Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Boring Garbage's History (with dates)

I learned a lot of new things from some great blogger friends i got. Everyday i get a little more confident than yesterday about writing my garbages. So I've decided to push myself to write everyday till the end of February. You can expect a post each day unless I'm very ill or I'm traveling in jungle or I'm too stoned (or till i moved on to other muse).

You should know that this is a big challenge to my poorly coordinated brain who don't like any form of routine. And I can almost see the pathetic level rising in each future post entry in my quest for topics. Well, fuck negativism and let's get the history started.

Gracy's Garbage was born one cold winter day of 2010 at Assam under a website with the help of a Terminator because i was bored out of my wits.

Then slowly I filled it up with garbages from here and there. People started to call me a writer and i LOLed in glee. I continue to pour out more garbage for one year.

It was time to renew my domain name But i didn't wanted to(i'm gonna go a slight geeky here). First, i was using a free hosting server so it can't handle the bandwidth when a handful of guys view my blog at the same time. Making my site crash too often. Second, i thought if i die suddenly one day, no one will renew my blog (obvious) and my precious garbages will be lost in obscurity. So i decided it was better to use a free blogging platform like bloggers or wordpress.

23th October, 2011, all my post was imported to a new home. -->>RIGHT HERE<<--. continue the journey by giving more psychotic post. #win

2012 came. One fine Monday afternoon, on 16th Jan to be specific, i wrote a post welcoming the new year. From that day on, i started writing everyday. And here we are, me filling up my quota of today's post with a boring history of my humble blog. \m/

But every writer need her readers. And i THANK all those who read my blog without me having to point a gun at your head ( i had to force certain big guy & a certain wacko editor to read it every single time). So yes, i sincerely love all those who love my post. Keep reading and keep supporting. XoXo.


  1. Replies
    1. hehe.. yeah u should. your consistent support means a lot my little writer :D

    2. And yet again, when you use the F word, don't write it the right way for this is considered "adult" by google and won't list you up when safe search is on :)

    3. hehe.. i fucking hate google's rule.. will try to tone down from next time ;)

  2. go go Gracy...go go garbage..hehe. HB'Dday and HR-Day.jai hind :P

    1. lolz.. Thanks Rojit.. HR-Day to u too.. and keep supporting enao/dude


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