Monday, 28 November 2011

Pretty Land In Red

Oh pretty land why do you weep?
Are the people that grow there not a good seed?
The colour of red that dominates your soil
The tears of mothers filled with rages boil.
Hungry and angry the people still scream
Changes they wanted till the blood dried clean.
Unity they lack yet unity they preached.
Destruction by outsiders equals destruction by your kids.

Oh pretty land, calm down a bit.
The stages of healing are a feeble myth.
You'll need courage to stand with the weak.
When people who could help leaves without a blink.
Hope is what you got and hope is all you need.
Till the days your land will grow though that's a far away scene.
The wise will return the debt shall be paid.
The moment of awakening is finally in the plate.



  1. All we are waiting for is the sweet sweet fruit this land of red could give some day in the near future :D

  2. Hoping i will live to see that day :D


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