Monday, 28 November 2011

Pretty Land In Red

Oh pretty land why do you weep?
Are the people that grow there not a good seed?
The colour of red that dominates your soil
The tears of mothers filled with rages boil.
Hungry and angry the people still scream
Changes they wanted till the blood dried clean.
Unity they lack yet unity they preached.
Destruction by outsiders equals destruction by your kids.

Oh pretty land, calm down a bit.
The stages of healing are a feeble myth.
You'll need courage to stand with the weak.
When people who could help leaves without a blink.
Hope is what you got and hope is all you need.
Till the days your land will grow though that's a far away scene.
The wise will return the debt shall be paid.
The moment of awakening is finally in the plate.


Friday, 25 November 2011

The Oak Tree

He was a non human being who liked to be naughty now and then. He stayed in a tree, old and gnarled. If at all there was a place he could call home then it was that Oak tree. He had been there even 300 years ago when that tree started to grow tall. He would sit at d highest branch and watch the villagers in moonlight.

At times he gets bored and haunts random houses. Can’t blame him much coz he’s just lonely and got no friends.  Sometimes he sits behind the vehicle that passes by around midnight. The drivers would freak out when the bikes become suddenly heavier and he would giggle wildly. He takes a soul every 20 years to keep himself alive. As time goes by his legend travelled far and wide. Everyone knew there was a ghost at the old oak tree.

But one gloomy afternoon, a girl came around to play near his tree. She got perfect hair, big round eyes and the most beautiful smile. He was mesmerised by the little thing he saw. She looked like an angel in disguised. He tried to scare her by making weird sounds. She only laughs and sings in an angelic voice. He tried to show his scary face, conjuring bloody dark images. She looked at them with amused eyes and tried to touch the shapes.

 Four hours and a little more she played. Till a voice of her mother called her back. Her family had been searching for her all afternoon while the little girl played with the old ghost in the old tree. He didn't want to part with her yet. Her beauty was her blessing as well as her curse. She'll always be treated differently by the world. She didn't know this yet. She's just a girl playing with a face.

He transformed himself into a teddy bear. Innocent enough that the mother let the girl kept it. The little girl hugged the teddy and took it home. Each night the teddy smiled and watched with his big black eyes.

Moral of the story: Don’t pick up things from the road if you don’t have a brave heart coz you never know what soul it carries..  Booyah :P

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Crazy Daisy

Call me lazy, call me crazy.
But i'm just a little daisy who's a bit messy.
Big is my heart and so is my tummy.
Eat is what i love and sleep is my chummy.
Hopping at the stairs and dancing in the moonlight.
Bathing at midnight and cursing the daylight.
A moment here and a moment there.
Call me for help and i'll always be there.
So what if i rebel and my head's all sassy .
Just look at my smile and please go easy.
Call me lazy, call me crazy,
I'm just a little daisy who's little messy.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011


As of today, I'm classified as the Mental ones coz i finally consulted a shrink. In the developed country, visiting a psychiatrist is unusually common but here some people are still very skeptical to let someone else analyse someone in the head. Depression is more common than you think. People need to understand that the brain can also fall sick even if it is not visible like other illness such as cough or fracture or whatever. The delicate wiring can sometimes short circuit, the chemicals can become imbalance, the synapse fails to connect, a whole lot of things can go wrong. We're all hanging by a small thread here. The complex human body can shut down with a slight mistake anywhere, it's indeed a miracle we live pass the day.

My first session involves talking shamelessly about my history, analyzing my nightmares&dreams and some talks about my future. Gave me two different white pills (which looks rather boring) to be taken morning and night. Let's see whether i get more loony or happier after a month.

I'm not sure why i wrote this. Maybe i wrote this because i'm crazy. Maybe i wrote this so that people reading this will find courage in taking the steps to make themselves better or help your friends get better.I'm tired of what i feel. I'm tired of people(especially one guy who's rather big) telling me that i don't have enough will power to control my thoughts. I needed help. It's not always easy to ask for help. And i hurt those who care for me. It took me a lot and lot of time to consider this. I hope i will be able to put out the fire soon or at least i did in yesterday's dream, just before i woke up to pee. Funnily the doc said that means i can get through this, ignoring the peeing part. What if i had woken up before the fire was out? Failure me? That was a really close call. Pheewww.. Whatever right.. Anyways i'll have to wait for the verdict, May the white pills heal my dark world. Amen.

Friday, 11 November 2011


  Seven people wearing red hoods of different shapes and sizes could be seen gliding below. The night was dark and it had it’s quota of sinister erriness. The silent footsteps amidst the twigs in the woods sounded like loud crackers. The only other noises are that of the wind blowing in wisp against the thick bundle of leaves. An owl sitting on a perch, with the moon at its back, hooted twice. A pair of eyes quickly darted up, disappearing soon after.  The figures moved gracefully but it was obvious they were in a hurry. They all wore a red cloak, carrying a lamp on their left hand, walking silently with a focus determination towards the heart of the dark dense forest.

The time was almost up. The ritual which they've been waiting to perform since a very long time, The ritual which was ever so planned and practiced carefully was about to come to pass.  These seven people came out from the same womb. They shared the same mother and they were the seven sisters. The oldest was 20 and the youngest was 8. They don't know who their father was but their mom was everything to them. She was extremely beautiful, extremely charming,evil at times, tender when she wanted to be and the town rumoured her to be a witch. Yet she had a hold on her children and they love their mother with all their hearts.

  She gave them a purple rose just before the village folks came that night. And promised them she would come back again someday.  She didn’t even scream when the angry mop grab her and burned her at the stake.  She smiled staring right into their eyes.

It took the kids 2 years to decipher the book she left. Another 1 year to prepare for the ritual and finally tonight they were gonna resurrect their mom from the ground her body was burnt. They reached the dark place which was already circled and marked by them. The oldest held the purple rose which held the essence of her mother’s soul. And together the seven sisters slowly started to chant the words of the ancient book, their voices growing louder and louder with each passing minute as the time was closing towards 11/11/11 11:11:11. . . . . . . . .  Booyah.. The End

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Quarter life Crisis

A lot of people are walking at the park here. And they're all fat. It doesn't motivate one's soul seeing this sight. I want to believe in the popular saying “No pain, no gain” instead this park is yelling “Even with pain, still no gain”. Anyways that’s not important. What’s important is why am i walking all alone in a park? I tried to think of a good reply that involves the word healthy, fresh and big ass somewhere along the line.. which of course was all far from the truth. The real reason why i’m walking in this fat filled park is because i’m having a Quarter-life Crisis. I’m a depressed person who needed to clear her mind, it sucks.

Like most normal people in this F#@%$# up universe, i started to think about other human’s misery. People’s suffering can sometimes bring joy to some very bad people or so my mom said. However, i’m feeling a little joy here simply coz i was reassured that i’m not alone. You see, my age.. that is ages between 25 to whatever (till i stop being miserable) is a critical stage for the career. We finished college, some started working and some of us realised that this ain’t what we wanted. Where was the happiness we dreamt of?  The vision? I’m not saying everyone has this thoughts. But most of us do. Some more than others.

There are opportunities and choices to be made. And we know that in a few years we’ll be too old to change our life. It doesn’t help when great people started to fire down torrent of advices everywhere. Let’s take Steve Job for instant (God bless his famous soul). He said “You've got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers....... If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle  “ etc. Etc.. That kinda crap makes us wonder why do our live sucks so bad, no??! No one told me that it’s so damn hard to figure out what we love. I’m lucky i know whom i love in my relationship field (my one and only Big Guy) coz most quarter life crisis escalates when they don’t have a lover. Believe.  If only i knew what i love in the job field, my life would have been very much easier. My mind keeps on changing and i suffered thinking what all possibilities i will be missing out if i don’t make a choice Right Now.

So right. I’m depressed. I’m erratic. I hate the world. If there was a war, i would hav signed up and kill people. If i was robbed, i will probably let the guy kill me. Yes, i’m that lost. And yes i’m having a bloody QuarterLife Crisis! Now go F yourself. 

Friday, 28 October 2011


I'm not dead, yet the flies are here. Ready to scavenge on what's left of me on earth. I can't move no more, not that i tried. all i do is wait. wait for the heart to stop. I don't care if there's a descend after this life's gone. i just wish it all to end soon. all these wasted breathes hard to witness. Pointless to consume spaces that doesn't need me nor you. Life, as we called it, is a cruel joke. A small glimpse of colors and the slow dead dawns. We all watched by as that color faded. Desperation to hold on is just another waste. Of all the millions born and died today, you're just another faceless life who won't be remembered by. No special power, no special you. You're just like me already in the death's loop. And as little things in life started to make sense, i close my eyes and hold on to what's real. And what's real is we're all dead. There's no escape, we're all trapped..

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Goodbyes Sucks!

The day before yesterday my small sis (though she’s annoyingly taller than me) came back from work with a running mascara. No, she didn’t get dumped. She was crying her eyes out because it was her last day at work. It was sweet goodbye tears for letting go of sweet time spend. And there i was sitting at the bed with a mouthful of her goodbye chocolate gifts, listening to her with a strong feeling of Deja Vu ’coz sista, this have all happened before. She sobbed when she left school, she sobbed when she left college, etc etc.. you get the drift right? I tried to feel sympathetic but all i could think of was why don’t I cry at my goodbyes? Does that make me a less loved person? You see, when i left college (twice) and when i left Assam or even when i leave from Bangalore, the top thing running in my mind was “Good Riddance!”  i always run away before any proper farewells. I hate the emotions doing their rounds at goodbyes. And i know i won’t be sad one bit if i leave ma job today. Tsk tsk..sad facts.. Then i had to slap myself and remind myself how lovable i am and how much i was missed and how sad everyone was each time we had to part (or at least they convinced me that they were sad, i’ll never know for sure) . Lame thoughts!

The only time i remember crying was that unforgettable embarrassing highly depressing moment at the airport when i first leave my home for college. I was red at eyes and nose, sobbing uncontrollably in front of many staring eyes while saying goodbyes to my family. Maybe i cried for all goodbyes that day. that must be it, right? After all there’s no point in crying coz I always keep in touch with my close friends, no matter what. And I’ve now understood that nothing last forever. For better or worse, life goes on and we can’t stop time. All we can hope is to have some adventure along the way and create unique memories as trophies.

As for the little tall sister, she always sucks at goodbyes in her own way. No kidding, i now remember that it was in her gene since early childhood. When i was at 1st std and she was at kindergarten, i always took her with me during our lunch break at school. And whenever the recess got over and the bell rang, she used to hold on to me crying and begging not to go away. This happened almost everyday! Imagine the horror i had to endure. I often ended up crying and running my way back to class after convincing her we’ll meet again soon. Com’on i was a tiny winy kid at that time and i had to put up that kind of shit! Maybe that’s why i’m so F up now. I mean, almost all mental problems in adults are now traced back to childhood trauma. Hmmm.. i’ll kick that wretch a couple of time tonight while she’s sleeping( coz she’ll win in a brawl any day if she’s awake)

Okay i should stop writing now since this post dived into my past where i shed tears. I don’t do tears. Believe me, crying is not my style. In fact i haven’t cried in years.. not counting the secret tears after watching a romantic movie. Here i go again, more tears. Time out.

Sunday, 2 October 2011


A year and a little more, with lots of amazing memories, I’m gonna bade Adieu to Assam. Goodbye green place, I’ll miss thee. People are like trees you know, the longer you stay at a place the deeper your root sinks. You get used to people around(love or hate doesn’t matter), you get used to the custom(even if it sucks). You know where to get what you want(like pork momo). You know what you don’t want too(fish stench). In short, it became a safe place where you feel secure at night. So right now i’m neither happy nor sad that i’m leaving. I’m just numb i guess. Maybe a little glad that i’ll be starting a new chapter, maybe a little scared at what horror i might find.

  As for Assam, i wish i could have seen more. It is a slow peaceful place with too few violence. And Dibrugarh is like the gentle uncle who always smile. I’ll miss the sparkling clear ground water here. It taste so good and made my hair so damn silky. The tea gardens are all so beautiful. A perfect place for meditation. The people here chew pan all day long and do their daily chore slowly as if they have all the time in the world. Entertainment comes in the name of Puja. Every single Pujas are celebrated very grandly here. Sometimes i wonder how many puja there can be in a year? coz i seem to be called to eat every month. Durga puja is just a few days from now and the discounts/sales have soared up feeding the shopaholic urges. Everyone with a new cloth. Last year i saw a titanic bhandal as well as an Egyptian one. It’s interesting how they make funny designs to keep their God and Goddess. Creative design they must be calling it.

The cost of living here is so low that you can save up a huge sum even with a midget salary. Not me though of course, i’m a spendthrift by birth. Don’t judge!  So itz a place of simple people and simple dreams. Sometimes i wish i could be more like the girls in my PG. They don’t want much and seem to be contended with what they’ve got. They dream of marriage and beautiful kids. The only worry i find with them is when their guy scolded them for something and they cry. Happiness is a treasure. Even if you’re a caveman and live a happy contended life, then i say that’s a life well spend. And i think it’s safe to say that Assam is a happy place.

And that’s me being nice. The truth is I was bored to dead by the 3rd month i stayed here. I can do without the ground water which obviously comes from the hand pump that i pumped each and every day. Now that I think of it, i might have grown a muscle or two thanks to that exercise!  I slept with mice scurrying everywhere and my dreams contain me terminating them in matrix outfits. Almost half of my time spend here is by day dreaming which often involves drooling heavily remembering some fatty food far out of reach.  Most of the time i don’t bother to do anything which was good in some ways since the girls think i’m a calm understanding person who doesn’t backbite like the others. “ A good listener” they must be thinking but i didn’t hear half of what they said. The warden sings praises too forgetting easily the small complains i made. My colleagues have different opinions of me, i don’t want to get into the details here. All in all, i’m relieved that this part of my life is over. Even though it was one of the most easiest and impulsive part of my life and i did some crazy things and learned a lot from them, Hallelujah I’ll be gone in 3 days!

Saturday, 10 September 2011


I’ve been holding the impulse to post random thoughts that passes through this erratic head of mine. There’s something panicky about knowing that people are reading what i write. Maybe judging, scrutinising or perhaps disappointed when they expect something else. I’m not saying my blog is good enough to have critics already. It’s just that writers are sensitive about what bullshits they write. Not that I’m saying I’m a writer. Hmmmm.. Now i sounded like some nervous teen with low self esteem. If I was in an interview I’m out right there. Crap!

Anyways, today i feel like writing what my mind says about my mind. Yes, The Mind and the voices. For me, there are three voices inside my head. Well, actually it’s four. I didn’t count the annoying fourth which sometimes sing “Baby, baby, baby...ohhhhhh”  in an out of tune imitation of Bieber.  Uh oh, here it goes again! Shut up girly voice!! Okay , breathe. Where was i? Yea, the voices.

The three main characters in my head are:
1)      The Good Voice
2)      The Bad Voice
3)      The Narrator

The Good voice is mainly the conscience part. This voice made me spend a lot of money on beggars. It often made me pay extras to rickshaw drivers too. It makes me look like a dumbo often. I’m really not sure whether to love or hate this voice.

The Bad Voice sucks! The reason for all the skeleton in my closet. It’s often horny too. I blame it for making me heartless. It keep on telling me to chill, not to worry, that it’z not the end of the world, not to care about it. And most often i listen to it and stop caring. This makes me a bad person. Like not caring to call the folks, not caring about my job, not caring to clean my room :) , not caring to wake up early. I know this might sound like laziness. Whatever it is, it’s the Bad Voice’s fault.

The last one, The Narrator. It stays in the neutral zone mostly. More better than any sport commentator for me. It’s funny, witty and keeps on yapping. And i love talking to it when no one is around. Right now, it's telling me i just revealed i got a screw missing in my head. Whatever!

Most often this Narrator has a male voice, husky voice. Currently, it’s Dexter Morgan’s voice. I guess watching all 5 seasons of Dexter  in a row did affect my delicate brain. I like his voice. I hope it stays.

Sometimes it takes sides. It tells me to listen to the good and be brave. At other times, it tells me to listen to the bad and be smart. And i’ve been to some murky path in life, this voice is the one that pulled me out everytime. It made me see the funny side in everything. I knew that i will be alright as long as it never leaves me. Okay, now it’s telling me that line was very pitiable, sloppy and sad. Screw you Dexter! I’ve got rights to write whatever i want!!

So.. There they are, the voices in my head, speaking English, Manipuri and occasional Hindi. Doesn’t that make you wonder about the way the mind communicates? I mean i got languages i know but what if i was a Tarzan? Alright, let’s say Tarzani (female). What if i don’t know any languages? What does the mind speak? It’s complex ain’t it?

The mind is complex. Intuitions, instinct and other creepy things you felt must be the mind trying to process from the surrounding data available and making you aware of it since it can’t find specific medium to let you know. You only felt a hunch.  So Tarzan must have survived by instincts and hunches. Perhaps, all animals do too.  Or maybe for the animals, memory transfer through DNA is the key. No. I shouldn’t probe too far or else eating them might start to feel like a crime. Can’t let that happen.

What i’m trying to say is languages are important. The mind, vast and unorganised is channelled into a good understandable orderly output when it talks. A steady flow of useful information (well useful in some cases). This makes me wonder whether learning a lot of languages makes a person smarter? In my state, English speaking people seem to act pretty smart. At times, over smart. But i believe that language is important for the voices in the head. Any language will do. Provided the mind formed the thoughts in words which the person can understand in clarity. Wow. I felt like i just brainstorm something here. The narrator is laughing though. And Della is hungry. Off to eat now. Later. Baby, baby, baby.. ohhhhh... :D

Monday, 8 August 2011

Friendship Day

I never really cared much about Friendship Day. I liked the chocolates that i used to get when i was at school. But as college started i felt too old for all that childish crap. So last Sunday when some few people updated their facebook status wishing frenship day, i didn’t pay much attention and forgot all about it.. Then came a lazy Thursday afternoon when Zack suddenly wished me Belated Frenship Day.  And it hit me. He’s the only one that wished. When i told him that, he rubbed in saying now i know whom i can count on always. That ass! However that day i felt a bit left out. I mean, i thought i got friends. How come none of them remembered me? The value of friends did increase seven folds that day.

Finally when Saturday came, surprise surprise.. i found Friendship Day was actually today.  LMAO. Yes dumb. Very dumb!! The first Sunday of August, that’s the day the world celebrates the power of friendship. It’s indeed a special day. So every ping, every email, every sms, every call i received today was special and I gave my full toothy grin. I even took time to call up all my sweet chummies and wished them (though i felt a little awkward).  I’m so blessed to have my friends. Life is very much easier and beautiful with them.

As for Zack, i called him up and gave him a good hearing. But i was glad he made me realised that i should never take my friends for granted, even though it was unintentional.  I’m also glad he’s still one of my best fren even after all these years. Though we don’t meet like we used to at high school, he’s always around to hear my nagging woes, to listen to my self-obsessed praises, to scold like no one would even dare or just be a shoulder to cry on, never judging. That’s what friendship is all about, right? And i do the same.

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY, everyone!! Friends makes our life complete !!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Dying and Mars

He knew something has changed. It will never be the same. The last image he had was of a man in black helmet gasping for breath. He had wished he could do something.  He then felt that sharp pain in his chest and he stopped moving. The accident happened so fast. He slowly realised the possibility that he was dead.

Wow .. He thought. Am i? Am i really dead? Why can’t i see anything properly?

The foggy images began to clear a bit. He heard moving sounds everywhere. There were people. Lots and lots of people. As the fog in his eyes started to clear some more he found that he was standing among a crowd in an orange place, dimly lighted. None of the people were paying attention to him. The people were naked. This didn’t alarm him though. It looked so natural. It blended with the place he’s in.

Wait a minute. Am i in HELL..!!

He caught hold of a passerby and asked him panicking. The other guy seemed to smile at the question. Or perhaps his face was made that way.

“This is heaven, my friend” he said. “We are free from any desire now.. we don’t need anything now...  Everyone is equal here... No more riches or poor”.

The man said these words in a sing-song voice and somehow that really disturbed him. He looked around to find some answers, some signs that this was heaven, running a mental probe down his body to test whether he really don’t have any desire. No feast? No smoked pork or cheese burger? No more need for any women? He knew these thoughts should disturb him but it didn’t.

That bloke was probably right, he thought.

He looked up the sky and saw the stars but he knew he wasn’t on earth. The constellation was funny even for someone whose only known constellation is the Orion. Judging by the color and the dimly lighted space, his mind went backward to the children book where he learned about the Solar System, finally concluding he was on Mars.

Just then he heard a commotion stirring a few feet away. Two guys were in a brawl. What for? If there’s no desire, there’s no point of fighting. Maybe it’s their human behaviour embedded in them.  Maybe we retained some of ourselves even after we die. he mused.

The fight was quickly ended as the fairy flew in. In a jiffy, both guys dissappeared.

The fairy or angel or whatever stared directly at him while he stood there dumbfounded, as if she read his mind. Flashing a big smile she flew right towards him looking like an overgrown dragonfly. In a very childlike voice she said “Don’t worry, they’re not annihilated. I just shifted their co-ordinates. They are poles apart now.  Can’t fight now, can they? Not with each other at least.“

He noticed that the angel was pretty. But she was just another no cloth lady with a skin coloured wings.  Everything is of the same colour around here, he thought.

There were thousand of questions he wanted to ask her.  He also doubted that he was getting stupid and that his mind isn’t thinking straight. He asked the most logical question he could think.

“How many people are here?”

She gave her smile again, took his hand and flew high up, defying gravity. Gasping at the incredible sight below, he saw millions and millions of people in every directions. The planet doesn’t have a hill or sea. It was just a plain area with people standing everywhere. People die everyday. Without incarnation the free spaces in heaven must be pretty thin, he thought.

So this is heaven. A planet looking like Mars acting as one big disco room, full of naked people which get constantly shuffled. He let that idea sink in.

As the angel put him down and wished him a happy stay, flying away soon after to shuffle some more, he was filled with despair and fear.  An eternity of this? But the woes didn’t last. He started to leave his human’s thought,  feeling peace. He knew he was in safe hands. He was glad at the creator who kept him intact. He smiled and found himself humming a tune.

    Back on earth, the monitor showed a steady heartbeat. A woman was crying softly beside the hospital bed. The doctor just informed that her husband is in a coma and he might not wake up. Little did she know that he’s happy at the moment. He’s at peace with the heaven he dreamt.

Author's note :   I know this doesn't make much sense. But thanks for reading anyways. OK.. The main reason of this note is that.. i can see my counter increasing everyday. U see that dark yellow/green or whatever color thingy with numbers at the right side of the page. Yes, that one. That's my counter. I'm not sure whether its only spam readers advertising and spamming my inbox or whether people are actually reading my blog. So, do leave a comment. Any suggestion to improve, any criticism or a simple Hi. I would love to get a feedback.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Dark.. Daring..

Dark, daring and completely free.
He roamed the place like he owns the night.
He had killed and he’ll kill again.
He doesn’t have a soul to tame.
I knew he will come for me.
I knew he longed to taste me.
His kiss will drain my life away.
His touch can be a pain surreal.
He moved so close smelling my skin.
I stood there waiting, holding my breath.
Its a game between me and him.
Only one will survived, only one can live.
As time seemed to stand so still
Memories flashed in a torrent of lights.
If death comes to me tonight,
I am most glad of the follies i made.
I’ve had love, i’ve travelled wide.
I’ve done a good job in being alive.
In an unexpected move, he touched my neck.
I lifted my hand and gave it a smack.
And that’s how the dark mosquito died.
I survived an encephalitis bite.

- Gracy

Monday, 18 July 2011

Missing You

It’s one of those nights,
Loneliness feels not right.
The night breeze kissing my face
And a smile brushing my gaze.
My bed warm and waiting
But no i won’t slide in yet.
My thoughts lingering on you
And all the evenings we had.

The empty chair besides
You would have sat holding my feet
Your fingers playing traces
And a wild joke to complete.
Your eyes holding me whole
While i feel feminine and bold
My laughter heard from afar
The world somewhere far.
Yes its one of those nights
Of sweet whispers and breathes.
The memories playing a happy reel
No, there’s no regrets.

My eyes searched for a star
A thank escaped my lips.
Untamed emotions filled my heart,
Oh, its hard to breathe.
So i wait for the time ,
Where i’ll be in his arms,
The sweet safe haven ,
That feels so damn warm.
Yet this whole time i smiled,
Missing someone can be a sweet divine.


Monday, 4 July 2011

Four Brothers :)

It was a lazy cloudy afternoon. The aftermath of the Rain God who came and drenched the earth with his pee. (what? why does it have to be tears everytime?) i was watching twitter’s timeline and probably fantasising about KFC, bored as usual.. when i saw 4 little boys approaching amidst the tall green grasses from my window. They were like secret agents in a secret mission although they wore shabby cloths with no night vision. Very rarely do i see people wandering in that area so my curiosity was at its peak. They move in slow paces, understanding and co-ordinating as if they have all the time in the world. Then I found out that they were on “The Italian Job” and the job was the “Litchi tree”.

I had to smile at that. I guess almost all of us have very fond memories of thiefing when we were young. Ah, those mischievous carefree days! In a way, these boys were my past. They are in a phase which we all went through at one point of time. The innocent era. The era where u stole a mango from the mango tree and the world forgives, blaming it on naughtiness. Imagine four grown man stealing a mango. They can easily end up in jail if not the mental asylum.

I watch them now and then, stole a quick shot from my non SLR camera. They didn’t have a clue i was peeking into their life. Some stalker i am. The tallest red shirt climbed up the tree. I guess he’s the boss. One white shirt climbed mid ways. Let’s call him the right hand man. The other 2 stayed down and was keeping an eye out. There was a short boy there. The shortest one of any group often get bullied or made fun of. Its the way of the world. And this case was no exception coz after a while, the shortie was sulking.

I dont know their language and i can’t hear them from that far anyways. The shortie walked away. The three called him to stop, making weird noises. Mocking, scolding, loving. He moved but yet close enough to let his friends console him.The red shirt in the tree started to spit in projectile from high up there. I can never be sure of his intentions or whether his body fluid actually hit anyone below. But after what looked to be carefully aimed 5- 7 spits, they were back to being friends. Yes. I love the innocence of a child. Imagine patching up with your bff after he/she spits you. Awkward!!

But here these boys have forgiven and forgotten everything that happened 5min ago because they know the other person cared, as simple as that. Adults misses their childhood, the time of innocence where the mind havent learnt evil world. People are just people then, tall people, short people, thin people, those who give candy people, those who make weird faces people, funny people, or angry people. The only worry they had was about getting a stick for bringing low marks or not getting that gift for birthday. Both of which are easily forgotten while their attention shifted to that multicolored catterpillar at the garden. Yes. Life was simple when we had our parents to look after us.

As we grow up, our ego, pride, self-image, blah blah blah destroyed our simplicity. We became a tight person and the world became our cage. Someday these boys will grow up too..finish high school, a big pressure of choosing which profession they want, then some year in college, then graduate with a job they don’t even like. Tough choice.

Just then my chain of thoughts was interrupted by this old lady yelling. I guess it was her Litchie tree and obviously she wasn’t happy. My guess is, she threatened the kids that she will call her son or perhaps told them she’s going to get her big stick. As soon as she turned her back, the four boys ran like hell and the excited stray dog barked and chased after them.

Sunday, 5 June 2011


Firstly, i would like to inform those who’ve bookmarked me because you find my AFSPA  post interesting and expecting more post like that.. that you will be heavily disappointed. That was a touching story because was really a touching story. I only wrote what i encountered. And that ends the tragedy of my connecting life. Everyone else died of natural cause. Touch wood.  Hmmmm.. i had to get that out of my chest. It was killing me. “Expectation is the mother of all disappointment.” True.

What i’m saying is, i’ll continue to write garbage here. So shooo.. i’ll also like to believe what my Big Guy told me. that i’m a versatile writer. Which of course was a nice way of saying i’m not really a writer. :D

So she will continue to experiment with words and thoughts trying so hard to make some sense while she’s at it. Coz writing makes her happy. Seriously. You should see her big fat diary and her infinite notes.  Great now i’m having split personality..!  Alright.. Clarification over. Now you all get back to your miserable lives :P

Thursday, 26 May 2011

My AFSPA story

I’ve heard many a time that almost everyone is affected by this act AFSPA. I never gave it a 2nd thought. Truth is, I’m a victim too. How can i forget that? Maybe mom n dad tried too hard to hide d bitter part of the society. Or maybe i chose to stay in my safe fairy tale cocoon. But then, i had this early morning conversation with my fren Chattu yesterday and it triggered all these thoughts.. my mind going back 16 years from now. Thought i should write about it and settle its restlessness. Here it goes.

    Let me tell u a story about this man. My uncle. Dad has a lot of brothers. But this one was our favourite. And of course dad’s too. Dad never said it, but i know. When dad defied his family and society, and became a believer, a Christian, none of his family members supported him. Till date, all my cousins, uncles, aunties both from mom and dad side are all Hindus.. except this uncle. He converted. He was the most gentle guy i knew. Never saw him angry. Never saw him laugh much either. Gentle. Unlike dad who can be extremely aggressive at times. This man, my favourite uncle, had 3 kids. and we always played together when we visited my dad’s hometown Phayeng. The family lived in a house connected to our church and they took care of it. Happy family. Contended family. Nothing could go wrong. How naive i was.

My uncle would drive an auto when he’s not doing Church work or tending his rice field. Late one night there was an emergency in the locality. A boy had an accident, hitting his chest against the electric post and was having difficulty breathing by the minute. So the family knocked at my uncle’s door. Its not like he was the only driver in the area. It’s just that he never said no to anyone and people knew he’d help..always. The date was 7th Jan,1995. If only he had refused, then he would have seen that his son grew up to be just like him, honest and helping. His daughters are doing well and one of them even dedicated her life to Jesus, studying Theology. Also after his death, our grandpa who used to be the most hilarious comedian forgot to tell his jokes. Yes. All he had to say was ‘no’ that day. He didn’t. Fate had a different story stored for him. And so, early at dawn while the world was still dark, he went to drop the sick family to town.

It was about 9am and i was still a kid of 5th grade having my winter break. Me and my sisters were playing, soaking the sun. Mom and dad weren’t home. A guy came. I peeked through the main gate without opening it. That’s what i do when i’m the eldest human in the house. He was uncomfortable. Even a kid noticed that. Of course he was. He was the messenger of dead. He only said "Your uncle has been hurt." It gave a sudden chill. Though i was too small to understand i knew it was a “bad” kind of hurt, the way he said it. And i cried.

Eventually i found out what happened. Some CRPF were on sentry duty at RMC hospital, guarding their colleagues who got hurt at a previous shoot-out. While they were visiting Sulabh’s washroom, an unknown extremist ambushed them, fired a few shots and fled. The wounded CRPF who was shot at his ass (literally, bullet grazed, obviously survived) triggered angry friends. And they were so angry that they thought, “Manipuri shot one of us, lets shoot them all”. They went in front of the hospital and lined up anyone they could this case it was the auto drivers, rickshaw pullers and a medical student from Arunachal. And they started firing. It happened so fast. No one comprehended properly what happened. And within seconds 9 men were lying dead on the ground. My uncle was among them. They were all at the wrong place at the wrong time.

 The Arunachali medical student who was studyin at RMC was walking with his Bengali fren but they pushed d other away and shot him. Y? Coz he looked like a Manipuri. My uncle after helping the sick people with the registration and other hospital formalities was sitting in his seat with a Haophi to protect himself from the cold winter morning. He was shot in the head. Small comfort knowing that he didn’t suffer for long.

AFSPA is a bitch. The accused fled and there was nothing much anyone could do about it. The victims were of poor family and they don’t know much about law & order or attorneys. Not to even think of paying for one. Even though they wanted justice so bad, with times everything subdued. Dad fought for it. He never let us know much about the dark society. And i didn’t care to ask. The case got bounced here and there. Hopes got scattered many times. But he never gave up. I remember him going places to collect signatures for petitions. I remember his fren the lawyer uncle coming to our house many times. He was a good man too. I heard he played a big part. To tell the truth, i don’t know to what extent dad and the other victim’s relatives went to seek justice. Or who all helped Dad. I don’t want to ask now and dig up old wounds either. But judging by the fact that it was the only case where the accused were finally convicted, i think they did good. Also realised that justice is the last thing those crying widows in Manipur get. No thanks to AFSPA. No thanks to insurgencies either.

But when i say justice here u might think its a happy ending. But no. It most certainly is not.! Nothing can replace life. The case was solved in 2008. After 13 years. I remember something about the victim’s family compensated for the loss, about 2lakh.. provided the kids get it after their 18th b’day .. something like that, even though other online news say differently. Four men were sentenced to life imprisonment. Hope they’re really in jail and not walking free with fines and bails, i dont know much about this legal shit. Hope they rot in hell.

The last time the armed force went on a killing spree, it killed 10 civilians and a lady called Irom Sharmila decided to go on a hunger strike. Its been 10 years now but she still lives without food. How? The bloody Govt decided to forcibly nose-feed her. A person can’t even die in peace. Also a guy burnt himself and died. But nobody remembers him now. Mothers have stripped themselves in protest, fainting on the street at the horror they’re been pull down too. Yet the Indian Govt still doesn’t listen to us. I hate the insurgents who’re d reason why this act exists. But a little revision of the act won't hurt anyone, no? At least when innocent lives are taken, there should be justice. AFSPA could be a good thing, to tell the truth. But its only used as a licence to kill. It disgust me..!!

This post is so unlike me. Firstly its too long..!! wheeww.. Secondly, I don’t usually analyse the dark society coz i belong to a certain group of Manipuri . Those dreamy eyed Manipuri who think 'see no evil and no evil will stare you back'. But here i am writing about it. Dumping the memories.. so that i can think about pretty things tomorrow.

More info about the killing  click here . My uncle’s name was Angom Debendra Singh. But we called him Uncle Tomba. I hope u’re at a happy place now Uncle.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My Beacon of Light

 Itz been a year.. and you’re still far

But my thoughts are of u so far

Days passes as season change..

Thoughts get mingled up n jammed.

But no matter how shiny this life gets,

A day without ur voice is still a mess..

I’ll make mistakes, i’ll fall again..

I like hell and it loves me back

Yet your trust is a beacon of light,

And your wait keeps me alive..

U wash my sin wit everything in you

U made me believe in something new.

By Gracy

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Innocent Adultery :)

I think of you and i know it’s weird,

The things we do and the jokes we shared.

I think of you and it’s just not right.

I got a guy and he’s alright.

But yet i think and that’s what i do,

Even wait for you like it’s something to do.

I like it when you give me your time ,

And i like it that you liked it too.

Situation will change and you’ll be gone,

I still will have my remaining bonds.

Till our goodbyes and the final days,

I’ll think of you and smile all day.......

-By Gracy

Author's Note : Someone might kill me after reading dis.. So just want to clarify dat this is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. :P And here comes my funeral..

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Random Thots Part 2

I accidently re- watched the movie “No one killed Jessica” a few hours ago. And it made me think. Well these thoughts had been coming 4 quite a while now. But i was not ready to accept it.
I’m thinking very deeply and i realised that i’m not a “DEEP THINKER”. I like fun. I like happy faces. I like staring blindly at d night sky. I like spaces in my alphabets, I like simple words, I like uncomplicated life. I ignore everything else. I don’t read newspaper. I am not an activist. I don’t have a cause that i believe and support. People all around talk about how to make our state better and how to make the killing stop, but i look away. I don’t care enough. I hate listening to the bitter parts of the society and i act dumb almost all the time when it comes to politics. I don’t know anything about it and i don’t try to.

Yes, I don’t have a strong opinion. And these thoughts never disturbed me before. But now i’m a bit uneasy. I need to find a place where i belong. I don’t fit in anywhere. I’m not a good writer. I’m not a good programmer. I am not even a good girlfren. I don’t do anything that makes me an expert in a any field. I always moved on to other stuffs as soon as i get familiarized to certain level.

I live in a fantasy world where i’m the star and everything attached to me are well.. sidekicks.(a lot of people live in dat world, trust me) Need a reality check. This is earth. And things happen without reason all the time. We need to look after one another. We need to have opinions. to help one other. When a person is oppressed, another person should say “ this is not done!!”. When some other people helped in a cause which is totally selfless there is a certain weight to it. Opinion is power. And i want to have a voice. I want to contribute like others in making the society a better place to live in. Be a prominent feature in this era of idealism. Join politics and change the system from within! Then... I realized that the movie had definitely gone into my head and i’m not making sense. Who am i kidding? I hate thinking deep. I can’t be what i am not.

Yes , opinions are good.But no. I don’t have an opinion in all the current situation. I have a conscience that signal me what is right and what is wrong. But it hardly allow me to judge other people. And it contradicts my style of thinking too.

I believe in a beautiful world. A world which was given solely to us by the creator. A world where there are incredible sceneries and amazing life forms. I believe that we should all live in this world together. This whole world, yeah the whole thing belongs to us. This world as a whole and not some continent or country or state. This is our abode and i hate it when there are restriction about what, how, where to go. Why can’t we just live in it as 1 big family? Why do we have to be selfish. This land is mine. This boundaries and that..These languages are mine. These customs are mine. I find it very materialistic. I find culture interesting. But preserving it is not something worth dying for. Ofcourse i don’t want them to disappear, "Museums" are there for a reason. My perspective are different. I believe in evolution. Let’s not oppressed it by being too sad about the lost past, instead embrace the changes and lets live happily together. But hey..that’s just me

P.S. i) I didnt write dis coz i wish to visit Grand Canyon without a visa :P
ii) check out singapore's Nicole Seah.. i wudnt mind being a politician who looks like dat.. go girl go!!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Wait

The Wait..

I walk down the road,I walk all alone.
The nature protecting me,
The wilderness feeding me.
I slept with the wind,and the earth is my keep.
Waiting for the one i dream,
Waiting for my Queen.

I stumble upon her again
Her long wavy hair shines.
They flashes before my eyes
Her smile’s so divine.
I tried to touch her soft skin.
She ran away scared, they all do.

I cried when i miss her touch.
The careless breath, sweet scent of her.
I trembled and i shivered.
Just need one last gaze of her
I’m a mad man, the world says
And i’ll die of broken heart, they say.
With pity eyes they stared.
With empty look they went away.

Hush there goes my hazel eyes
She looked so bright and i smiled
I stood standing as she ran away.
The pain in my chest stayed.
Then it hit me in a flash,
I remember her funeral,
She ain’t coming back again.

-By Gracy

P.S. : Saw a wild beard mad guy,possibly homeless, on d way & one of my fren said he turned that way after his wife died. maybe they were pulling my leg.. do u think love like that exist??a love to die 4.. a love that questioned one's sanity..

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Summer Time

I feel guilty that i don’t update my blog regularly. How come i keep on forgetting about this??!!. Maybe i shouldn’t have created it in d first place.. Now i’m whining!! Great..!!

hmmm .. Nothing much to say. Except that its summer time. The temperature have risen considerably and i loved it. It’s not that i don’t feel hot. I do. I am human!! Duh..!! But i like being hot. I like summer. Everyone have different opinion regarding the four seasons. My season is summer. It brings out the best in me. I feel Free... Happy.. Positive... And i Smile a LOT...... Winters, cloudy days might seem romantic to some people but they make me suicidal. Too dark. Summer is bright & yellow. And its fresh.!!

So.. Here to summer..dedicating d song “Summer Girls” by LFO to everyone.. always loved that song.

Summer Girls- LFO

P.S. : first time inserting an audio & i know itz not perfect. feeling rather sleepy ryte now. will try harder next time :P

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Stupid Printer

 My ear is buzzing with the printer's beep.
Been screaming all morning Beep.. Beep.. Beep..
Now its evening and still it clicks
Can u believe i skip lunch for this?
Annoying little machine, itz so mean!!
Oh how i wish it rust to bits!
Its stubborn and rude,
Stuck the papers from root.
And yet it won't die,
Pretending to be all good.
So here i sit and watch it grin.
Maybe its enjoying my attention, creep!!
And yes, my ear still buzz with the Printer's Beep...

-By Gracy

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Woman's Day

So its Woman’s Day. Being a woman is never easy but we all handle it in our own graceful ways and i’m so proud of that. I sincerely believe that the world is beautiful because of us. There are so many words that already describes how important a woman is. And they are all true.

My journey of discovering the woman inside me was a bit unconventional :D but i do found it eventually. I’m realising and discovering all the new hidden feelings everyday. Its not something i love to share but its no secret either. So here it is.. another part of my story..

I hated being a girl b4. I hated the new development in my body. I hated the way people looked at me. i hated the way people treated as if we r flowers, too fragile. And so i chose to chop off my hair n be a tomboy. That was fun. People looked at me differently. They know they can’t mess with me, without me kicking back. I wore big baggy dresses that won’t reveal anything i don’t want to. I was not comfortable with what i was. Well that was my teenage life. A rebel. No light of any woman there.

Then came college, and i thought i’ll transform. But it was hard. I can’t just jump to being a well behave girl in a snap. Some of my old characters was bound to kick up now n then. It was not until i fall in love with my “Big Guy” that my transformation was significantly noticeable. And even i began to believe i’m indeed a woman.. lol. After that i let my wall down and let all the feelings flow in naturally. The journey continues and sometime it sucks. Like for instance i never used to cry at anything. But now i sob uncontrollably while watching “P.S. I LOVE U” !! WTH? Bloody hormones!! But that’s what i do.

More on being a woman. I never thought i’m the jealous type but something inside me burn when he mention her name more than he should. Hmmm..interesting.. Also I wasn’t compassionate or caring but now i care for the well-being of everyone and anyone. I keep on caring for simple stuffs. And when someone try to hurt what i care for, i feel i can chew off that person’s head alive!! I guess that’s y people are scared of angry mom. My feelings have amplified in all fields- love,hate,anger,passion,humour,everything. Its like i’m high on acid and i won't be coming down anytime soon. Yeah i’m transforming into a woman alright and i’m hurting more. But then i get blessed by a whole lot of people too and the happiness i feel there is also of high magnitude  :)  Balanced.

Anyways the process is not complete yet. There’s lot more to come. And i found out that Its not always easy. A woman need to be strong to face the world. The things we can do are limited. We need to go ahead & grab what’s ours or else the world wont give it to us willingly. No matter how big civilization grows, it will always remain smaller than a man’s ego. And i have made my peace with that.

Beside that I’m all happy I’m a woman. I feel pretty, loved, nurtured and can sense the world smiling at me because I make it beautiful :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Journey with my baby

Close your eyes and i’ll hold your hand.
Guide you to a far away land.
Trust me baby and follow my steps.
We can journey to a wonderful place.

There’s a long road ahead and its dark.
I need you baby to light the path.
I might stumble, lost my way
Be my compass, my very own star.

I’ll soothe your troubles and soothe your pain.
I’ll kiss all your sorrows away.
It will be you and me  baby,sailing down the sea.
And the sweet sunset gleaming our way.

So trust me my dear and follow my lead.
Let me take you to the world i dream.
A place of beauty far far away.
A journey to a wonderful place.

-By Gracy

Monday, 28 February 2011

A night

A cold dark night,

The moon forgot to shine.

Dead silence filled the air

Miles and miles of no where.

Life speed so fast,

A pity i often bore

But now the world rest

Old and worn off.

Among the dawn  of uncertainties

The mind dancing with doubts.

And the realm of reality

So twisted so torn.

This silence bring peace to me

Why and how i don’t probe.

The world looks ever so still

Ever so silently it breathes.

And as I lay there between the earth and stars,

A tiny smile played on my lips.

Contended and satisfied

That this moment is mine.


-By Gracy

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Some girls in my hostel are shit scared of sleeping alone.  So presently, my room is all occupied. The devil. I wish i know what that really means. I wish i had some experience that i can share. Some irreparable damages that happened in my life. Some horrified encounter with another being. But no,I have none. And all i heard were stories told by a friend which happened to another friend. And i listen to them like i’m reading a fictional book.

Its not that i always avoided being in the way. I go in the dark all the time, drop frens to places when they’re scared. I even sleep with the lights off.. lolz. If u know what i mean. However i don’t exactly go out in the middle of the night to find a white spirit with high EMF either. All i’m trying to say is that i’m no expert in the devil. But at rare moments, at unexpected circumstances, i had felt something evil hovering by, felt my hair stand at the back of my neck, a gust of wind that seem to whisper something. And you feel so positive that you’re a target. Targeted for what?? That’s a million dollar question!! Do the ghost torture souls because they ‘re bored? Do they enjoy and snigger when our eyes threatened to roll out of their sockets in fear? Or do they feel they can make contact with us about their unfinish business like some movies claimed to be? I really don’t know. I can’t ignore them all together either, since some people swore on their life that they saw what they saw.

Unfortunately i haven’t heard any new stories for quite some time now. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad that they are disappearing slowly. I think humans are scarier than any white no-mass thingy these days. City lights have made it impossible to create the magic effects of the errie glow in the dark night. Midnight doesn’t mean silence anymore. The short high-pitch laughter that usually send chills down the spin in the story book is now impossible to hear with the boom of the DJ’s bass.  And so with a sad note i began to realise that i may never see one in my life. (Hoping I’m wrong)

Well folks if u do have seen one or is being haunted by one, then please drop a mail. I want to help. For those who will possibly encounter something weird in the future and doesn’t have a clue what to do, let me share some stuffs which i learned from all the horror flicks i saw on TV

  1. Iron helps. These things do have some electromagnetic wave in them. Iron distorted these signals and give you time to run before it catches you again.

  2. Salt . For some unknown reason, salt is like a powerful acid to them. Have seen many rituals all over the world using salts in all sorts of demon exorcism.

  3. Be strong. They possess the weak. Most of the stories i heard are about possession of people who’re already scared from before.  Its a mind game. Remember that you’re alive and the white thingy is dead. Ok that doesn’t help, does it. Hehe.  Well, just imagine all sort of good stuffs then. If you’re a Christian than you should believe that your guardian angel is right behind your back spreading its wings protecting you. And no evil can go pass that shield.(Childish, but it could work)

  4. Well this list will never end so i’ll stop here. There’s also rumours about candles, cross, holy water, talisman, charms, amulet & what not. But i can’t vouch for that.

So folks, till then be safe and think healthy :)

Monday, 21 February 2011

The Beginning

I almost forgot about this page. I had been busy farming at facebook all these while. Now that reminds me why i created this webpage in the first place. And yes i will tell you about it whether you like it or not. :P

It was a rainy day at the office with no important work whatsoever. So i was exceptionally lazy.  It was also the 2nd day where Farmville stopped working at my system. Some problem with the Zynga server they say.  Which was like a horror movie to me , since i was so jobless without it. Then i started browsing the web and realized that people just LUFFS to blog. I don’t know why everyone need to record everything that has ever happened in their life(me included). Starting from facebook status to twitter updates, everyone wanted to share stuffs to the world. Blogging has become a means to write online diaries by most normal folks. I was musing about all this when my friend The Terminator came online on gmail. I found myself asking about his blog. He is a professional blogger and quite good at it too. He told me stuffs about web hosting, domain registration  and other alien words that i have never heard of before. Thought it was a good idea to try out,  since i got nothing better to do. And believe me it doesn’t cost much to have a webpage these days. So, i did some research and by the end of the day i was with “Della Dreams” .. Of course, with some major help from The Terminator . I guess this mean that this page was created because i went mad while my Farmville wasn’t working. :P

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Random thots

God’s perfect creation!  I do admire human beings tremendously. Everything about the species is unique and serves a purpose. The architecture is too impressive. God is indeed the best artist. Allow me to explain why. A baby is a fragile thing. They need to be protected and nurtured. So they’re made in such a way that they’re cute,innocent and extremely lovable. Those who saw them won’t think of harming them. An old man is also a fragile thing but his time is up, no need to protect them so no cuteness!! Hahaha!! :P Before you jump to conclusion, let me assure you that these thoughts are mine and i didn’t mean to disrespect or hurt anyone(in case some grandpa is reading this). This is not a religious thing either. Bible doesn’t say old people are ugly coz Jesus want them dead!! I take full responsibility of these absurd thoughts, read at your own risk. Peace.

And now that the issue is settled, let me continue. One might argue that some kids aren’t cute. Well, mistakes and glitches happen when you manage a wide system. Again no offence to anyone(in case some parents of extremely ugly kids are reading this).  I also admire the perfection of man and woman. Man was created to be strong at body, powerful and tough but they’ll melt at the touch of the lady they love. They feel protective about the woman folk and wants to provide shelter for them, be their rock. Woman are delicate and fine little thing which needs to be tamed and safeguarded. So they had to be beautiful. But they also need a strong heart and an iron will, very necessary in order to bear the irritating nature of the other gender and also important coz man are like child and they need woman to look after them. The two equally needs one another. Rightfully so, since we must prevent our species from extinction.  Of course there are many glitches here too. Not all man likes woman. Not all woman likes man. Gays and homosexual are special editions of our species in its own brilliant way. In an era where hatred lies everywhere, it’s refreshing to see any form of love. Maybe they‘re allow to exist coz God doesn’t have to worry about population drop in spite of all the awareness about “Hum do,hamare do”. :)

Alright, even at olden days, people used to have tons of children. But that’s ok since they had various war here and then where people die in millions. Thereby, the population was maintained. But now people are too cautious. Almost all disease are curable. Peace treaties among too many nations. Don’t you think people are taking life a bit too seriously? Maybe God overdid just a tiny winy bit in giving human the will to live.

And when i was describing man and woman before, i was only giving the raw version, removing technology and civilization from the equation.  And here lies the next major glitch. Female these days wants to be independent. And not all male wants to be the rock of anyone. Time have changed and human are adapting to being solo. I’m not sure what God has to say about that. He is keeping all the secrets for now but there’s always a plan behind them. Or if you’re a science freak than you can say that evolution is at rapid pace right now. Maybe this isn’t a flaw in the system after all. Maybe this is a correction required to maintain our species.

year 2011 started

Hello 2011 !! So here we are again, starting off a New Year. Nothing look special , nothing changed so far. Hoping it will reveal something wonderful down the road.

And well, I haven’t  wrote anything for some weeks now. There’s no excuse. It’s just because itz cold and I'm lazy. I feel that it is way colder this time. Maybe coz i’m not in B’lore or maybe coz i used to bunk everything and stay indoor  with the slightest cold before. Or maybe its not just me. Maybe its the planet. In fact everything seems more these days. More rain, more heat and now more cold . Looks like the changes are coming rather drastically. Maybe the world will end sooner than we thought. If not 2012 then perhaps 2020?? It's a lot of maybe. I somehow hope it will end soon. Say around 2015. Coz that’s the year i’ll turn 30. And about time where i could no longer ignore the wedding bell. Lolz. Life should be short and special. Do what we love, take risk, explore new things, travel, make mistakes...

Well, d stuffs i mention above may not apply to all. Consider only the first point. “Do what you love”. If you’re a family person, get married, don’t wait. If you’re an extremely wild person, do drugs, die young.  It’s your life and its solely your responsibility to use it as you please. Living long doesn’t mean your life is significant. Dying young doesn’t make life incomplete. We’re not on a contest of who lives the longest here. The quality of how we live while we’re alive is the only crap that matters. Even though God’s perfect creation has design us to love our life and protect it as long as we can, still the final decision lies within us.

God’s perfect creation. Now that’s a thought. And that will be my next post. As for this post, its just an acknowledgement that 2011 is here. HOLA.