Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Five months back, it was a miracle if i go to college for 2 continuous days. Ask any of my ex classmates. They’ll vouch for me. At present, my colleagues will be highly surprised if i don’t show up 2 days in a row. By now they also know that i don’t get flu. Seriously, i don’t get sick when i’m in good mood. Weird!! Meaning, i have never bunk office. Not once. Been waking up in time (almost) and hopping to office religiously. Amen to that. Don’t know how long this’ll last.

Five months back, there was this unreal, dream-like feeling if i go out early in the morning. The sunlight hurting my eyes like some burnt vampire. And most probably i was awake at that hour coz i haven’t slept at all. Don’t worry, i make up for the lost paradise of parting with my pillow by sleeping the whole afternoon and more. Nothing like a good beauty sleep. Who cares about the timing, right?

Sound like i’m exaggerating? Believe me a lot of nocturnal student exist in this generation and they know exactly what i’m talking about. We communicate with a silent understanding that waking up in the morning is not only hard and boring, but totally impossible! We obviously bunk classes, thinking 'Hey, its only today’s class!! '. All these “today’s” classes piled up the whole semester. Time flies super fast and we know we’re screwed.  Get into depression and hide them with booze and loud music and wild parties. Anything to get pass the day. A downward spiral i will say. My college days were full of it. Good days i feel cured. Bad days i feel like a junkie who’ll never get a degree.

Somehow the heat of exam always managed to make memory power expand exponentially. Its amazing how much you can grasp the day just before the exam. Empty sponge absorb more. Its pure physics. So on normal days,i’m lucky enough to get by quite well. Sometime even topping my class. That makes some people think i’m a nerd. So little do they know. But liked the new name for a change so never tried to correct them. A bunker nerd. Didn’t know the two name could co-exist.

Anyways, i hoped and prayed that things would go normal someday. Amazingly, i’m as normal as any girl can be, right now! Even though i still struggle to get to office in time, everyday. Never made it. But hey, they don’t make me stand outside the building for being late!! I still struggle to fit in. I guess that quest will never end. I’m still lazy as hell. Still do things at a wimp. Still have crazy dreams. And i hope with all my impatient heart that i won’t flip back to the old me. I kinda miss my nocturnal days though. After all, it was a part of my life for 7 years.

And here's to all those who hate morning sun. Enjoy your nights while it last. You’re not alone. Life keeps changing. Every moment is a creation of unique memories. Peace. \m/


  1. I totally understand.

  2. A heart-felt Thanks 4 understanding, you nocturnal fellow :)

  3. well that was cool :)

  4. this post is history now.. i've bunked office many times n my colleagues know how lazy i am!! lmao!!


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