Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Wait

The Wait..

I walk down the road,I walk all alone.
The nature protecting me,
The wilderness feeding me.
I slept with the wind,and the earth is my keep.
Waiting for the one i dream,
Waiting for my Queen.

I stumble upon her again
Her long wavy hair shines.
They flashes before my eyes
Her smile’s so divine.
I tried to touch her soft skin.
She ran away scared, they all do.

I cried when i miss her touch.
The careless breath, sweet scent of her.
I trembled and i shivered.
Just need one last gaze of her
I’m a mad man, the world says
And i’ll die of broken heart, they say.
With pity eyes they stared.
With empty look they went away.

Hush there goes my hazel eyes
She looked so bright and i smiled
I stood standing as she ran away.
The pain in my chest stayed.
Then it hit me in a flash,
I remember her funeral,
She ain’t coming back again.

-By Gracy

P.S. : Saw a wild beard mad guy,possibly homeless, on d way & one of my fren said he turned that way after his wife died. maybe they were pulling my leg.. do u think love like that exist??a love to die 4.. a love that questioned one's sanity..


  1. Nicely written .....Sad that he had become like that.. perhaps he loved his wife deeply. I sympathize with your feelings.

  2. thanks Anu.. it was really sad n scary to see him.. d rest is my imagination.. hehe.. who knows d real story?? :(


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