you’ll be going to work on a flying saucer!!(secret hope).

Well KINDLE with up to 3500 books in that tiny thing, ink-based display, light-weight, built-in Wi-Fi, its too good to be true. I can imagine a future where kids go to school without all the heavy school bags but a small kindle in hand. I imagine kindle replacing paper and saving global warming. Sonia Gandhi reading her speech from her kindle. And i sound like i’m advertising it. LMAO! I’m just a bit excited that’s all. “Kindle” is the future, baby.


  1. it's good...but I'm looking for something with visual display in the space itself. Some small chip fitted to a eye lens and see the whole thing there... :)

    Hope this dream come true and i would be among the first to avail it. :)

  2. lets start making that and be billionaires? :)


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