Friday, 11 November 2011


  Seven people wearing red hoods of different shapes and sizes could be seen gliding below. The night was dark and it had it’s quota of sinister erriness. The silent footsteps amidst the twigs in the woods sounded like loud crackers. The only other noises are that of the wind blowing in wisp against the thick bundle of leaves. An owl sitting on a perch, with the moon at its back, hooted twice. A pair of eyes quickly darted up, disappearing soon after.  The figures moved gracefully but it was obvious they were in a hurry. They all wore a red cloak, carrying a lamp on their left hand, walking silently with a focus determination towards the heart of the dark dense forest.

The time was almost up. The ritual which they've been waiting to perform since a very long time, The ritual which was ever so planned and practiced carefully was about to come to pass.  These seven people came out from the same womb. They shared the same mother and they were the seven sisters. The oldest was 20 and the youngest was 8. They don't know who their father was but their mom was everything to them. She was extremely beautiful, extremely charming,evil at times, tender when she wanted to be and the town rumoured her to be a witch. Yet she had a hold on her children and they love their mother with all their hearts.

  She gave them a purple rose just before the village folks came that night. And promised them she would come back again someday.  She didn’t even scream when the angry mop grab her and burned her at the stake.  She smiled staring right into their eyes.

It took the kids 2 years to decipher the book she left. Another 1 year to prepare for the ritual and finally tonight they were gonna resurrect their mom from the ground her body was burnt. They reached the dark place which was already circled and marked by them. The oldest held the purple rose which held the essence of her mother’s soul. And together the seven sisters slowly started to chant the words of the ancient book, their voices growing louder and louder with each passing minute as the time was closing towards 11/11/11 11:11:11. . . . . . . . .  Booyah.. The End


  1. For some reason i started laughing as i was reading this. Funny. "Booyah" ?? Seriously? LMFAO!

  2. Maybe you were laughing because you were surprised i write handsomely? haha. Booyah..!!

  3. 'cause it's stupid as shit. Booyah ahaha!

  4. Booyah can mean "To Be continued" do u want me to tell you what happen next? Booyah?


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