Thursday, 20 January 2011

Random thots

God’s perfect creation!  I do admire human beings tremendously. Everything about the species is unique and serves a purpose. The architecture is too impressive. God is indeed the best artist. Allow me to explain why. A baby is a fragile thing. They need to be protected and nurtured. So they’re made in such a way that they’re cute,innocent and extremely lovable. Those who saw them won’t think of harming them. An old man is also a fragile thing but his time is up, no need to protect them so no cuteness!! Hahaha!! :P Before you jump to conclusion, let me assure you that these thoughts are mine and i didn’t mean to disrespect or hurt anyone(in case some grandpa is reading this). This is not a religious thing either. Bible doesn’t say old people are ugly coz Jesus want them dead!! I take full responsibility of these absurd thoughts, read at your own risk. Peace.

And now that the issue is settled, let me continue. One might argue that some kids aren’t cute. Well, mistakes and glitches happen when you manage a wide system. Again no offence to anyone(in case some parents of extremely ugly kids are reading this).  I also admire the perfection of man and woman. Man was created to be strong at body, powerful and tough but they’ll melt at the touch of the lady they love. They feel protective about the woman folk and wants to provide shelter for them, be their rock. Woman are delicate and fine little thing which needs to be tamed and safeguarded. So they had to be beautiful. But they also need a strong heart and an iron will, very necessary in order to bear the irritating nature of the other gender and also important coz man are like child and they need woman to look after them. The two equally needs one another. Rightfully so, since we must prevent our species from extinction.  Of course there are many glitches here too. Not all man likes woman. Not all woman likes man. Gays and homosexual are special editions of our species in its own brilliant way. In an era where hatred lies everywhere, it’s refreshing to see any form of love. Maybe they‘re allow to exist coz God doesn’t have to worry about population drop in spite of all the awareness about “Hum do,hamare do”. :)

Alright, even at olden days, people used to have tons of children. But that’s ok since they had various war here and then where people die in millions. Thereby, the population was maintained. But now people are too cautious. Almost all disease are curable. Peace treaties among too many nations. Don’t you think people are taking life a bit too seriously? Maybe God overdid just a tiny winy bit in giving human the will to live.

And when i was describing man and woman before, i was only giving the raw version, removing technology and civilization from the equation.  And here lies the next major glitch. Female these days wants to be independent. And not all male wants to be the rock of anyone. Time have changed and human are adapting to being solo. I’m not sure what God has to say about that. He is keeping all the secrets for now but there’s always a plan behind them. Or if you’re a science freak than you can say that evolution is at rapid pace right now. Maybe this isn’t a flaw in the system after all. Maybe this is a correction required to maintain our species.

year 2011 started

Hello 2011 !! So here we are again, starting off a New Year. Nothing look special , nothing changed so far. Hoping it will reveal something wonderful down the road.

And well, I haven’t  wrote anything for some weeks now. There’s no excuse. It’s just because itz cold and I'm lazy. I feel that it is way colder this time. Maybe coz i’m not in B’lore or maybe coz i used to bunk everything and stay indoor  with the slightest cold before. Or maybe its not just me. Maybe its the planet. In fact everything seems more these days. More rain, more heat and now more cold . Looks like the changes are coming rather drastically. Maybe the world will end sooner than we thought. If not 2012 then perhaps 2020?? It's a lot of maybe. I somehow hope it will end soon. Say around 2015. Coz that’s the year i’ll turn 30. And about time where i could no longer ignore the wedding bell. Lolz. Life should be short and special. Do what we love, take risk, explore new things, travel, make mistakes...

Well, d stuffs i mention above may not apply to all. Consider only the first point. “Do what you love”. If you’re a family person, get married, don’t wait. If you’re an extremely wild person, do drugs, die young.  It’s your life and its solely your responsibility to use it as you please. Living long doesn’t mean your life is significant. Dying young doesn’t make life incomplete. We’re not on a contest of who lives the longest here. The quality of how we live while we’re alive is the only crap that matters. Even though God’s perfect creation has design us to love our life and protect it as long as we can, still the final decision lies within us.

God’s perfect creation. Now that’s a thought. And that will be my next post. As for this post, its just an acknowledgement that 2011 is here. HOLA.