Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Math equals Writing

Mathematics and writing stories are almost the same. That’s what i learnt in the last few weeks of typing this garbage of mine. Math deals with numbers while writing deals with letters and punctuations. Before you labelled me crazy read my explanation.

You see a mathematical problem. You think you can solve it. But you can never know for sure unless you start scribbling down the numbers and solved it one line at a time. Writing a story is the same. You see an idea. But you can never know how it will turn out unless you produce the word one line at a time.

You need to let the story develop. The characters started having a life of their own. And you feel like you are just a medium for them to come out to this world. Or maybe that was only me while writing “The Tale of the Lady in Black”. And you must be thinking i’m acting all high and mighty by just writing one short story. Well if you are thinking that then F U ! :P

And now, please allow me to bore you more.

Well today’s the end of Feb. And with it end my promise to blog everyday in my last month's post “Boring Garbage's History (with dates)”. I did it! Can’t believe it!! but i really wrote everyday for more than a month. And the funny part is, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I learned a lot of new things, made many new amazing blogger friends. I actually felt like i'm a writer. I know I know, blogging can't be called a serious writing but it was an approach on being a writer. A small step. Nevertheless a step right?

I also noticed that every artist needs motivation. Be it from your mom, dad, sister, lover, friend or in my case the commentators of my blog. I feel encouraged whenever someone commented something cool, something good. I feel a new sense of energy and there was times when i even jumped and laughed like manaic. Hehe. I guess.. We all have a little bit of hunger for appreciations. Call me needy, I'm like this.

So i dedicate this post to all the sweet people who managed to survive my garbage inspite of the stench! :P

29th Feb. This leap year day will be remembered for more than one reason. :D

This ends a short journey

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

rambling mind of mine

I don’t know what to write today. Should i write about the salary day? A day which always managed to bring at least a small smile in everyone’s face.

 Or should i write about how i am feeling? since today’s my last day for my past one-and-half year long project? Tomoro i will be a new person with new challenges and new colleagues.

Or should i write about the auto strike they had in Bangalore today? which made me pay twice the amount to an auto driver..  making me realised that life without an auto is so dark.

Or should i stretched on how i have not being listening to any mp3 since the past four months?

Well.. i guess i’m not in the mood for any of that. So i will be rambling my thoughts in poems.

This mood of mine
Being a woman is plight
It still confused my life
Why my thoughts jump out of time?
Swing, swing.. my mood plays with mind
Dreaming is fine.. Dreams kept me alive....

Monday, 27 February 2012


One of my friend at facebook whom i’ve also known since childhood became a Tarot Card reader! How the fuck did that happen?! And when? (hope she won’t read this post while keeping busy with her magic wand)

 I saw her updating post about tarot stuffs and thought it was a joke. Then she started posting that she is giving a course on tarot cards with real fees (6.5K a month). Handing out emails to send her any queries and charging consulting fees. And i thought damn girl, how did u become an artist!

I’m baffled! People still need a medium to see what is right in front of their eyes. The card say “you’re a very sentimental person who doesn’t show others that you feel lonely” and you’re sold! (i’m just kidding, i don’t know how they’re being sold)

But the point is, i find this very funny! Even i read love stories for my friends through playing cards and most of the time they told me it’s true. Does that mean i got a power? (crap! should have charged consultant fees)

You see everything in this world is hidden except OUR MIND. Well, even your mind is not completely open. Gays denying they are gays and stuffs like that. Some people don’t know what they are or what they really want. And your perspective can do so much as to grasp what little you can and try to understand what it all means.

Like whether she really love you? (you’ll never know for sure) Whether you will become rich? (you may die tomoro too) and all other small silly things which is not so silly to you.

 These are secrets that you will never find out. Hence tarot card, astrology, numerology and all this medium become useful to help the uncertainties! Those desperatos who can’t bear the mystery of the universe turn to them for answers.

I hope my friend get rich with her tarots. Its bullshit but the world needs it. Enough said, now i got to go and consult her about the date when i might be publishing my first book! :D

Sunday, 26 February 2012

His Sweet Confession

Warning : This post is super cheesy and highly personal. But me being me i’m still gonna post it! :P


I looked at the night sky but couldn’t see anything. The clouds blocking the full moon yet a faint light lingers around escaping from the cotton cloud.

“I see... ah ha.. okay”  i said now and then to my friend on the other line. He decided to call me in the middle of the night to share his break-up woes.

I was at the terrace to attend his call since i don’t want to disturb the other girls. That night we had a small party and a whole bunch of us were crashing at a friend’s place.

But my thoughts were far from the conversation i was in. My eyes going back and forth to this guy in Black-Cap who sat there smoking with the wind. He was one of my closest friend. And it was just coincidence that even he decided to come up the terrace for a smoke.

I talked for another half an hour on phone. I think i finally convinced the other end of the line that his love life will resume in near future or did i told him to forget the bitch and move on? I don’t remember really. So after i hung up i was with Black-Cap feeling extremely happy to have another together moment with him.

It must have been obvious that i had developed a small crush towards him recently. I lightened up whenever he was around. He was capable of making me laugh like no one else could. He was easy to be around and i was myself when i was with him.

If i was a good girl, i would have gone back inside and sleep. But i liked being with him. And i always do what i like. So we sat and talked and laughed. I don’t know how much time passed by. It was not relevant anymore.

The wind finally won the fight with the clouds. They cleared up. And i saw stars jumping out one after the other. Even the moon started to peep out and it was orange, almost red. I always remember the look of the moon that night.
We both stand up involuntarily as if in respect to the magnificent view of the red moon. I explained to him that this is a rare phenomenon, much rarer than a blue moon. He held my hand and said “Some things in life are meant to be missed”

I guess i was influenced by the settings, i taught him a slow dance. He was clumsy and cute. And we laughed like hell. So we danced in the moonlight forgetting everything else. And i say it was one of the most beautiful moment of my life.

The whole place lit up with the soft rays from the moon and the stars. I felt like the Gods aligned the universe to give me that one perfect moment and i wish it would never end.

I looked at his eyes and i knew he loved me. It was as simple as that. I knew. Yes, I knew before he confessed that night.

My heart beating wildly when he said I was everything that he ever dreamt of. And that I’m his definition of a perfect girl. He said he had loved me for a long time and many other cheesy romantic shits which seemed very wonderful at that time.

 Two weeks later we became a couple. It has been 6 years now and we are still together. And whenever i revisit that night in my dreams i fell in love all over again J

Saturday, 25 February 2012


I love cats! I adore dogs! But when it comes to having my own pet, I prefer a rock! I don’t want to go through the trouble of feeding them, cleaning their shit and petting them like a small baby. No can’t do that.

But i do want a pet of my own. And i want that to be a turtle. They hardly die (if i provided the needful) and they don’t eat much (cost effective) and they don’t crap much (no need to hire a cleaner). My ideal pet! And i'm gonna get one soon! Just sharing! :P

Friday, 24 February 2012


A good teacher is so important in everyone’s life. Be it in classroom or outside world or from dead poets. We all need a good teacher that could touch our souls.

In college or school we find some teacher who can answer all our queries flawlessly and teach us with passion. I called them “The smart ones”.

Then there’re teachers who teach what they mugged up and gets angry & panicky when we start asking small question. I called them “The stupid ones”.

I know I’m being mean and partial when i say this, but i simply cannot respect those stupid ones. I loathe them! In my opinion a teacher need to be someone who could mould a life. Someone who is capable of teaching more than what we know. I get real angry when i see some dumb brainless people sitting in that seat. This is one place where i can’t endure stupidity! That’s that.

I have many stupid friends and I’m stupid in many cases too (but i’m not a teacher so it’s cool :P ). Ignorant is a bliss they say. And i love the innocence that comes with being dumb. Some of these silly friends taught us a lot of things.

Among all my friends who molded my life so far, my small gang in high school played the biggest part. We called ourselves “GNRSSU”. Each letter came from a name and ‘G’ was me. Everyone said we 6 looked the same. With same short haircut, same white complexion and same cycle called Devil DX , we used to be a single unit.

What the others didn’t know was that we were poles apart in our personalities and traits. Yet we were best friends and we shared the same thoughts while eating and bunking tuitions! I truely miss them a lot.

After high school we all parted. But then i realised that i carried a piece of them with me. Not only in my memories but also in my nature. I took a little personality from them all. A little Strength from S, a little Patience from another S, being Feminine from N, being Caring from R, Friendliness from U and lotsa other bits and pieces from each one of them. They were my teachers. They upgraded my existence to a better newer version.

So what i am trying to say is, we’re all teacher even though we don’t know it. Just remember that and try not to teach others to kill :P Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fly away

Let’s fly away dear
Away in the night
With the moonlight
And the stars at sight.

No cries no pain dear
Only cheers and smiles
I’ll hold you tight
And stay by your side.

Keep me forever, love
We belong together
Let’s just fly away dear.
Away in the night!


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Dark Alley

Shadows crept across the wall and he waited till the darkness consumed the alley. He listened to the footsteps of the people intently. Both hand in his pockets. His fingers slowly caressing the sharp tip of his knife, waiting for an opportunity that he knew will eventually come tonight.

She walked happily down the street thinking about the raise she got today. She can’t wait to tell her husband all about it. Her bag was filled with candies for the two lovely daughters, orange juice and lots of fresh meat which she will cook perfectly for her perfect family.

She was just passing by one corner when she felt a sharp pain on her back. The knife penetrated her spine and almost paralysed her. In no time the floor was painted with her blood.
It’s my blood!, she realised in shock.

 She couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She screamed for help but there was no one around. She fell on the ground gasping for breath and looked at her murderer for the first time. At the corner of the street holding the blood stained knife with a weird smile was her husband. And everything faded.

This post was for

First Campaigner Challenge

The Challenge was:
Write a short story/flash fiction story in 200 words or less, excluding the title. It can be in any format, including a poem. Begin the story with the words, “Shadows crept across the wall”. These five words will be included in the word count. 
If you want to give yourself an added challenge (optional), do one or more of these:
  • end the story with the words: "everything faded." (also included in the word count)
  • include the word "orange" in the story
  • write in the same genre you normally write
  • make your story 200 words exactly!
I'm at number 135. vote for me here . And as usual trying hard to write a story. Hope i didn't suck that bad :P

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I used to think

I used to think the sky is a mirror that reflects the blue ocean

I used to think kissing make small babies

I used to think mom & dad have a spy camera that follow me

I used to think the wind can carry a small kid

I used to think baby powder were made of powdered cotton

I used to think frogs in the pond have a secret home

I used to think i can see angels if i wake up real early in winter

I used to think the trees whisper among themselves in dark night

I used to think i will never grow old.

by Gracy

courtesy Kapil for suggesting

Monday, 20 February 2012

Connecting siblings

There’s this Skype trial version of group video chat available. My folks in Manipur just connected 4G WiMax today. And so, me my two evil sis and my black bro had a long conference with maximum face distortion that could be mustered. We never talked to each other in a straight face. We just love insulting one another and laugh like hell.

There are so many kinds of brother and sisters bonding. Some are built in respect. Some are built in hugs and sweetness. And some like ours are built in funny irritating insults! We never complimented one another. Yes, when i say never i mean “NEVER”.

But when one of us said your cloth sucks! It often means it’s cool. When one of us said you look so ugly today, they mean you’re looking different.

We’re a bunch of little rowdies pulling each other legs whenever we’re together and i’m incomplete without them(ops i just said a good thing).  Cheers to sisterhood and brotherhood! :P

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Angry Poetry!

Pending emotions
Fuck you nation!
All right’s killed.
Shameless shits!
Identity lost.
No remorse?
Filthy excuses
All of no uses
Fuck your muse!
I’m not amused!
Trapped in toys
And stupid rejoice!
Crappy judgement
A mixture of shits
Totally replaceable
Highly unmanageable
Venomous words
Hope that hurts!
No reverse gear
No comment!

-By Gracy

Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Club that Night

She looked at the glass of wine like it was the most interesting piece of art she ever saw. Her fingers playing with the shapes and texture of the transparent thing, feeling incredibly bored. Melissa had been sitting alone at the club for 30 minutes now. Her friend who dragged her there was now gyrating in a wild move, dancing with her new crush.

Her friend caught her stare and gave her a wide smile. Melissa in turn gave 2 thumps up.  She saw how her friend was trying to seduce the crush by her smooth rhythms and she chuckled.  
Looks like she got her ride, she thought.

I better leave home soon, she decided.  She took a sip again, her eyes scanning the crowd. That’s when she saw a man coming towards the counter where she was sitting, looking quite nervous.

“One tequila please” he asked the waiter.
 He poured it down in one shot. His eyes darting towards the exit and at the same time trying to hide his face.
“This is not happening”, he muttered to himself.

Melissa looked at the guy with a new found interest. The night was quite boring and now she got a character to watch. This was one of the reasons why she love coming to crowded places. She liked to observe people under the influence of loud music and alcohols. Girls fighting over a boy. Boys fighting over girl. Men fighting over nothing. Each story ending with some form of action. And she loved the real life drama.

The guy was obviously in trouble. It was not hard to figure out the angle. The guy’s ex GF just walked in the joint and the guy was not ready to face her. 
“I can’t do this.” He said to himself again. “I should get out of here.”

“Ex GF issue?”, she asked him.
He looked startled for a moment. In his nervous state, he hadn't notice anyone sitting nearby  But replied.
“You have no idea how much she can still hurt me. ” he said shaking his head, a little unsure why he was sharing his private thoughts to a stranger.
“Hmmm so i’m guessing it was her who dumped you?”, she asked quite bluntly.
He nodded. “2 years back” he said.
That’s quite a long time back, she thought

“OMG! Flynn !” a lady said behind them.

“Lucy!” He said faking surprised. “What are you doing here?”
“Just hanging out”, she replied playing with her shiny hair. “I really can’t believe it’s you! How long has it been? 2 years! “
“Yeah , 2 years and 3 months” he said, regretting instantly for counting the extra months too.
Lucy smiled while he felt more uncomfortable every minute.
“Did you meet my boyfriend Jerry yet?” she asked introducing her rich looking boyfriend whom she is hanging tightly by his arms.
Flynn wanted to dig a hole underground and disappear.

Melissa saw that the guy who seemed to be called Flynn is highly uncomfortable now. As they continue to talk, she looked at him with a sort of pity. She also noticed that he was quite handsome with his curly hair and innocent eyes. Without thinking much she walked up towards them and did a very silly thing.

“So you’re Lucy!” she said smiling sweetly. “I’m Flynn’s GF, Melissa.”

Lucy looked shocked. Flynn looked shocked. The rich looking BF smiled at her.

She walked by Flynn’s side and held his hand.
She talked in confident addressing her supposedly boyfriend. “Sweetie, have u forgotten that we need to go attend another party tonight? We should leave now” she said. “It was nice meeting you both”.

Flynn realised that Melissa was quite attractive. She is capable of making heads turn. And he knew her ex must be burning inside right now. A warm feeling spread in his heart. He was grateful.

He looked at Lucy knowing she is just some person of his past. ”It was nice seeing you again, Lucy” he said leaving her to her new boyfriend.

And as Flynn and Melissa walked out of the club hand in hand, they were both smiling. It was a beginning of a new story.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Busy Times

For the past 10 days i had been learning new things regarding various web technologies. My manager decided i should learn it. And so with his command errrr.. i mean suggestion, i'm in training every day from  9am-6pm.

It’s like being back to college. Except i can’t bunk and they expect me to get full marks whenever they take a test. I got 10/15 yesterday and i felt so ashamed of myself. In college, 10/15 meant a big ass treat! Funny how things changed no?

Most of my reader must be thinking i’m jobless, i write blog every day. But the truth is I’m a very busy girl who's under stress. Ask any software engineer who’s working in an IT company, they will tell you the long list of woes. We developers are always under pressure. Every work we do is expected to be completed by yesterday. We all suspect we’re being underpaid.

These past few days i got very little sleep. I had to wake up early to attend the training, stay up late to complete assignments, also need to cook crazy cocktails of food, allocate time for the Big Guy, attend to facebook's comments & twitter's mentions and watch DVDRip movies now and then.  And in spite of all these i had to allocate some special time to think about my blog and submit a post each day. I’ve also removed the part where i had to meet friends in real world (not virtual). See how busy i am! :P

So this is me complaining to my mind that it’s Friday and i need my cute sleep. With 2% brain activity inside my mind i wish all a happy weekend ! Adios! 

Thursday, 16 February 2012

House Hunting Horror

No, this isn't a horror story about any ghost. But it is a horror to go House Hunting for a good rented house in Bangalore having a reasonable prize. It's like hunting for oasis in the middle of a desert. Too hard and too disappointing. All the people who’re staying in rent will agree with me here.

A decent 1BHK room cost about 8k and they ask for 10 months advance. What are we? Money tree?
It gets worse every year. Trust me when i say a simple 1bhk will cost 20k just 5 years from now.  So i better find an OK place and stay there forever.

Dealing in various kind of properties are the best way to earn. If i was born as someone who wants money and have a strong will, than i would definitely be in real estate. The market there is incredibly big. People are shifting to big cities every month and the places are overcrowded at all times. I don’t wanna get in details now but seriously this is shitty big. More better if you're a mafia :P

I‘ve been searching for a decent crib since the past 4 months. And i feel tonight is the night i get "the right one". So let me go and act like a good potential tenant to some overfed, over rich, undeserving owner! :P

This will be my house some time in the future \m/ (i will kill the owner and live there)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

55 fiction : Alone at Hostel

The dog howled waking Della up at midnight. Alone she was in her hostel room. All left home for Diwali that day. 
She suddenly remembered the story about the girl who committed suicide in the next room. To her horror,she could hear her ghost moving in the hallway.
Hallway: the thief tiptoed silently with the TV.


This is my attempt on the popular "55 fiction" . Well, the rule say you have to create a fictional story having suspense in just 55 words or less. But not more than that. Try it ! :D and BTW scary photo no? :P

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The Two Types of Good Boyfriend

It’s Valentine Day and i’m one of those people who have a lover! So i think I shouldn’t missed out this opportunity to impart some cocky knowledge about love. I’m not an expert. No one is. Especially since i have only dated one guy in my life. But as my FB status shamelessly said
 “I've seen many phases of you. I've seen your hairstyle and appearance changing every year. So even though you're my first boyfriend, i feel like i've dated a lot of men. teeheehee.. Happy Valentine my big head Sumenjit Maibam :P

i do feel like i have dated a lot many men \m/ 
(on a different note, i got 32 'like' in less than 24hours at the cheesy PDA FB update, everyone is a little crazy)

"People don’t change", they say. "Everyone changes", they say. Both of them are true. And both of us have come so far. The only thing that remained are my insanity and his patience.  

But let me come back to why i think i qualified that i know about love. It’s simple. I have been on both sides. When i was a young i was a complete Tomboy. I had lotsa guy friends who never considered me as a girl and hence i was inside the loop. I know how their mind works. Trust me guys are not that complex.

Then i came to college and decided to shed my boyishness. I’m successful. I mean, new people whom i meet now will never believe i was quite manly in my school days. But the problem arises when i encountered these old friends. Yes, those who know about my dark past. hehehe

You see, most of my high school friends still have a hard time digesting i’m not gay. I don’t blame them(you should have seen me 10 years back). And whenever we spoke about my boyfriend, they needed time to laugh and double checked i was telling the truth.

So.. i started updating my BF's pictures on FB just to convinced them it’s not imaginary. Hehehe. I still do. And some of them still think i’m bluffing. Stupid fools!

Anyways enough private story about me. let me share what i learned about love so far.

There’re two kinds of good boyfriend.

i)                    He's your best friend and he treats you like a buddy.
ii)                   He’s romantic and he treats you like a princess. 

Most girls would prefer the 2nd option. But both have its pros & cons:

Romantic  BF

Pros: He will buy you roses, chocolates and teddies. He will never let you do your things alone and hence you will never be lonely. You will feel really special.

Cons: He will hate it when you hang out with your other guy friends. He will ask lotsa question when you’re having a night out, embarrassing you in front of your friends. He will be very possessive and i guarantee tears in your life :P

Best Friend kind

Pros: He will trust you. He won’t follow you around like a puppy dog. You are completely independent to happily do your own thing. He will be your strength mentally in everything you do.

Cons:  He won’t remember to gift you at Valentine. Or bother about candle light dinner. At times you might feel you’re not loved and make you wanna have an affair :P

Don't throw shoes at me now. It's true !! (generally). However at the end of the day, it's Love, LoVe and only LOVE that can make a relationship survive with pure happiness. 

And you know what? It's very easy to LOVE.

 (to those applicable)

Monday, 13 February 2012

Facebook can lead to Depression

I am a Good person ( that’s what i tell myself everyday to sleep better at night ).  And i Love my friends ( that’s what i tell God so that he will bless me more ).

But all these are not applicable when my friends start posting super happy pictures from all around the globe!

For instance, while facebooking a few days back  i saw a picture which was taken inside the ocean. This female was scuba diving at Malaysia with her husband on her honeymoon(quite filmy).  Another friend at facebook posted a shot of himself enjoying the wind at The Grand Canyon. Then there's other friends showing their 32 teeth at Egypt, some at Paris, some playing with snow and some at Times Square.

And there i was staring at all those pictures without blinking, feeling so insignificant and totally convinced that i will eventually die alone in my small room. Yes! Facebook is evil !! Facebook can lead to Depression!!

Negative energy flowing out to you too eh? Good.. Mission Accomplish! :P No? Did u smile though? No? Are you Manmohan Singh?

But whatever it is, i'm really grateful to facebook for connecting me and my old friends. That's one perk i won't trade. Well Orkut connected too but it was not blue :)

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Make Fun of Della

I think everyone have an annoying friend who keeps making fun of you. They will never get tired. They will never give up. They are gifted and talented at finding new ways to laugh at you. **shaking my head***  

And yes i got one such crazy friend too who like making crazy jokes about his friends.Here in this post i want to share the jokes with ya all. Shesh Mani Singh a.k.a SMS have been posting pictures in facebook at my Della Dreams’ page. Which he edited in his infinite spare time! He’s another jobless software engineer getting salary while facebooking :P

So here are his selected insults along with the caption he wrote.

one of Della Dreams..... :)


Della's 'dream chair' while office time... :)

good night...

Della in school days.... :)

 Oh i so wish to kill him some days! But that's what friends do :P

Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Today i will be bragging my heart out. I earned it!! (bragging started)

2 days ago i got a surprise from Vijay Shenoy, a fellow blogger. He awarded me with.....(drumroll)


 Being in the middle of my story “The Tale of the Lady in Black” i couldn’t share the news sooner (though i was itching to).

This is the very first time i am getting an award for writing. And I strongly doubt whether i will ever get any again.(being modest). So i decided that i should accept it and perform the rituals (not the killing type like my last post).

Here’s the rule: 

1)      Paste the award picture on your blog.
2)      Thank the person who gave you the award.
3)      Pass on the award to 15 fellow bloggers
4)      Share 7 random facts about yourself

And here i go :-

Thanks Vijay!! This means lots. Especially since you’re a great writer yourself.
He writes amazing poems in his blog  Minds Eye of Life that touches one’s soul. He is a philosopher and a dreamer who thinks with his heart. Thanks again \m/


No. 3 Passing the award to 15 fellow bloggers is gonna be tough since i started blogging seriously only a month back and 15 is too big a number! (and now you know why i got this award)

But there are few people whose blog i constantly read with enthusiasm and whose writings are quite inspirational. So i’m gonna give “The Versatile Blogger Award” in no particular order to

Naresh Khoisnam – Blog De Naresh
Rojit Irom - Gambling with Life
Kapil Arambam - In Pursuit to Freedom
Anusha Sugglur Gowda - In Disarray
Dijen Kumar - Blind Memoirs
Swagatika Mohapatra - Journey of an Innocent Mind
Karthick Balaraman - Cometh-the-hour


Now 7 random facts about me:

  1. I can solve Rubik’s cube in 3 minutes (I told u i will be bragging! But it’s true:)
  2. I saved my family cat (my mom still talks about it)
  3. I kissed a girl once (all my high school frens know i had a girlfriend then :P hehehe)
  4. Whenever i remember something bad i sang nursery rhymes (automatic action)
  5. I cook very well **smirks** (ask my BF)
  6.  Holding tiny babies scares me. (they look like balloon that will burst anytime)
  7. Writing makes me happy :)

So there! I did it. Now i need to post this in my facebook and brag! :P

Friday, 10 February 2012

The Tale of the Lady in Black: Chapter-7

Chapter – 7 (final)

Recap : Linthoi fainted after she saw the lady in black being killed.  (Read previous chapters for more details Chapter-6 )

Someone was shaking her shoulder.
“Wake the hell up woman!!” Martin hissed at her. “This is not the time to act like a sleeping beauty!”

Linthoi slowly opened her eyes feeling disarrayed and confused. She looked at him drowsily and asked “You think I’m a beauty?”. The words escaped involuntarily.

They were in a hut, locked from outside. Held captive by the villager.

Martin was holding her shoulders, his eyes searching her's. She found herself being nervous. She was having difficulty in breathing, being so near this man.

Then it all came back. The ritual! The blood!!

She gave out a gasps. Her thoughts going into trance visualizing the horrifying scene that happened right before her eyes. Going through the torture all over again.
Martin caught her, shaking her to come out of it.
“Linthoi... Linthoi... Listen to me! I need you to be strong right now. Our life depends on it” he said.

She felt her eyes hurting from the painful tears flowing out from the anguish she felt deep inside. She found herself crying on Martin’s shoulder. She cried for the soul of the lady in black,she cried for herself and Danny, she even cried for her mom who left this world..
Martin sat there and held her. He let her shed all her sorrows with those tears. Giving her the time she needed.

Linthoi didn’t know how long they had been sitting like that. It was almost noon now.  Now and then, she could see some people moving outside.

She finally found the courage and asked “What happened after i fainted?”
Martin drew a long breath “They burned her.” He said. “Then took us both at this place. I think they haven’t decided what should be done with us yet”
Her heart went out to the lady once more.
 No i shouldn’t think about her now, she thought.

“Will they let us go?”, she asked peeking at the door.
Martin moved towards the window and started to break the bamboo bar with his strong hands.
“I don’t want to wait and find out” he said.

The villagers were quiet now. Perhaps they were all having lunch inside. Martin and Linthoi walked fast, hiding at each backyard.
They almost reached the deep dense forest. A sight highly welcoming to Linthoi right now.

“THEY ARE GETTING AWAY!!” , someone shouted.

“This is the part where we should start running”, Martin said holding Linthoi’s hand and they ran.

They could never have seen the short dark villager hiding behind a tree, jumping out with an axe. He was very fast.

He swing his axe at Martin, aiming for his heart. But Martin moved just in the nick of time and got the blow on his right upper arm instead. Blood was oozing out violently from the angry wound.

The short dark villager was now advancing towards him. To kill.
Linthoi picked up a log of wood lying on the ground and tried to hit the guy on his head. But he was very fast and she missed. He now moved his attention towards her. She was cornered. He lifted his axe to strike.

The sound of the gun echoed throughout the whole jungle.

The axe man felt flat on the ground. Martin shot him at his heart. The revolver held steady on his left hand. His right arm bleeding profusely.

Linthoi ran towards him to support. The villagers now gathering around them agitated. They looked at the dead guy and they looked at the small gun. None of them advancing further.

The old man was there too. “You can’t kill all of us”, he said. “Surrender now and we might spare you”.

“Cut the crap old man! You’re shit scared. And i guarantee that i will shoot you next”, Martin replied.

Linthoi noticed that Martin was losing a lot of blood. He will be unconscious in half an hour if this goes on, she thought. She checked through his pocket and found a handkerchief. She tied it in his arm to stop the bleeding.

Martin’s gazed were fixed on the old man. “Okay, here’s the deal” he said. You let us walk away. We won’t talk about what we saw and won’t tell anyone. No one need to die anymore today”

The villagers discussed among themselves.
It will be the longest 5 min Linthoi will ever experience.
With the gun being pointed at the village’s old man, the decision was not that hard. They AGREED.
“But if you ever talked about it, we will come and find you”, the old man threatened.


Linthoi and Martin had been walking at the jungle for nearly half an hour now. The bleeding in his arm had reduced, but he was weak. Linthoi tried her best to help him. They didn’t know for sure which way to go. For all they know, they could be going more deeply inside the jungle.

“Stand still.”, Martin whispered suddenly.
She couldn't hear anything. But she obeyed. Her heart racing again.
“Who’s there?” Martin shouted.
 He looked around. “Last chance! I’ll shoot you if you don’t answer now”

Some few feet away, a thin little boy in brown jacket came out from behind a big tree.
“I thought I recognised that tone”, he said smiling towards Martin. 

He looked back and shouted, “He’s here,  you guys!! Found him!”  Three other guys came out from the woods.

“I’m Stanley”, he introduced himself to Linthoi. He was a funny looking young man who grins a lot.
“Where were you man?”, he asked Martin soon after.
Martin looked at Linthoi smiling “Something came up”, he said.
Stanley looked at them both and grinned again.
Martin was serious when he spoke this time “Let’s get out of here. I don’t have time to explain. It’s not safe.”

Martin and Linthoi were fairly near the main road from where they were found. A dark blue van was waiting for them at the road. In no time, they found themselves driving away in good speed.

Linthoi felt out of the loop. It took some time for Martin and Stanley to explain the whole story.
Yesterday Martin was supposed to rendezvous with someone at the woods. But he didn't show up. So a search party was called. They almost gave up the pursuit by noon. That was when they heard a gunshot. They followed the sound.

“I knew you had a gun.”, Linthoi said smiling at Martin. Also realizing she was right about him being an extremist.
He smiled back. “I should have used it earlier to save the lady but they overpowered me before i can reach for it” he said, now looking out at the window.

Linthoi looked out too. The hills moving back from view. Creating more distance between her and the madness behind.

Upon Linthoi’s request, they stopped at the nearest bus stop. They need to get Martin to a hospital as soon as possible.
“So, this is goodbye, lady” he said looking pale.
She felt a lump in her throat. She didn’t want to part yet. Somehow in the past 24 hours this man has become an important part of her life.

Time. It’s unfair to measure time in hours, she thought. It should be measured in moment that counts. And she felt she had spent a lifetime with him.

“Won’t we meet again?”, she asked.
 “I’m not someone you can trust, Linthoi” Martin said. “It’s better if you never see me again”.

Just then Stanley interrupted. “Dude you guys are killing me! No one is dying here. And as JB said ‘never say never’ chillax!”
Martin laughed. “JB who?”
Linthoi  can’t help but smile too. “Yeah let them get you to the hospital. Now give me some cash and i’ll be out of the way” she said showing her hand. “’No purse”
But as the van drove away, Linthoi felt sad. Though somehow she knew this was not the end.


She opened the door to the house she once called home. It was not locked. She went to the bedroom where she caught Danny with another woman. The place looked exactly how she left it before visiting her papa at Manipur. She opened her closet and started packing her stuffs.

Danny ran inside the room. He had heard some noises and had hoped that she had come back. Seeing  her back in her room made him feet immensely at ease.

“I searched for you everywhere last night. I even went to the police station but they refused to file an FIR. Said it was too soon.” He said looking grief-stricken.

He now noticed that she was packing. His guilt stopped him from going towards her, hugging her and never letting her go. He love her.

Linthoi watched him apologize. She watched his eyes filling with tears. She listened to his promises to never cheat on her again.
“It was just that one time.”, he swore. “It didn’t even mean a thing! Please don’t leave me!” He pleaded.

She looked different in the weird black dress she was wearing. She patiently stood there listening to everything that he had to say.

“I forgive you.” Linthoi said finally. He looked at her with spark of hopes in his eyes.

She continued, “Sometimes we do things on wimps and we can’t explain why. People make mistakes. You are only human. And a part of me still love you”
 Something about the way she said made Danny nervous. There was something in her eyes. Something new, which was not there before. Strength!

“I believe you when you said you love me. I may even believe you when you say you’ll never cheat again” she said confidently.

“But i respect myself too much to continue being your wife. It's a choice between you and me. I chose me”

She lifted her suitcase and walked out. Danny knew he have lost her forever. There was nothing he could do.

As she moved out of the front door, she saw him weeping like a small kid, down on his knees. She felt like holding him one last time. But she didn’t.  Taking a deep breath she stepped out in the evening sun. She knew she will be alright.

The End.


Author's note : Sorry for making this episode very long. I had to tie up loose ends :D

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Tale of the Lady in Black: Chapter-6

Chapter – 6

Recap : Early dawn in a strange village, Linthoi and Martin saw a ritual where a lady wearing a black dress was tied to a pole and was about to be killed. Not thinking about her own safety Linthoi ran out to free the lady in black. (Read previous chapters for details)


Linthoi felt herself shaking in anger. How could they just decide to take a human’s life in cold blood. Do none of them have a soul?

The villagers were all staring at her. Their faces unreadable. They looked serene and mythical in their bright white clothing. They even looked kind hearted. No one would have guessed that they were murderers if met in a different occasion.

They kept staring at her not responding to her shouts. She walked up to free the lady. One of them blocked her and was about to strike a blow.

Martin reached there so fast and shielded her. One punch from him and the other villager dropped on the ground.
"Don't touch her!", he commanded.

The angry villagers were now advancing towards them. There were too many of them. Even though Martin was quite strong, he was being overpowered. Both of them were held captives within minutes.

A very old man came forward. It looked like he was the head of the whole group. He was short and resembled like someone who does black magic.

"Calm down", he said. "It's fruitless to try and escape now. It will only get yourself killed."

He signalled the others to relax the restrain. Linthoi and Martin felt the grips loosen.

The old man now addressed them with authority
"You guys have 2 options." He started.
"First.. Keep silent, let us complete the rituals and you will not be harmed. Second.. You fight and die.”

Linthoi knew the old man meant what he said.

“We are not savages as you might think right now.” He continued. “We don't want any violence and we will really be glad if you don't choose the 2nd option."

The Lady in Black started to plead them to let her go. Her sobs were ignored.

"Why? She's only a girl!" Linthoi pleaded too.

The old man seemed to expect that question. "We have a tradition that we need to follow. Without rules all hell will break loose", he explained.

Linthoi felt very angry. It was really unfair. She tried to get out from their grips but it was four against one. Her odds were none. Martin’s hands were tied with a rope. The villagers were more cautious around him. They were afraid of him.

The old man whispered something among the group. And they were discussing.

A few minutes passed by.
 "We have decided that it’s only fair to explain the reason. It may even help in your decision.”, the old man spoke once more.

“Do you see the man there?” He said pointing at the other man who was previously standing before the lady holding the knife up in the air.
“He is the husband of this lady” he revealed.

“What?!”, Martin exclaimed. “She’s old enough to be his daughter!”

The old man continued as if he was not interrupted.
“We have a tradition in our village. If a woman cheats, she must be killed by the husband under a ritual. If the husband refused, the villagers will stone him to death”

All the people in the crowd nodded their heads in agreement.

It was a weird custom. Many places blame woman for everything that happened. This was no different. Twisted sick mindset of the uncivilised people. And the fate of the lady was decided just like that.

The old man now looked at Martin. “This ritual should be performed before complete sunrise. So we don’t have time to discuss any farther.”

He signalled the person who was holding the drum. And the whole place was again filled with sound of his rhythm. The continuous beat signalling the start of the weird ritual.

Linthoi was shocked at this barbaric act. “How could you?” she said. “Don’t you have a heart?” she shouted.

She tried her best to get out. The other lady started to scream. Martin didn’t move.

The man with the knife took his position. With eyes tightly closed, he raised his hand high up in the air, praying. And with one swift strike, he cuts the throat of the lady in black.

The scream of the dying lady silence in seconds. Now replaced by a violent screech from Linthoi.

 One could also hear a painful shriek from the man holding the knife. He dropped down on the floor sobbing. He killed his wife.

Linthoi’s head was swirling. She didn’t believe what just happened in front of her. And for the second time in this unknown strange land, she found herself surrendering to bright lights. She fell unconscious.


Tomorrow i will write the final chapter. Do drop in to read Linthoi and Martin’s fate.

(i saw a documentary long ago where the pygmy type man killed his wife 4 cheating. he took his wife far away in a boat and killed her with a rock as per their custom.)

----> (Chapter-7)