Monday, 1 August 2011

Dark.. Daring..

Dark, daring and completely free.
He roamed the place like he owns the night.
He had killed and he’ll kill again.
He doesn’t have a soul to tame.
I knew he will come for me.
I knew he longed to taste me.
His kiss will drain my life away.
His touch can be a pain surreal.
He moved so close smelling my skin.
I stood there waiting, holding my breath.
Its a game between me and him.
Only one will survived, only one can live.
As time seemed to stand so still
Memories flashed in a torrent of lights.
If death comes to me tonight,
I am most glad of the follies i made.
I’ve had love, i’ve travelled wide.
I’ve done a good job in being alive.
In an unexpected move, he touched my neck.
I lifted my hand and gave it a smack.
And that’s how the dark mosquito died.
I survived an encephalitis bite.

- Gracy


  1. Haha!! u r indeed alive. Everything u write is different and interesting.. This one being quite humorous!! love it again!!

  2. hehe.. i'm having mosquito phobia these days

  3. Fresh post :)
    Loved the feel in it.. every line a different breed


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