Saturday, 21 January 2012

Her Most Expensive Hall Ticket

She felt a sense of déjà vu while she stands in front of the teacher’s staff room that day.  In 2 days her semester exam starts and she was without her hall ticket. She dialled a number.

“Hello”, the other end answered.
 Hey, u got it?
 “Yea, Rs.1000” 
Wow. Congrats dude. Wish me luck it’s gonna be a tough one this time.
“Just put a sad face at all times” 
Hehehe..ok,talk to you later..

She took a deep breath and sneaked in the staff room. Sir Skinny looked up just in time, as if he knew she was going to come in right at that moment. Weirdo.

He didn’t take much time in blurting out, “Yes, Della why are you very irregular? You got only 40% attendance. You can’t write your exam this year”.

In her mind she smiled. She had heard that exact word many times before. But this was not like her previous college which was strict as hell. This was a college who understands. Well, at least it understand money :D

She mumbled her excuses just like she did for the past many years. She and attendance shortage were best friends. She can’t escape from what she was. Nor can she explain to anyone why she couldn’t go to class every day.

It’s complicated, she thought.

5 min passed. He sighed. She felt relieved. She knew the bullshit’s over, it was time to quote the prize. “Alright, pay fine Rs.5000”, he told after showing a list of attendance for every subject with some numbers.

The show’s on. She put a puppy face and bargained. Another 5 min flied and they agreed on Rs.3500. She paid the money upfront, which was of course borrowed (meaning cutting down on good food to pay them back)

But as she walked back home there was a smile. It was the most expensive hall ticket she ever had. And college life was finally over.


  1. U lier it was a loan taken from a frn n i know her best frn is her sleep...zzzzzzzzzz

  2. haha Miss Cool.. u know pretty well that i always pay back whatever loan i take. and hey.. it's Della's story.. and yes she like zzzzzzz :P

  3. Nicely Expressed :) Keep Writing!!

  4. Ya ya..I heard how you attended your colleges ! 40% is way over my expectation..:P

    1. Grrrrr.. Stop comparing you guys.. This is Della. Not me. The numbers can be rigged :P

  5. khikhi..... You should be the della.. Della suits you a lot....

    1. Whatever!! haha.. It's so hard to be anonymous with snooping friends all around.


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