Sunday, 22 January 2012

Twisted Mind

The room was dark and reeked of medicine.  In one corner there was a man in rags lying on the floor.

His breath came in gab, uneven and wet.  
The pain must be numbed by now.
His wounds looked dry, cold and black.
The blood had stopped somehow.

The screams have died and no one outside suspected anything. The man was too tired and his body don’t obey him anymore.

I stare and felt a pang.
Afraid it was over
The tiny pulse gave hope
He still lives to suffer.

The man slowly moved his head up to look at the lady who mercilessly tortured him. She stands there looking at him with eyes that betrayed nothing.

He lay near my feet.
His life’s in my hand.
This feeling of power
No one would understand.

The man lived a solitary life and he doesn’t have anyone to miss him. But he couldn’t understand what was happening to him.

Deep inside his unworthy soul,
He still hoped to survive the night.
I struck the final blow with a laugh
And released him from a miserable life.


  1. sigumba ema gi mamou nupi fangdaba oijage ko..:P This post is completely diff. I guess it's in ur repertoire of thoughts. Beautifully put. Kp writing, kp rocking :P

  2. haha.. Suddenly wrote it. I guess i was influenced by Dexter. It's experimental writing. And i assure you, i haven't killed anyone :P


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