Friday, 28 October 2011


I'm not dead, yet the flies are here. Ready to scavenge on what's left of me on earth. I can't move no more, not that i tried. all i do is wait. wait for the heart to stop. I don't care if there's a descend after this life's gone. i just wish it all to end soon. all these wasted breathes hard to witness. Pointless to consume spaces that doesn't need me nor you. Life, as we called it, is a cruel joke. A small glimpse of colors and the slow dead dawns. We all watched by as that color faded. Desperation to hold on is just another waste. Of all the millions born and died today, you're just another faceless life who won't be remembered by. No special power, no special you. You're just like me already in the death's loop. And as little things in life started to make sense, i close my eyes and hold on to what's real. And what's real is we're all dead. There's no escape, we're all trapped..


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