Saturday, 7 May 2011

Summer Time

I feel guilty that i don’t update my blog regularly. How come i keep on forgetting about this??!!. Maybe i shouldn’t have created it in d first place.. Now i’m whining!! Great..!!

hmmm .. Nothing much to say. Except that its summer time. The temperature have risen considerably and i loved it. It’s not that i don’t feel hot. I do. I am human!! Duh..!! But i like being hot. I like summer. Everyone have different opinion regarding the four seasons. My season is summer. It brings out the best in me. I feel Free... Happy.. Positive... And i Smile a LOT...... Winters, cloudy days might seem romantic to some people but they make me suicidal. Too dark. Summer is bright & yellow. And its fresh.!!

So.. Here to summer..dedicating d song “Summer Girls” by LFO to everyone.. always loved that song.

Summer Girls- LFO

P.S. : first time inserting an audio & i know itz not perfect. feeling rather sleepy ryte now. will try harder next time :P


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