Friday, 20 January 2012

Heavy Crush

With greedy thoughts to make you mine,
My eyes searched for you at all times.
With selfish wish for that one last gaze,
My ears filtered your voice from deep maze.

This crazy obsession far out of my hand
Too late to resist, you consumed my head.
That look of yours, that smile you gave.
Can’t seem to erase, i can’t escape.

It’s a crush, a heavy crush at that.
Oh, I wanna get over you so bad.
I drowned in your thoughts, I’m bathed with guilt,
But u’ll never know what I really feel.



  1. Keep it coming. Love going through your blog.

  2. thanks Naresh bhai.. keep supporting me \m/

  3. some1 is suffering from blog-mania! Once again, awesome lines. I think u wrote this years back. Just a guess

    1. why? coz i already have a guy? haha. I wrote it yesterday. But still the emotions & thoughts could be 6years old or 6 days, u'll never know :D

    2. haha...How do I "like" that reply? hehe..nice one!

  4. I never knew u had such a huge crush on me...oh my god m blushing now

  5. Lolz. Now you know my lady. So come back to Bangalore soon. We'll party.


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