Thursday, 19 January 2012


It's strange how the vision one have of their own childhood image remains same regardless of age, or at least that was how Della remembered all her childhood days. In her memory, she always looked the same starting from nursery to early teens. Even that summer vacation by the pool where the pretty butterfly danced. The garden was a safe place. She could jump, hop, dance and play all things she wanted without being shouted at. One step out the main gate and she'll hear all elders shrieked. So she built a castle with mud, fight WWF with the neighbor's boy when he visit, act as the princess like in the movies and climb all things that could be climbed.

But as the days pass by, she was bored of doing the same thing everyday. She went to dad and started to nag. Daddy was busy so he had a plan. He told her to collect caterpillars from the garden. If she collects enough, daddy will buy her a barbie. He then gave her a big bowl filled with kerosene and petrol, a long stick to pick the bug up and a small notepad to count the numbers. All she needed to do was picked a caterpillar and drop it at that bowl and they will die inside the liquid.

She ran off and started her treasure hunt. It was the summer and there was no shortage of insects. She started collecting and her list grew. Third day and she was still collecting more. In her enthusiasm she forgot to look at the bowl. It was filled with caterpillars, piling up one after the other finally reaching saturation point. She was looking at the sunflowers when she felt a tinkling sensation on her little left hand. A bunch of the creepy crawlies was squirming in her fingers. She screamed.

Days passes and many summers came, but little Della can never bear caterpillars again. That innocent little game gave birth to a phobia. Fear rooted deep in her heart.

 Della is in every girl. She was born free and fearless and to rule the world. But every Della grows up with people. Some fears are taught by the surrounding. Some fears by mistake. Fear of ghost, fear of darkness, fear of heights, fear of commitments, fear of leaders, so on. And as she grow up it becomes her.  


  1. It's good you always have something to write.. I use to stare at the blank screen for mins before finally giving up!!

    1. I have lots of irrelevant craps to write which makes my editor sis go crazy.. hehe

  2. loirehe mikithi taare :P But I guess it's part of being human to have a fear! As always a nice post. \m/

  3. thanks \m/ enaos and just an FYI i fear nothing :P


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