Monday, 28 November 2011

Pretty Land In Red

Oh pretty land why do you weep?
Are the people that grow there not a good seed?
The colour of red that dominates your soil
The tears of mothers filled with rages boil.
Hungry and angry the people still scream
Changes they wanted till the blood dried clean.
Unity they lack yet unity they preached.
Destruction by outsiders equals destruction by your kids.

Oh pretty land, calm down a bit.
The stages of healing are a feeble myth.
You'll need courage to stand with the weak.
When people who could help leaves without a blink.
Hope is what you got and hope is all you need.
Till the days your land will grow though that's a far away scene.
The wise will return the debt shall be paid.
The moment of awakening is finally in the plate.


Friday, 25 November 2011

The Oak Tree

He was a non human being who liked to be naughty now and then. He stayed in a tree, old and gnarled. If at all there was a place he could call home then it was that Oak tree. He had been there even 300 years ago when that tree started to grow tall. He would sit at d highest branch and watch the villagers in moonlight.

At times he gets bored and haunts random houses. Can’t blame him much coz he’s just lonely and got no friends.  Sometimes he sits behind the vehicle that passes by around midnight. The drivers would freak out when the bikes become suddenly heavier and he would giggle wildly. He takes a soul every 20 years to keep himself alive. As time goes by his legend travelled far and wide. Everyone knew there was a ghost at the old oak tree.

But one gloomy afternoon, a girl came around to play near his tree. She got perfect hair, big round eyes and the most beautiful smile. He was mesmerised by the little thing he saw. She looked like an angel in disguised. He tried to scare her by making weird sounds. She only laughs and sings in an angelic voice. He tried to show his scary face, conjuring bloody dark images. She looked at them with amused eyes and tried to touch the shapes.

 Four hours and a little more she played. Till a voice of her mother called her back. Her family had been searching for her all afternoon while the little girl played with the old ghost in the old tree. He didn't want to part with her yet. Her beauty was her blessing as well as her curse. She'll always be treated differently by the world. She didn't know this yet. She's just a girl playing with a face.

He transformed himself into a teddy bear. Innocent enough that the mother let the girl kept it. The little girl hugged the teddy and took it home. Each night the teddy smiled and watched with his big black eyes.

Moral of the story: Don’t pick up things from the road if you don’t have a brave heart coz you never know what soul it carries..  Booyah :P

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Crazy Daisy

Call me lazy, call me crazy.
But i'm just a little daisy who's a bit messy.
Big is my heart and so is my tummy.
Eat is what i love and sleep is my chummy.
Hopping at the stairs and dancing in the moonlight.
Bathing at midnight and cursing the daylight.
A moment here and a moment there.
Call me for help and i'll always be there.
So what if i rebel and my head's all sassy .
Just look at my smile and please go easy.
Call me lazy, call me crazy,
I'm just a little daisy who's little messy.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011


As of today, I'm classified as the Mental ones coz i finally consulted a shrink. In the developed country, visiting a psychiatrist is unusually common but here some people are still very skeptical to let someone else analyse someone in the head. Depression is more common than you think. People need to understand that the brain can also fall sick even if it is not visible like other illness such as cough or fracture or whatever. The delicate wiring can sometimes short circuit, the chemicals can become imbalance, the synapse fails to connect, a whole lot of things can go wrong. We're all hanging by a small thread here. The complex human body can shut down with a slight mistake anywhere, it's indeed a miracle we live pass the day.

My first session involves talking shamelessly about my history, analyzing my nightmares&dreams and some talks about my future. Gave me two different white pills (which looks rather boring) to be taken morning and night. Let's see whether i get more loony or happier after a month.

I'm not sure why i wrote this. Maybe i wrote this because i'm crazy. Maybe i wrote this so that people reading this will find courage in taking the steps to make themselves better or help your friends get better.I'm tired of what i feel. I'm tired of people(especially one guy who's rather big) telling me that i don't have enough will power to control my thoughts. I needed help. It's not always easy to ask for help. And i hurt those who care for me. It took me a lot and lot of time to consider this. I hope i will be able to put out the fire soon or at least i did in yesterday's dream, just before i woke up to pee. Funnily the doc said that means i can get through this, ignoring the peeing part. What if i had woken up before the fire was out? Failure me? That was a really close call. Pheewww.. Whatever right.. Anyways i'll have to wait for the verdict, May the white pills heal my dark world. Amen.

Friday, 11 November 2011


  Seven people wearing red hoods of different shapes and sizes could be seen gliding below. The night was dark and it had it’s quota of sinister erriness. The silent footsteps amidst the twigs in the woods sounded like loud crackers. The only other noises are that of the wind blowing in wisp against the thick bundle of leaves. An owl sitting on a perch, with the moon at its back, hooted twice. A pair of eyes quickly darted up, disappearing soon after.  The figures moved gracefully but it was obvious they were in a hurry. They all wore a red cloak, carrying a lamp on their left hand, walking silently with a focus determination towards the heart of the dark dense forest.

The time was almost up. The ritual which they've been waiting to perform since a very long time, The ritual which was ever so planned and practiced carefully was about to come to pass.  These seven people came out from the same womb. They shared the same mother and they were the seven sisters. The oldest was 20 and the youngest was 8. They don't know who their father was but their mom was everything to them. She was extremely beautiful, extremely charming,evil at times, tender when she wanted to be and the town rumoured her to be a witch. Yet she had a hold on her children and they love their mother with all their hearts.

  She gave them a purple rose just before the village folks came that night. And promised them she would come back again someday.  She didn’t even scream when the angry mop grab her and burned her at the stake.  She smiled staring right into their eyes.

It took the kids 2 years to decipher the book she left. Another 1 year to prepare for the ritual and finally tonight they were gonna resurrect their mom from the ground her body was burnt. They reached the dark place which was already circled and marked by them. The oldest held the purple rose which held the essence of her mother’s soul. And together the seven sisters slowly started to chant the words of the ancient book, their voices growing louder and louder with each passing minute as the time was closing towards 11/11/11 11:11:11. . . . . . . . .  Booyah.. The End

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Quarter life Crisis

A lot of people are walking at the park here. And they're all fat. It doesn't motivate one's soul seeing this sight. I want to believe in the popular saying “No pain, no gain” instead this park is yelling “Even with pain, still no gain”. Anyways that’s not important. What’s important is why am i walking all alone in a park? I tried to think of a good reply that involves the word healthy, fresh and big ass somewhere along the line.. which of course was all far from the truth. The real reason why i’m walking in this fat filled park is because i’m having a Quarter-life Crisis. I’m a depressed person who needed to clear her mind, it sucks.

Like most normal people in this F#@%$# up universe, i started to think about other human’s misery. People’s suffering can sometimes bring joy to some very bad people or so my mom said. However, i’m feeling a little joy here simply coz i was reassured that i’m not alone. You see, my age.. that is ages between 25 to whatever (till i stop being miserable) is a critical stage for the career. We finished college, some started working and some of us realised that this ain’t what we wanted. Where was the happiness we dreamt of?  The vision? I’m not saying everyone has this thoughts. But most of us do. Some more than others.

There are opportunities and choices to be made. And we know that in a few years we’ll be too old to change our life. It doesn’t help when great people started to fire down torrent of advices everywhere. Let’s take Steve Job for instant (God bless his famous soul). He said “You've got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers....... If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle  “ etc. Etc.. That kinda crap makes us wonder why do our live sucks so bad, no??! No one told me that it’s so damn hard to figure out what we love. I’m lucky i know whom i love in my relationship field (my one and only Big Guy) coz most quarter life crisis escalates when they don’t have a lover. Believe.  If only i knew what i love in the job field, my life would have been very much easier. My mind keeps on changing and i suffered thinking what all possibilities i will be missing out if i don’t make a choice Right Now.

So right. I’m depressed. I’m erratic. I hate the world. If there was a war, i would hav signed up and kill people. If i was robbed, i will probably let the guy kill me. Yes, i’m that lost. And yes i’m having a bloody QuarterLife Crisis! Now go F yourself.