Thursday, 4 August 2011

Dying and Mars

He knew something has changed. It will never be the same. The last image he had was of a man in black helmet gasping for breath. He had wished he could do something.  He then felt that sharp pain in his chest and he stopped moving. The accident happened so fast. He slowly realised the possibility that he was dead.

Wow .. He thought. Am i? Am i really dead? Why can’t i see anything properly?

The foggy images began to clear a bit. He heard moving sounds everywhere. There were people. Lots and lots of people. As the fog in his eyes started to clear some more he found that he was standing among a crowd in an orange place, dimly lighted. None of the people were paying attention to him. The people were naked. This didn’t alarm him though. It looked so natural. It blended with the place he’s in.

Wait a minute. Am i in HELL..!!

He caught hold of a passerby and asked him panicking. The other guy seemed to smile at the question. Or perhaps his face was made that way.

“This is heaven, my friend” he said. “We are free from any desire now.. we don’t need anything now...  Everyone is equal here... No more riches or poor”.

The man said these words in a sing-song voice and somehow that really disturbed him. He looked around to find some answers, some signs that this was heaven, running a mental probe down his body to test whether he really don’t have any desire. No feast? No smoked pork or cheese burger? No more need for any women? He knew these thoughts should disturb him but it didn’t.

That bloke was probably right, he thought.

He looked up the sky and saw the stars but he knew he wasn’t on earth. The constellation was funny even for someone whose only known constellation is the Orion. Judging by the color and the dimly lighted space, his mind went backward to the children book where he learned about the Solar System, finally concluding he was on Mars.

Just then he heard a commotion stirring a few feet away. Two guys were in a brawl. What for? If there’s no desire, there’s no point of fighting. Maybe it’s their human behaviour embedded in them.  Maybe we retained some of ourselves even after we die. he mused.

The fight was quickly ended as the fairy flew in. In a jiffy, both guys dissappeared.

The fairy or angel or whatever stared directly at him while he stood there dumbfounded, as if she read his mind. Flashing a big smile she flew right towards him looking like an overgrown dragonfly. In a very childlike voice she said “Don’t worry, they’re not annihilated. I just shifted their co-ordinates. They are poles apart now.  Can’t fight now, can they? Not with each other at least.“

He noticed that the angel was pretty. But she was just another no cloth lady with a skin coloured wings.  Everything is of the same colour around here, he thought.

There were thousand of questions he wanted to ask her.  He also doubted that he was getting stupid and that his mind isn’t thinking straight. He asked the most logical question he could think.

“How many people are here?”

She gave her smile again, took his hand and flew high up, defying gravity. Gasping at the incredible sight below, he saw millions and millions of people in every directions. The planet doesn’t have a hill or sea. It was just a plain area with people standing everywhere. People die everyday. Without incarnation the free spaces in heaven must be pretty thin, he thought.

So this is heaven. A planet looking like Mars acting as one big disco room, full of naked people which get constantly shuffled. He let that idea sink in.

As the angel put him down and wished him a happy stay, flying away soon after to shuffle some more, he was filled with despair and fear.  An eternity of this? But the woes didn’t last. He started to leave his human’s thought,  feeling peace. He knew he was in safe hands. He was glad at the creator who kept him intact. He smiled and found himself humming a tune.

    Back on earth, the monitor showed a steady heartbeat. A woman was crying softly beside the hospital bed. The doctor just informed that her husband is in a coma and he might not wake up. Little did she know that he’s happy at the moment. He’s at peace with the heaven he dreamt.

Author's note :   I know this doesn't make much sense. But thanks for reading anyways. OK.. The main reason of this note is that.. i can see my counter increasing everyday. U see that dark yellow/green or whatever color thingy with numbers at the right side of the page. Yes, that one. That's my counter. I'm not sure whether its only spam readers advertising and spamming my inbox or whether people are actually reading my blog. So, do leave a comment. Any suggestion to improve, any criticism or a simple Hi. I would love to get a feedback.


  1. Masidi.. khatang confuse chatley eingonda.. may be coz i dont read much and not aware of such taste :-). Neways, I know why u have put the "somked pork".. :-)

  2. hehe.. coz i can't imagine not feeling hunger, ever. BTW.. u don't have to worry since u are Hindu.. u guys have incarnations :P :P

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