Monday, 16 January 2012

2012 is finally here

Hello.. My last post was written last year. Doesn't that sound too old? Anyways Happy New Year muggles! The Year is 2012 and we the people of planet Earth are developing at lightning speed. In more than one count I am really happy that I'm born in this era. Sometime in the future, i strongly suspect that this will be called the Golden Age. We the 80's born saw a lot. We witness the dawn of the internet and mobiles. We saw the first black President of USA. We were even there when legend MJ died. Plus we saw 2 rounds of hype where the world was supposed to end : first at the starting of a new Millennium 2000 A.D. and next big bang will come by the end of this year 2012 at December where the Mayan calender ended. There was, of course, small world ending story somewhere in the middle too. Funny era. Almost everyone is living on the edge.

So, here i am sitting at my table on a lazy Monday afternoon and i wonder why did 2012 came so fast? I had lots of plan for this year. It was supposed to be My Year where i do wild stuffs and tick off my crazy bucket list. Well, the year had just begun and perhaps i'll be able to do away with 50% of my list after all. ***Fingers cross*** I better do it fast or else i'll be too old and sensible to be FUN.

Maturity is a disease that eats away the spirit and makes you a boring person who prepares for the new born to have fun instead. I realized that i was heading towards that end when i cut off the line in my bucket list that says  "No.12 :Get a Dragon Tattoo at my ass". You see, now i think that was stupid. I'm definitely getting old!

Overall, 2012 is going great for me. Must be because i hated 2011 to my bones. Whichever it is, I feel this nice energy of optimism flowing in. Hope it is the same for you too. May The Force Be With You. Ciao.


  1. meine. Hotnabiyu all the best and dragon on the ass sound interesting..tat goes into my list :)

  2. LOLz. That means you still got a very young heart.. Keep going Akee! :D


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