Friday, 27 January 2012

Yamini : The new age toothless monster

“Tell me what am i supposed to do with this now??!!”  I shouted with my scariest face at this 6 yr old girl Yamini and her 3 missing tooth in front, showing her the torn boomerang origami which she divided in half with her tiny hands.  She looked at me right in the eyes, snatched my boomerang (which was specially made 4 me by her 8 yr old brother), tore it to further pieces and squeaked “What to do?” then threw it back to me, giggling. One of my friends laughed at the scene so she felt encouraged and punched me right at the face with a BIG smile. I was dumbstruck!

Yes.  She is the toothless monster i am talking about. Oh, how I hate kids. Now, i Fear kids. A bunch of us were on a train journey last month when we met Yamini and her brother Sarad travelling to Bangalore with their parents. As a rule, kids were supposed to fear strangers (not beat them up) but these two were the new breed aliens.

Yamini knew exactly what she wanted and continued to get violent if she won’t get them. On the other hand, the brother Sarad easily played some application on my mobile which took me days to master.  The deadly duo.

I bet all of you must have at least a niece or nephew who’s so smart that you often think they are the future Einstein. These new generation kids learned how to operate an iphone before learning A,B,C. They speak fluent English and can give you super smart replies that will completely blow your mind. They challenge people and have their own opinion and thoughts. And they know all about quality. Freaky.

I learned many new games in that travel. I miss Yamini and Sarad. Both of them made our journey quite amusing and fun. May God bless those monsters forever.


  1. Hahahahaha the situation you were in, I can imagine :D

    1. Seriously, kids these days are a nightmare. And Yamini was a cutie from hell!! hahaha

    2. thanks Binu. I bet Fayaz remembers her well too. She was his best fren. hahaha


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