Thursday, 10 March 2011

Stupid Printer

 My ear is buzzing with the printer's beep.
Been screaming all morning Beep.. Beep.. Beep..
Now its evening and still it clicks
Can u believe i skip lunch for this?
Annoying little machine, itz so mean!!
Oh how i wish it rust to bits!
Its stubborn and rude,
Stuck the papers from root.
And yet it won't die,
Pretending to be all good.
So here i sit and watch it grin.
Maybe its enjoying my attention, creep!!
And yes, my ear still buzz with the Printer's Beep...

-By Gracy

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Woman's Day

So its Woman’s Day. Being a woman is never easy but we all handle it in our own graceful ways and i’m so proud of that. I sincerely believe that the world is beautiful because of us. There are so many words that already describes how important a woman is. And they are all true.

My journey of discovering the woman inside me was a bit unconventional :D but i do found it eventually. I’m realising and discovering all the new hidden feelings everyday. Its not something i love to share but its no secret either. So here it is.. another part of my story..

I hated being a girl b4. I hated the new development in my body. I hated the way people looked at me. i hated the way people treated as if we r flowers, too fragile. And so i chose to chop off my hair n be a tomboy. That was fun. People looked at me differently. They know they can’t mess with me, without me kicking back. I wore big baggy dresses that won’t reveal anything i don’t want to. I was not comfortable with what i was. Well that was my teenage life. A rebel. No light of any woman there.

Then came college, and i thought i’ll transform. But it was hard. I can’t just jump to being a well behave girl in a snap. Some of my old characters was bound to kick up now n then. It was not until i fall in love with my “Big Guy” that my transformation was significantly noticeable. And even i began to believe i’m indeed a woman.. lol. After that i let my wall down and let all the feelings flow in naturally. The journey continues and sometime it sucks. Like for instance i never used to cry at anything. But now i sob uncontrollably while watching “P.S. I LOVE U” !! WTH? Bloody hormones!! But that’s what i do.

More on being a woman. I never thought i’m the jealous type but something inside me burn when he mention her name more than he should. Hmmm..interesting.. Also I wasn’t compassionate or caring but now i care for the well-being of everyone and anyone. I keep on caring for simple stuffs. And when someone try to hurt what i care for, i feel i can chew off that person’s head alive!! I guess that’s y people are scared of angry mom. My feelings have amplified in all fields- love,hate,anger,passion,humour,everything. Its like i’m high on acid and i won't be coming down anytime soon. Yeah i’m transforming into a woman alright and i’m hurting more. But then i get blessed by a whole lot of people too and the happiness i feel there is also of high magnitude  :)  Balanced.

Anyways the process is not complete yet. There’s lot more to come. And i found out that Its not always easy. A woman need to be strong to face the world. The things we can do are limited. We need to go ahead & grab what’s ours or else the world wont give it to us willingly. No matter how big civilization grows, it will always remain smaller than a man’s ego. And i have made my peace with that.

Beside that I’m all happy I’m a woman. I feel pretty, loved, nurtured and can sense the world smiling at me because I make it beautiful :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Journey with my baby

Close your eyes and i’ll hold your hand.
Guide you to a far away land.
Trust me baby and follow my steps.
We can journey to a wonderful place.

There’s a long road ahead and its dark.
I need you baby to light the path.
I might stumble, lost my way
Be my compass, my very own star.

I’ll soothe your troubles and soothe your pain.
I’ll kiss all your sorrows away.
It will be you and me  baby,sailing down the sea.
And the sweet sunset gleaming our way.

So trust me my dear and follow my lead.
Let me take you to the world i dream.
A place of beauty far far away.
A journey to a wonderful place.

-By Gracy