Friday, 17 December 2010

Silent Girl? WTF!??

A few days ago i had a rather big argument with my “Big Guy”. One moment we were having a perfectly normal conversation and the next thing i know he was telling me i am a silent girl. I flipped out. I mean what have we been doing in all those long hour calls? Sign language? What the hell?!! It meant war! A one sided war to be exact, since he was ever so calm trying to explain he meant it only for the first few meetings. I bet my ass he didn’t remember anything about what was said and done on our first few meetings! I was losing my cool with every word he said. How can anyone think i’m silent !! How?!!

It took me a whole day of not receiving his calls and dissecting each word spoken to finally realise that being silent is not that bad. Silence is golden they say. (not that i am silent,damn!!) But the notion of being classified as “Silent and Quite” is not an attractive feature for many. Maybe many years ago when women hide inside the house, it must have been a big compliment. In today’s world it is a sign of weakness. Also a tag for “I am BORING”. So i guess my reaction was justified, especially since it came from someone with whom i constantly chatter. Make no mistake, i won’t have minded if it was told by someone who hardly know me. Some people are not worth my attention. They don’t bother me, i don’t bother them. And I’m sorry if i feel a bit uncomfortable showing my larynx to strangers. But being classified as “silent”!! Preposterous!!

And with the risk of making this even more boring, let me try to explain what he actually led me to believe eventually. Or lets just say the refine version of the insult. So according to him, i'm someone who always think before i speak(not true). He said i don’t gossip like most people or backbite(partially true). That doesn’t give me any lesser topic to chat!! Ammm..on 2nd thought, it kinda does actually. :P And i don’t feel comfortable with everyone. Who does? Alright, some privileged people do. My Big Guy included. He also said that he meant “quite” as in “not loud”, someone who doesnt scream & shout. Plus he added how much he loves me and that i’m different from the rest. That always do the trick no matter how untrue it is. LOLz. I had to forgive him then.

Anyways next time when you tell someone that they are “Quite or Silent” you better think twice. Its as well as slapping her on the face and saying “You’re a Loser”. And even if u did say the “unspeakable” right at the face, you should have the patience to bear the afterheat and good tactics to try and lie your way out. Or else it can get pretty ugly. Trust me.


  1. LOL...that was quite an intersting read.. Thumbs up to your " Silence "....hehe... P.S. no offence meant

  2. lolz.. sumtime sum "silent treatment" is necessary to teach what actually "silence" means.


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