Thursday, 12 May 2011

Random Thots Part 2

I accidently re- watched the movie “No one killed Jessica” a few hours ago. And it made me think. Well these thoughts had been coming 4 quite a while now. But i was not ready to accept it.
I’m thinking very deeply and i realised that i’m not a “DEEP THINKER”. I like fun. I like happy faces. I like staring blindly at d night sky. I like spaces in my alphabets, I like simple words, I like uncomplicated life. I ignore everything else. I don’t read newspaper. I am not an activist. I don’t have a cause that i believe and support. People all around talk about how to make our state better and how to make the killing stop, but i look away. I don’t care enough. I hate listening to the bitter parts of the society and i act dumb almost all the time when it comes to politics. I don’t know anything about it and i don’t try to.

Yes, I don’t have a strong opinion. And these thoughts never disturbed me before. But now i’m a bit uneasy. I need to find a place where i belong. I don’t fit in anywhere. I’m not a good writer. I’m not a good programmer. I am not even a good girlfren. I don’t do anything that makes me an expert in a any field. I always moved on to other stuffs as soon as i get familiarized to certain level.

I live in a fantasy world where i’m the star and everything attached to me are well.. sidekicks.(a lot of people live in dat world, trust me) Need a reality check. This is earth. And things happen without reason all the time. We need to look after one another. We need to have opinions. to help one other. When a person is oppressed, another person should say “ this is not done!!”. When some other people helped in a cause which is totally selfless there is a certain weight to it. Opinion is power. And i want to have a voice. I want to contribute like others in making the society a better place to live in. Be a prominent feature in this era of idealism. Join politics and change the system from within! Then... I realized that the movie had definitely gone into my head and i’m not making sense. Who am i kidding? I hate thinking deep. I can’t be what i am not.

Yes , opinions are good.But no. I don’t have an opinion in all the current situation. I have a conscience that signal me what is right and what is wrong. But it hardly allow me to judge other people. And it contradicts my style of thinking too.

I believe in a beautiful world. A world which was given solely to us by the creator. A world where there are incredible sceneries and amazing life forms. I believe that we should all live in this world together. This whole world, yeah the whole thing belongs to us. This world as a whole and not some continent or country or state. This is our abode and i hate it when there are restriction about what, how, where to go. Why can’t we just live in it as 1 big family? Why do we have to be selfish. This land is mine. This boundaries and that..These languages are mine. These customs are mine. I find it very materialistic. I find culture interesting. But preserving it is not something worth dying for. Ofcourse i don’t want them to disappear, "Museums" are there for a reason. My perspective are different. I believe in evolution. Let’s not oppressed it by being too sad about the lost past, instead embrace the changes and lets live happily together. But hey..that’s just me

P.S. i) I didnt write dis coz i wish to visit Grand Canyon without a visa :P
ii) check out singapore's Nicole Seah.. i wudnt mind being a politician who looks like dat.. go girl go!!


  1. well conjured lines even though you feel yer not a good writer!! I like the humor :)

  2. thanks...!! ***big smile***

  3. your words,especially your last paragraph,gave form to the thoughts that had been going through my head all evening today.though i stumbled upon your blog through sheer randomness,the above entry made me smile and recall master oogway's(from kung-fu panda) oft repeated phrase "There are no accidents." i really respect the honesty with which you write&am glad that you exist!keep it up....

    1. Miss random visitor. I'm 2 years late replying to your comment. But now that i saw it again, i feel the need to thank you. Thanks for those words. I'm glad you exist too


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