Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Amma, i saw an Alien!

Right after dinner little Raj was playing Super Mario in his room... when he saw a globe of light through his window. Being a 7 year old boy, his first natural instinct was to scream for mommy. But then again, being a 7yr old boy, his curiosity caught hold of him and he wanted to explore.

Tiny G.I. Joe type thingy came out from the lighted globe and he thought it was very cool. These small beings had wings like dragonfly and wore helmet (actually a space head gear but being a kid he knew not).

He went closer and saw that one of the robocop looking creature was waving at him. Feeling adventurous and excited he opened the window.  
New pet!!  he thought.

Zap! A string of light struck him right between in his eyes and little Raj went blank.

His small head hurt, he felt drowsy and confused. He looked around and realized that he was in a very bright white room and was tied up. To his surprise he saw the little toys have now become big toys. Though much much later he found out he was being shrunk to fit the spaceship.

They poked him and probed him and did all kind of experiments. He felt he was dreaming and somehow he didn't cry. 

After one hour of constant activities the alien finally removed the restrain and they were now staring at him with what seem like smiles on their ugly faces.

"You have done well boy" , one of them spoke through telepathy    [Lame!!! i know, who cares :P It's my story]

Little Raj was still a bit disoriented but he managed to ask
"Who are you guys? And what did you do to me?"

Ugly Alien : We are from planet Zion and our captain Zeus send us.

Little Raj : But why?

Ugly Alien : Zeus said India needs a brown God so we flew down.

Little Raj : Why me?

Ugly Alien : Blah Blah.. I'm tired of speaking English through my brain. I gtg. And oh yeah, 
                  Live long and prosper \m/

They zapped him in the eyes again and once more he went blank.

He woke up in his bedroom and someone was calling his name over and over. As he opened his eyes he saw his mom barged inside his room
"Raj!! I've been calling you ! Did you complete your homework?" his mom shouted.

Raj looked at the clock in his wall and he knew that exactly 77min ago he saw the white globe through his window.

He looked at his mom with attitude and said "Yes, I've done all my homework for the next month too"
His mom blinked twice seeing his changed persona.
Lil' Raj continued "Amma, I saw an alien. And they gave me powers to dazzle the world."
His mom thought he was becoming weird like his father.  
Men and their lies, she thought, shake her head and left the room.

But Little Raj was not lying. From that day on, he was changed! He grew up and came to be known as Rajnikanth Sir... 

Monday, 30 January 2012

My Haiku

Kapil, one of my blogger friend introduced me to a world of Haiku last month. For those who think "Haiku Who?" go here-----> Haiku. In short, haiku is a very short Japanese Poetry mainly comprising of 17 syllables divided into 3 lines of 5-7-5 syllables and it should reveal an image or a scene. It has many other rules and techniques but i'm gonna skip all that since i'm a short-cut lady :D

Haiku have evolved over the years. And so i'm gonna attempt it, pliz don't laugh. You should try it too, it's quite fun once you get the hang of it.

Here goes nothing  :-

The screen did not change..
Humming a bad tune she stared
Waiting for comments!


A flying bullet...
Sweet girl standing at the park
The gun in her hand.


Tossing and turning,
Counting the mosquito bites...
Those insomniac nights


Pretty butterfly!
Flying freely in the sun
Born from ugly thing.


A promising eve
Smoke bubbles float everywhere!!
Fun time with Hookah..


Thousand miles away
The boy looked at his parents...
Skype connecting them


Blue man with long tail
He saved a fantasy land..
The blue Avatar


Sleek and clean it glides
And no empty seat at sight !
New metro in town


Little boys and girls
Dancing like no tomorrow
Oh, my poor old ears!


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Tit For Tat

The room was silent. Both of us have now retreated into our own bubble of thoughts. I felt her pain coming from deep within her soul.  Adding to the massive pain and guilt i felt for creating this insufferable situation. I knew it was wrong to love the man whom my dear sis loved. But the heart can’t be tamed. They don’t listen to reason, they never do.

Silent sob filled the air. I knew she felt hurt, helpless and betrayed, I knew how much he meant to her. My own silent tears filled my cheeks. He was her life. If at all i could rewind time, i would have prevented her from knowing the ugly truth. The secret buried deep within me forever.  Then at least we could have talked about him happily every day. And she would have never known that i too love Nick Carter with all my heart.

One evening many years ago, i came inside our living room and witness my two little teenage sisters crying over Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys. Florida was Nick's die hard fan but that day she found out that Wreck too have a crush on him(secretly). I LMFAO that day. And i still LMFAO everytime i remember the scene. This post is a revenge for Wreck’s previous post KAPTAAN - A LOL STORY  Revenge of The Fallen. Muhahahaha..

Saturday, 28 January 2012


O Captain! my Captain! 
The legendary Walt Whitman wrote about the legendary Abraham Lincoln. But i'll be writing about neither. My very own captain here is the one and only William Shatner. 

As a young girl in class five, or six, (i'm unable to retrieve the exact date from my brain.. you see, memories fade), me and my sisters used to watch Star Trek on TV after school almost everyday. Evening at around tea-time, our Dad would be reading the paper, Mum busy in kitchen doing something or the other, and we kids would hog the telly. And Star Trek was my most favorite show. I still remember how captivating and fascinating it was to my young mind. Every episode a journey into space with Cap'n Kirk, Mr. Spock and McCoy. And needless to say, i had developed a huge crush on Captain. HUGE. 

And one fine night at the dinner table, my sisters uttered a simple sentence that shattered my world. Or so i thought.
They said, "Daddy, che Gracy se Captain chakpane."
Translation : "Daddy, sis Gracy has the hots for Captain."

I looked at them, bewildered. They were giggling. Now that i think about it, i doubt if they even understood the meaning of what they'd said. What bomb they'd just dropped.  
I stopped chewing midway. I felt my cheeks burning and growing red. I couldn't speak. I was mortified. And the result of anger, embarrassment, breath on hold was clearly playing up on my face. I did not know what to do.
Of course, Dad didn't say anything. I mean, why would he? Any adult knows that kids have stupid fascinations. But as i was a kid myself then, i didn't know that.

So, moral of the story, Captain Rocks!  

Gracy wants to keep her promise of posting a garbage (or more) a day, everyday (much to my annoyance). She won't be able to make it today so she told me to blog something. Bad move! But being a good and kind and helping person, i'm helping her keep her stupid promise... writing this in a first person narrative, from Gracy's POV. Her version of the story won't differ all that much from this. 

The real moral of the story - Your siblings are always there for you (to cause embarrassment). It's a birthright. 



Damage control by Della: Damn!! The post has been published, read, laughed at and i'm 24 hours late. I don't think i can do any damage control now. Yesterday i was out the whole day and partying the whole night. And there wasn't any laptop nearby. So, i told my lil' sis to write something, recommending her to blog about her 1st voting experience (which happened yesterday). 

I knew wreck being wreck will definitely find a way to humiliate me. However i didn't count on her killing me with the same old stone from my past. I wanted to strangle her when she told daddy that day. And i wanna strangle her now too for describing my first crush blooper experience in such details. If only she wasn't 3000km away right now!! Aaaaahh the horror of having sisters!!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Yamini : The new age toothless monster

“Tell me what am i supposed to do with this now??!!”  I shouted with my scariest face at this 6 yr old girl Yamini and her 3 missing tooth in front, showing her the torn boomerang origami which she divided in half with her tiny hands.  She looked at me right in the eyes, snatched my boomerang (which was specially made 4 me by her 8 yr old brother), tore it to further pieces and squeaked “What to do?” then threw it back to me, giggling. One of my friends laughed at the scene so she felt encouraged and punched me right at the face with a BIG smile. I was dumbstruck!

Yes.  She is the toothless monster i am talking about. Oh, how I hate kids. Now, i Fear kids. A bunch of us were on a train journey last month when we met Yamini and her brother Sarad travelling to Bangalore with their parents. As a rule, kids were supposed to fear strangers (not beat them up) but these two were the new breed aliens.

Yamini knew exactly what she wanted and continued to get violent if she won’t get them. On the other hand, the brother Sarad easily played some application on my mobile which took me days to master.  The deadly duo.

I bet all of you must have at least a niece or nephew who’s so smart that you often think they are the future Einstein. These new generation kids learned how to operate an iphone before learning A,B,C. They speak fluent English and can give you super smart replies that will completely blow your mind. They challenge people and have their own opinion and thoughts. And they know all about quality. Freaky.

I learned many new games in that travel. I miss Yamini and Sarad. Both of them made our journey quite amusing and fun. May God bless those monsters forever.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hookah (equals) Fun

A very good way to have fun at a party is to order a HooKah. It's quite cool with a lot of smokes coming out from everywhere. Plus you can't smoke a cigarette for 1 continuous hour without fearing for your health. But you can smoke hookah the whole night with chummies (i claim no responsibility if u do and die). In short, hookah is the man!!

 Friends + Hookah + Jokes = Win!! --Believe--. Hookah (or Shisha) won't make you high. It's simply tobacco and some flavor of your choice. But you can get a small kick if you're a non-smoker or if you add rum/vodka/wine in the base. They tastes pretty good too.

Top that with a bubble competition and it's a hit. You can blow the smoke in soap bubble and make big globe of white float in the air. That art need to be mastered, it's not as easy as it looks. I'm afraid i score Zero here. I couldn't make even a single decent white-ball fly. #Fail.

Anyways, one of my friend have a joint in Bangalore and they have all types of flavored hookah. It's at Indiranagar. Name : Zest Restaurant . If anyone's interested in trying out, go there :D (free ad) but don't forget to pay :P . 

I'm gonna wrap up here, quite tired to think of anything else today. And i'm happy to say i had one hell of a day! People often wish me Republic Day on my B'day which have become an old joke but i have to laugh everytime :P .. so, Happy Birthday to Me.. Happy Hookah-ing.. and Happy Republic Day .. Jai Hind !

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Boring Garbage's History (with dates)

I learned a lot of new things from some great blogger friends i got. Everyday i get a little more confident than yesterday about writing my garbages. So I've decided to push myself to write everyday till the end of February. You can expect a post each day unless I'm very ill or I'm traveling in jungle or I'm too stoned (or till i moved on to other muse).

You should know that this is a big challenge to my poorly coordinated brain who don't like any form of routine. And I can almost see the pathetic level rising in each future post entry in my quest for topics. Well, fuck negativism and let's get the history started.

Gracy's Garbage was born one cold winter day of 2010 at Assam under a website with the help of a Terminator because i was bored out of my wits.

Then slowly I filled it up with garbages from here and there. People started to call me a writer and i LOLed in glee. I continue to pour out more garbage for one year.

It was time to renew my domain name But i didn't wanted to(i'm gonna go a slight geeky here). First, i was using a free hosting server so it can't handle the bandwidth when a handful of guys view my blog at the same time. Making my site crash too often. Second, i thought if i die suddenly one day, no one will renew my blog (obvious) and my precious garbages will be lost in obscurity. So i decided it was better to use a free blogging platform like bloggers or wordpress.

23th October, 2011, all my post was imported to a new home. -->>RIGHT HERE<<--. continue the journey by giving more psychotic post. #win

2012 came. One fine Monday afternoon, on 16th Jan to be specific, i wrote a post welcoming the new year. From that day on, i started writing everyday. And here we are, me filling up my quota of today's post with a boring history of my humble blog. \m/

But every writer need her readers. And i THANK all those who read my blog without me having to point a gun at your head ( i had to force certain big guy & a certain wacko editor to read it every single time). So yes, i sincerely love all those who love my post. Keep reading and keep supporting. XoXo.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tea For Two and A Piece of Cake

One of my favourite Indian author Preeti Shenoy is publishing her 3rd book "Tea For Two and a piece of cake". I can't wait to devour it. Her words are always inspirational in her own ways. Especially her previous book about bipolar disorder. Sista, that book bonded with me. I feel the connection and i was liberated. Love you for that.

So, she blogged today about this interesting creative prompt. Very clever, i say.  Now all her fans will be promoting her book :) like me. Here goes :

"If I could invite anybody for 'tea for two' today it would undoubtedly be : Irom Sharmila Chanu"

She is an activist from Manipur who went on a hunger strike 11 years ago to abolish AFSPA. And she still hasn't changed her mind. For someone like me who need to chew something every half an hour or else feel inadequate, Eche Sharmila is an Enigma.

So I think she deserves to be invited for this special tea. Though I'm pretty sure she won't drink any :) . I wonder whether she even remembers how it tasted like :(

Monday, 23 January 2012

Manipur Bombed !!

Its election time and bombs are bursting like firecrackers everywhere in Manipur.  The wisest choice will be to stay at home and watch Manipuri video album even if you’re running on LWP.

BooooMMM ..  The sound shook the locality. “Kadaidano amuk pokhaire” roughly translated as : “There goes another blast” . No one is even surprised anymore. Victim’s family will weep. Some protest will be held. And life will go on. At this rate, we will become the most fearless race in India.  Son of a gun ;)

Why don’t they understand that AFSPA will keep on tormenting our life if they don’t try to control their violent excitements. Complex State ours have. Nothing makes sense to me.

This blast happened about 2 months back on 30th Nov, 2011. The poor man with no legs in the picture didn’t survived. He didn’t know he was carrying a bomb in his rickshaw when he was paid Rs.20 in advance by a stranger.  A picture from Hell i say.

But in spite of all these, we jumped with joy whenever we go home. We celebrate every festival very splendidly. We simply choose to stay happy between the bullet holes. Manipur is good at having mass amnesia and forgets the miserable parts. And I LOVE my State. (Now u know my craziness came from my land)

PS : A short real life story about AFSPA in my old post. My AFSPA Story 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Twisted Mind

The room was dark and reeked of medicine.  In one corner there was a man in rags lying on the floor.

His breath came in gab, uneven and wet.  
The pain must be numbed by now.
His wounds looked dry, cold and black.
The blood had stopped somehow.

The screams have died and no one outside suspected anything. The man was too tired and his body don’t obey him anymore.

I stare and felt a pang.
Afraid it was over
The tiny pulse gave hope
He still lives to suffer.

The man slowly moved his head up to look at the lady who mercilessly tortured him. She stands there looking at him with eyes that betrayed nothing.

He lay near my feet.
His life’s in my hand.
This feeling of power
No one would understand.

The man lived a solitary life and he doesn’t have anyone to miss him. But he couldn’t understand what was happening to him.

Deep inside his unworthy soul,
He still hoped to survive the night.
I struck the final blow with a laugh
And released him from a miserable life.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Her Most Expensive Hall Ticket

She felt a sense of déjà vu while she stands in front of the teacher’s staff room that day.  In 2 days her semester exam starts and she was without her hall ticket. She dialled a number.

“Hello”, the other end answered.
 Hey, u got it?
 “Yea, Rs.1000” 
Wow. Congrats dude. Wish me luck it’s gonna be a tough one this time.
“Just put a sad face at all times” 
Hehehe..ok,talk to you later..

She took a deep breath and sneaked in the staff room. Sir Skinny looked up just in time, as if he knew she was going to come in right at that moment. Weirdo.

He didn’t take much time in blurting out, “Yes, Della why are you very irregular? You got only 40% attendance. You can’t write your exam this year”.

In her mind she smiled. She had heard that exact word many times before. But this was not like her previous college which was strict as hell. This was a college who understands. Well, at least it understand money :D

She mumbled her excuses just like she did for the past many years. She and attendance shortage were best friends. She can’t escape from what she was. Nor can she explain to anyone why she couldn’t go to class every day.

It’s complicated, she thought.

5 min passed. He sighed. She felt relieved. She knew the bullshit’s over, it was time to quote the prize. “Alright, pay fine Rs.5000”, he told after showing a list of attendance for every subject with some numbers.

The show’s on. She put a puppy face and bargained. Another 5 min flied and they agreed on Rs.3500. She paid the money upfront, which was of course borrowed (meaning cutting down on good food to pay them back)

But as she walked back home there was a smile. It was the most expensive hall ticket she ever had. And college life was finally over.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Heavy Crush

With greedy thoughts to make you mine,
My eyes searched for you at all times.
With selfish wish for that one last gaze,
My ears filtered your voice from deep maze.

This crazy obsession far out of my hand
Too late to resist, you consumed my head.
That look of yours, that smile you gave.
Can’t seem to erase, i can’t escape.

It’s a crush, a heavy crush at that.
Oh, I wanna get over you so bad.
I drowned in your thoughts, I’m bathed with guilt,
But u’ll never know what I really feel.


Thursday, 19 January 2012


It's strange how the vision one have of their own childhood image remains same regardless of age, or at least that was how Della remembered all her childhood days. In her memory, she always looked the same starting from nursery to early teens. Even that summer vacation by the pool where the pretty butterfly danced. The garden was a safe place. She could jump, hop, dance and play all things she wanted without being shouted at. One step out the main gate and she'll hear all elders shrieked. So she built a castle with mud, fight WWF with the neighbor's boy when he visit, act as the princess like in the movies and climb all things that could be climbed.

But as the days pass by, she was bored of doing the same thing everyday. She went to dad and started to nag. Daddy was busy so he had a plan. He told her to collect caterpillars from the garden. If she collects enough, daddy will buy her a barbie. He then gave her a big bowl filled with kerosene and petrol, a long stick to pick the bug up and a small notepad to count the numbers. All she needed to do was picked a caterpillar and drop it at that bowl and they will die inside the liquid.

She ran off and started her treasure hunt. It was the summer and there was no shortage of insects. She started collecting and her list grew. Third day and she was still collecting more. In her enthusiasm she forgot to look at the bowl. It was filled with caterpillars, piling up one after the other finally reaching saturation point. She was looking at the sunflowers when she felt a tinkling sensation on her little left hand. A bunch of the creepy crawlies was squirming in her fingers. She screamed.

Days passes and many summers came, but little Della can never bear caterpillars again. That innocent little game gave birth to a phobia. Fear rooted deep in her heart.

 Della is in every girl. She was born free and fearless and to rule the world. But every Della grows up with people. Some fears are taught by the surrounding. Some fears by mistake. Fear of ghost, fear of darkness, fear of heights, fear of commitments, fear of leaders, so on. And as she grow up it becomes her.  

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My Daddy The Photographer

January of 1991, red cheeks, green sweater and a runny nose, i smiled at the camera with all my tooth along with 15 other neighbor's kid and daddy clicked. I still have many photos of my 5th Birthday party from that year.. just like i have many birthday pix of all the years since i was born. Those are some precious memories that were forever embedded in a piece of paper.

The sad part is, my dad wasn't present in any of my childhood photos. My daddy was the photographer and he always do the clicking. He would buy a reel without fail every year in every birthday of his 3 daughters and 1 gem of a son. And he clicked and clicked while we smiled and smiled. There wasn't any digital camera then, so each frame was counted. If only i could rewind time, clicking daddy's pic will be definitely on top of my list.

This is all in the past now mom and dad are filled in our cameras and wallpapers and mobiles. So, no sob story anymore. I saw some old photo album last night and it made me miss my dad. Then i look into the mirror and saw that I've grown both vertically and horizontally, looking more like my mummy. Time flies. Yes. Time flies.

To all the parents who like photography out there, it's all sunshine and smiles right now but you might regret it later. So be in the picture now and then. Heed my advice, I'm wise :D

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Puri Temple

Early morning at 5.30am i was woken up by Hima, the early riser, I was half way on my dream where i was supposed to meet my dark horse, blissfully forgotten about our plan to visit the Puri Temple. Our company trip ended that day and so there was no escaping or saying "Let's go tomoro".

When my manager first told me that we're planning for a fun trip to Puri, i felt cheated. First, I've never heard of that name before, except while eating them. 2nd, I thought if we're supposed to have fun why not Goa or Ooty or Pondicherry. Then i reached the beautiful resort by the sea and boy i was at peace.

The place was crawling with tourist. And i saw some pandit wearing their orange dresses and driving luna. I went to Konark Sun Temple the other day watching the incompleteness of the complete place and now it was Shree Jagannath Puri's turn.

6.30am : We reached the temple and it was already crowded. Not surprising. Everyone need God especially now since the cost of living is so high and our demands have increased. And it was obvious that i chose the wrong crowd to go with. Hima and me where with the managers of our company. 8 of us. I thought it's better to keep mumb instead of cracking stupid jokes and regret them later. So i stare at the walls and click mental pictures since they don't allow camera inside and the narrator inside my head kept me entertained.

The walls were filled with sculpture of naked women or concubines, monkeys or plain ugly men, cows or bulls, lions or big cats, snakes or lizards (i can never be sure) and an interesting dragon which was posing like a pretty women showing off her figure in a facebook profile.

Jagannath Puri Temple

We visited many dark chambers where there were all sort of Gods. People will just pushed us aside as if it was the end of the world. In one such dark place, i was suddenly shoved aside by a man who was in a hurry. He was quite rude, made some annoyed sound complaining as if i existed in this Earth to be in his way and didn't regard me at all.Then i guess he saw the idol 'coz he lifted his hand and said "Maa, ohhh Maa" in a loud voice, then fell on the ground, touch his head on the floor and started praying. That's when i noticed there were many people sitting at the floor. A women was drawing a circle with a white chalk, round and round and round. It reminded me of the horror movie "The Ring". I had this strong suspicion that half of the people there were insane. Just as i moved out from that chamber i saw that man, who pushed me, draw an ugly flower on the floor.

Good thing about India, we got all these beautiful stone places which showed that there was an era of Kings and more than double the amount of Queens. And they used to roam around the palace and listen to songs, pray towards all type of Gods and eat tasty food(non-veg hopefully). And when they felt bored, they go to war and maintain the population by killing people. Good times, at least for the noble birth.

Beside that, i had an interesting time watching many young and hot pandit scurrying around. Some were bargaining like salesman to allow them to give us a tour/puja. The offerings or Prasada was damn expensive but i guess it was worth it. As we leave, my watch showed 8.00am and a huge crowd were pouring in, forming an alarmingly long queue. Adios sinners.

P.S. :  on a totally different note, if u google images of "pandit" , you'll find many pictures of hot women :D

Monday, 16 January 2012

2012 is finally here

Hello.. My last post was written last year. Doesn't that sound too old? Anyways Happy New Year muggles! The Year is 2012 and we the people of planet Earth are developing at lightning speed. In more than one count I am really happy that I'm born in this era. Sometime in the future, i strongly suspect that this will be called the Golden Age. We the 80's born saw a lot. We witness the dawn of the internet and mobiles. We saw the first black President of USA. We were even there when legend MJ died. Plus we saw 2 rounds of hype where the world was supposed to end : first at the starting of a new Millennium 2000 A.D. and next big bang will come by the end of this year 2012 at December where the Mayan calender ended. There was, of course, small world ending story somewhere in the middle too. Funny era. Almost everyone is living on the edge.

So, here i am sitting at my table on a lazy Monday afternoon and i wonder why did 2012 came so fast? I had lots of plan for this year. It was supposed to be My Year where i do wild stuffs and tick off my crazy bucket list. Well, the year had just begun and perhaps i'll be able to do away with 50% of my list after all. ***Fingers cross*** I better do it fast or else i'll be too old and sensible to be FUN.

Maturity is a disease that eats away the spirit and makes you a boring person who prepares for the new born to have fun instead. I realized that i was heading towards that end when i cut off the line in my bucket list that says  "No.12 :Get a Dragon Tattoo at my ass". You see, now i think that was stupid. I'm definitely getting old!

Overall, 2012 is going great for me. Must be because i hated 2011 to my bones. Whichever it is, I feel this nice energy of optimism flowing in. Hope it is the same for you too. May The Force Be With You. Ciao.