Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Journey with my baby

Close your eyes and i’ll hold your hand.
Guide you to a far away land.
Trust me baby and follow my steps.
We can journey to a wonderful place.

There’s a long road ahead and its dark.
I need you baby to light the path.
I might stumble, lost my way
Be my compass, my very own star.

I’ll soothe your troubles and soothe your pain.
I’ll kiss all your sorrows away.
It will be you and me  baby,sailing down the sea.
And the sweet sunset gleaming our way.

So trust me my dear and follow my lead.
Let me take you to the world i dream.
A place of beauty far far away.
A journey to a wonderful place.

-By Gracy


  1. OMG!! A poetess as well... A genius writer in the land of common scraps!! You have me enchanted with your words. Your words are like a music to my ears. You got yourself a fan, in me... No wonder Sumen fell so hard for you... :p

  2. hahaaha... u sure know how to make me feel happy..!! thank you thank you..!!


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