Monday, 18 July 2011

Missing You

It’s one of those nights,
Loneliness feels not right.
The night breeze kissing my face
And a smile brushing my gaze.
My bed warm and waiting
But no i won’t slide in yet.
My thoughts lingering on you
And all the evenings we had.

The empty chair besides
You would have sat holding my feet
Your fingers playing traces
And a wild joke to complete.
Your eyes holding me whole
While i feel feminine and bold
My laughter heard from afar
The world somewhere far.
Yes its one of those nights
Of sweet whispers and breathes.
The memories playing a happy reel
No, there’s no regrets.

My eyes searched for a star
A thank escaped my lips.
Untamed emotions filled my heart,
Oh, its hard to breathe.
So i wait for the time ,
Where i’ll be in his arms,
The sweet safe haven ,
That feels so damn warm.
Yet this whole time i smiled,
Missing someone can be a sweet divine.



  1. Awwww missing someone? :)

  2. hehe.. yep.. quite a lot

  3. awwww :) tring him up :)

  4. hehe.. we're on skype right now :P


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