Sunday, 12 December 2010


My room stinks of dead rat!! My 2 roommates have ran away to their respective so called “relatives” for the weekends. And poor me, i’m left with the stink. Weird thing is, i cant find the source. Where is this damn rat? Dead rat? Dead cat? Hope its not dead man!! Nah. Dead people wont smell like that (not that i had any experience). So if i die tonight, u can sue the warden for the horrendous torture which no girl should endure! Promise?

When i first found out that there were rats in my room, my killer instinct automatically awakens. But then i saw this baby mouse, little tiny (still ugly), but kinda innocent looking creature running up and down my table without a care. I could have swatted it right there. But thought its a bit too violent. I mean, i’m relatively new here & i don’t wanna be labelled as "baby-killer". Later, i realised that they won’t have mind at all. So i was gathering strength. Hoping that some angry day, when they're more bigger & uglier, i’ll hunt them down. But damn!! Some cat beat me to it. Or maybe the rat committed suicide. Whatever, its stinking & i’m mighty pist right now!!

But since i’m writing about it, maybe i should try to act wise and bring out something that will make this look less stupid. You see, this smell (ghost dead rat) is a lot like our life. Sometime we know that our life stinks. But we cant do anything about it since we don’t know what went wrong or how to make it right. Sometime most of us don’t know what we actually want. Especially since we want infinite things, all at once. This ghost will stink and keep on stinking until i find the source. Or i could wait for nature and time to heal all wound, that might take months. So what i’m basically saying is, find the rat, make your life a better hell !! Lol. That was lame. And i don’t know where i’m going with this. All i know is that i might actually die tonight. If only it wasn’t so cold, i would have slept at the street :P


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