Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Crazy Daisy

Call me lazy, call me crazy.
But i'm just a little daisy who's a bit messy.
Big is my heart and so is my tummy.
Eat is what i love and sleep is my chummy.
Hopping at the stairs and dancing in the moonlight.
Bathing at midnight and cursing the daylight.
A moment here and a moment there.
Call me for help and i'll always be there.
So what if i rebel and my head's all sassy .
Just look at my smile and please go easy.
Call me lazy, call me crazy,
I'm just a little daisy who's little messy.



  1. arehhh gracy...u blog also huh...nice paGE... REALLY NICE

  2. hehe.. thanks dynell.. I'm an expert on wasting time so i thought why not blog too.

  3. ''Big is my heart and so is my tummy"? Lol..Ebai dudi mee thaakpa waadouri hey :P Nice lines as always.

  4. i'll remind him "no pain no gain".. and thanks mister :D


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