Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Woman's Day

So its Woman’s Day. Being a woman is never easy but we all handle it in our own graceful ways and i’m so proud of that. I sincerely believe that the world is beautiful because of us. There are so many words that already describes how important a woman is. And they are all true.

My journey of discovering the woman inside me was a bit unconventional :D but i do found it eventually. I’m realising and discovering all the new hidden feelings everyday. Its not something i love to share but its no secret either. So here it is.. another part of my story..

I hated being a girl b4. I hated the new development in my body. I hated the way people looked at me. i hated the way people treated as if we r flowers, too fragile. And so i chose to chop off my hair n be a tomboy. That was fun. People looked at me differently. They know they can’t mess with me, without me kicking back. I wore big baggy dresses that won’t reveal anything i don’t want to. I was not comfortable with what i was. Well that was my teenage life. A rebel. No light of any woman there.

Then came college, and i thought i’ll transform. But it was hard. I can’t just jump to being a well behave girl in a snap. Some of my old characters was bound to kick up now n then. It was not until i fall in love with my “Big Guy” that my transformation was significantly noticeable. And even i began to believe i’m indeed a woman.. lol. After that i let my wall down and let all the feelings flow in naturally. The journey continues and sometime it sucks. Like for instance i never used to cry at anything. But now i sob uncontrollably while watching “P.S. I LOVE U” !! WTH? Bloody hormones!! But that’s what i do.

More on being a woman. I never thought i’m the jealous type but something inside me burn when he mention her name more than he should. Hmmm..interesting.. Also I wasn’t compassionate or caring but now i care for the well-being of everyone and anyone. I keep on caring for simple stuffs. And when someone try to hurt what i care for, i feel i can chew off that person’s head alive!! I guess that’s y people are scared of angry mom. My feelings have amplified in all fields- love,hate,anger,passion,humour,everything. Its like i’m high on acid and i won't be coming down anytime soon. Yeah i’m transforming into a woman alright and i’m hurting more. But then i get blessed by a whole lot of people too and the happiness i feel there is also of high magnitude  :)  Balanced.

Anyways the process is not complete yet. There’s lot more to come. And i found out that Its not always easy. A woman need to be strong to face the world. The things we can do are limited. We need to go ahead & grab what’s ours or else the world wont give it to us willingly. No matter how big civilization grows, it will always remain smaller than a man’s ego. And i have made my peace with that.

Beside that I’m all happy I’m a woman. I feel pretty, loved, nurtured and can sense the world smiling at me because I make it beautiful :)


  1. keep writing, hope one day u ll becum a famous writer.
    if possible i ll help u to publish i hav few contacts.

  2. Ha's nice...after reading it , I am randomly smiling at me and appreciating myself for being a woman......Didn't know you wrote...accidently I came across your site......Keep writing Kudos! :)

  3. LOLz.. Thanks a lot Anusha!! Itz fun being a woman. :D

  4. wow!!! very inspirational..... keep writing :D

  5. so u found d comments?!! lolz.. thanks Baby ;)


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