Monday, 23 January 2012

Manipur Bombed !!

Its election time and bombs are bursting like firecrackers everywhere in Manipur.  The wisest choice will be to stay at home and watch Manipuri video album even if you’re running on LWP.

BooooMMM ..  The sound shook the locality. “Kadaidano amuk pokhaire” roughly translated as : “There goes another blast” . No one is even surprised anymore. Victim’s family will weep. Some protest will be held. And life will go on. At this rate, we will become the most fearless race in India.  Son of a gun ;)

Why don’t they understand that AFSPA will keep on tormenting our life if they don’t try to control their violent excitements. Complex State ours have. Nothing makes sense to me.

This blast happened about 2 months back on 30th Nov, 2011. The poor man with no legs in the picture didn’t survived. He didn’t know he was carrying a bomb in his rickshaw when he was paid Rs.20 in advance by a stranger.  A picture from Hell i say.

But in spite of all these, we jumped with joy whenever we go home. We celebrate every festival very splendidly. We simply choose to stay happy between the bullet holes. Manipur is good at having mass amnesia and forgets the miserable parts. And I LOVE my State. (Now u know my craziness came from my land)

PS : A short real life story about AFSPA in my old post. My AFSPA Story 


  1. yup similar feelings wrt the bombings. Smwhere human has lost the state of being good!Smtimes, really hope 2012 prophecy comes true!

  2. i wish the same too. It's about time it all ends. Or start a new beginning


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