Monday, 8 August 2011

Friendship Day

I never really cared much about Friendship Day. I liked the chocolates that i used to get when i was at school. But as college started i felt too old for all that childish crap. So last Sunday when some few people updated their facebook status wishing frenship day, i didn’t pay much attention and forgot all about it.. Then came a lazy Thursday afternoon when Zack suddenly wished me Belated Frenship Day.  And it hit me. He’s the only one that wished. When i told him that, he rubbed in saying now i know whom i can count on always. That ass! However that day i felt a bit left out. I mean, i thought i got friends. How come none of them remembered me? The value of friends did increase seven folds that day.

Finally when Saturday came, surprise surprise.. i found Friendship Day was actually today.  LMAO. Yes dumb. Very dumb!! The first Sunday of August, that’s the day the world celebrates the power of friendship. It’s indeed a special day. So every ping, every email, every sms, every call i received today was special and I gave my full toothy grin. I even took time to call up all my sweet chummies and wished them (though i felt a little awkward).  I’m so blessed to have my friends. Life is very much easier and beautiful with them.

As for Zack, i called him up and gave him a good hearing. But i was glad he made me realised that i should never take my friends for granted, even though it was unintentional.  I’m also glad he’s still one of my best fren even after all these years. Though we don’t meet like we used to at high school, he’s always around to hear my nagging woes, to listen to my self-obsessed praises, to scold like no one would even dare or just be a shoulder to cry on, never judging. That’s what friendship is all about, right? And i do the same.

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY, everyone!! Friends makes our life complete !!


  1. So Zack has got a crush on you?? o,O

  2. hahaha... shame on you!!

  3. A friend who listens you for infinity and tells you the right thing is the best thing to preserve.

  4. you're right Ravi.. i feel the same way too


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