Monday, 21 February 2011

The Beginning

I almost forgot about this page. I had been busy farming at facebook all these while. Now that reminds me why i created this webpage in the first place. And yes i will tell you about it whether you like it or not. :P

It was a rainy day at the office with no important work whatsoever. So i was exceptionally lazy.  It was also the 2nd day where Farmville stopped working at my system. Some problem with the Zynga server they say.  Which was like a horror movie to me , since i was so jobless without it. Then i started browsing the web and realized that people just LUFFS to blog. I don’t know why everyone need to record everything that has ever happened in their life(me included). Starting from facebook status to twitter updates, everyone wanted to share stuffs to the world. Blogging has become a means to write online diaries by most normal folks. I was musing about all this when my friend The Terminator came online on gmail. I found myself asking about his blog. He is a professional blogger and quite good at it too. He told me stuffs about web hosting, domain registration  and other alien words that i have never heard of before. Thought it was a good idea to try out,  since i got nothing better to do. And believe me it doesn’t cost much to have a webpage these days. So, i did some research and by the end of the day i was with “Della Dreams” .. Of course, with some major help from The Terminator . I guess this mean that this page was created because i went mad while my Farmville wasn’t working. :P


  1. LOL...thanks a lot for the credit. Terminator speaking

  2. thanks again Terminator 4 delladreams

  3. u play farmville WOW!! m a farmville freak too :D

  4. koooll...i went till level 100 before i retired.. nice no? lolz


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