Friday, 25 November 2011

The Oak Tree

He was a non human being who liked to be naughty now and then. He stayed in a tree, old and gnarled. If at all there was a place he could call home then it was that Oak tree. He had been there even 300 years ago when that tree started to grow tall. He would sit at d highest branch and watch the villagers in moonlight.

At times he gets bored and haunts random houses. Can’t blame him much coz he’s just lonely and got no friends.  Sometimes he sits behind the vehicle that passes by around midnight. The drivers would freak out when the bikes become suddenly heavier and he would giggle wildly. He takes a soul every 20 years to keep himself alive. As time goes by his legend travelled far and wide. Everyone knew there was a ghost at the old oak tree.

But one gloomy afternoon, a girl came around to play near his tree. She got perfect hair, big round eyes and the most beautiful smile. He was mesmerised by the little thing he saw. She looked like an angel in disguised. He tried to scare her by making weird sounds. She only laughs and sings in an angelic voice. He tried to show his scary face, conjuring bloody dark images. She looked at them with amused eyes and tried to touch the shapes.

 Four hours and a little more she played. Till a voice of her mother called her back. Her family had been searching for her all afternoon while the little girl played with the old ghost in the old tree. He didn't want to part with her yet. Her beauty was her blessing as well as her curse. She'll always be treated differently by the world. She didn't know this yet. She's just a girl playing with a face.

He transformed himself into a teddy bear. Innocent enough that the mother let the girl kept it. The little girl hugged the teddy and took it home. Each night the teddy smiled and watched with his big black eyes.

Moral of the story: Don’t pick up things from the road if you don’t have a brave heart coz you never know what soul it carries..  Booyah :P


  1. com' u, with these awesome lines, have made teddy bears as something to be really scared of.

  2. haha.. i was hoping more in the line of treating your teddy with respect :P

  3. Another "Booyah" aka silly horror.

  4. someday there will be a cult following 'Booyah' miss wreck!!


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