Tuesday, 15 November 2011


As of today, I'm classified as the Mental ones coz i finally consulted a shrink. In the developed country, visiting a psychiatrist is unusually common but here some people are still very skeptical to let someone else analyse someone in the head. Depression is more common than you think. People need to understand that the brain can also fall sick even if it is not visible like other illness such as cough or fracture or whatever. The delicate wiring can sometimes short circuit, the chemicals can become imbalance, the synapse fails to connect, a whole lot of things can go wrong. We're all hanging by a small thread here. The complex human body can shut down with a slight mistake anywhere, it's indeed a miracle we live pass the day.

My first session involves talking shamelessly about my history, analyzing my nightmares&dreams and some talks about my future. Gave me two different white pills (which looks rather boring) to be taken morning and night. Let's see whether i get more loony or happier after a month.

I'm not sure why i wrote this. Maybe i wrote this because i'm crazy. Maybe i wrote this so that people reading this will find courage in taking the steps to make themselves better or help your friends get better.I'm tired of what i feel. I'm tired of people(especially one guy who's rather big) telling me that i don't have enough will power to control my thoughts. I needed help. It's not always easy to ask for help. And i hurt those who care for me. It took me a lot and lot of time to consider this. I hope i will be able to put out the fire soon or at least i did in yesterday's dream, just before i woke up to pee. Funnily the doc said that means i can get through this, ignoring the peeing part. What if i had woken up before the fire was out? Failure me? That was a really close call. Pheewww.. Whatever right.. Anyways i'll have to wait for the verdict, May the white pills heal my dark world. Amen.


  1. only "white pills"... that does sound boring :)... CG...

  2. MM the pills didn't work..!! just an FYI :P

  3. office kaningdabagi leinaney.. ei khangey

  4. Something I didn't know about..ahm ahm! But i wanna try those pills someday :D

  5. you totally should.. i've moved on in trying other pills. each one do something different and fun


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