Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Amma, i saw an Alien!

Right after dinner little Raj was playing Super Mario in his room... when he saw a globe of light through his window. Being a 7 year old boy, his first natural instinct was to scream for mommy. But then again, being a 7yr old boy, his curiosity caught hold of him and he wanted to explore.

Tiny G.I. Joe type thingy came out from the lighted globe and he thought it was very cool. These small beings had wings like dragonfly and wore helmet (actually a space head gear but being a kid he knew not).

He went closer and saw that one of the robocop looking creature was waving at him. Feeling adventurous and excited he opened the window.  
New pet!!  he thought.

Zap! A string of light struck him right between in his eyes and little Raj went blank.

His small head hurt, he felt drowsy and confused. He looked around and realized that he was in a very bright white room and was tied up. To his surprise he saw the little toys have now become big toys. Though much much later he found out he was being shrunk to fit the spaceship.

They poked him and probed him and did all kind of experiments. He felt he was dreaming and somehow he didn't cry. 

After one hour of constant activities the alien finally removed the restrain and they were now staring at him with what seem like smiles on their ugly faces.

"You have done well boy" , one of them spoke through telepathy    [Lame!!! i know, who cares :P It's my story]

Little Raj was still a bit disoriented but he managed to ask
"Who are you guys? And what did you do to me?"

Ugly Alien : We are from planet Zion and our captain Zeus send us.

Little Raj : But why?

Ugly Alien : Zeus said India needs a brown God so we flew down.

Little Raj : Why me?

Ugly Alien : Blah Blah.. I'm tired of speaking English through my brain. I gtg. And oh yeah, 
                  Live long and prosper \m/

They zapped him in the eyes again and once more he went blank.

He woke up in his bedroom and someone was calling his name over and over. As he opened his eyes he saw his mom barged inside his room
"Raj!! I've been calling you ! Did you complete your homework?" his mom shouted.

Raj looked at the clock in his wall and he knew that exactly 77min ago he saw the white globe through his window.

He looked at his mom with attitude and said "Yes, I've done all my homework for the next month too"
His mom blinked twice seeing his changed persona.
Lil' Raj continued "Amma, I saw an alien. And they gave me powers to dazzle the world."
His mom thought he was becoming weird like his father.  
Men and their lies, she thought, shake her head and left the room.

But Little Raj was not lying. From that day on, he was changed! He grew up and came to be known as Rajnikanth Sir... 


  1. hahahaha not again. Men and their lies??? Not all men, at least not me. :p

    1. well..some women feel differently! lolz.. Not me though. It was just the mom thinking. And don't u just love Rajni jokes??!! hehe

  2. Honestly, I figured it out that it has to be rajnikaanth when u mentioned 'brown God'and 'south' :P. M such a huge fan of him..khi2

    1. hahaha!! I should have been more subtle. Next time i will give you a real suspense. (hekta haijinba)


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