Saturday, 28 January 2012


O Captain! my Captain! 
The legendary Walt Whitman wrote about the legendary Abraham Lincoln. But i'll be writing about neither. My very own captain here is the one and only William Shatner. 

As a young girl in class five, or six, (i'm unable to retrieve the exact date from my brain.. you see, memories fade), me and my sisters used to watch Star Trek on TV after school almost everyday. Evening at around tea-time, our Dad would be reading the paper, Mum busy in kitchen doing something or the other, and we kids would hog the telly. And Star Trek was my most favorite show. I still remember how captivating and fascinating it was to my young mind. Every episode a journey into space with Cap'n Kirk, Mr. Spock and McCoy. And needless to say, i had developed a huge crush on Captain. HUGE. 

And one fine night at the dinner table, my sisters uttered a simple sentence that shattered my world. Or so i thought.
They said, "Daddy, che Gracy se Captain chakpane."
Translation : "Daddy, sis Gracy has the hots for Captain."

I looked at them, bewildered. They were giggling. Now that i think about it, i doubt if they even understood the meaning of what they'd said. What bomb they'd just dropped.  
I stopped chewing midway. I felt my cheeks burning and growing red. I couldn't speak. I was mortified. And the result of anger, embarrassment, breath on hold was clearly playing up on my face. I did not know what to do.
Of course, Dad didn't say anything. I mean, why would he? Any adult knows that kids have stupid fascinations. But as i was a kid myself then, i didn't know that.

So, moral of the story, Captain Rocks!  

Gracy wants to keep her promise of posting a garbage (or more) a day, everyday (much to my annoyance). She won't be able to make it today so she told me to blog something. Bad move! But being a good and kind and helping person, i'm helping her keep her stupid promise... writing this in a first person narrative, from Gracy's POV. Her version of the story won't differ all that much from this. 

The real moral of the story - Your siblings are always there for you (to cause embarrassment). It's a birthright. 



Damage control by Della: Damn!! The post has been published, read, laughed at and i'm 24 hours late. I don't think i can do any damage control now. Yesterday i was out the whole day and partying the whole night. And there wasn't any laptop nearby. So, i told my lil' sis to write something, recommending her to blog about her 1st voting experience (which happened yesterday). 

I knew wreck being wreck will definitely find a way to humiliate me. However i didn't count on her killing me with the same old stone from my past. I wanted to strangle her when she told daddy that day. And i wanna strangle her now too for describing my first crush blooper experience in such details. If only she wasn't 3000km away right now!! Aaaaahh the horror of having sisters!!


  1. LOL.... :D. Good to be called Gracy's family.

    1. I'm going to kill her the next time we meet!

  2. Hahahaha I like the title with a li'l twist of Mayaang accent. Oh Kaptaan!! :D

    1. hehehe... "Kaptaan" they still teased. So Kaptaan it is..

  3. Gracy has the hots for Captain -- not forgetting that in a hurry!


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