Saturday, 18 February 2012

The Club that Night

She looked at the glass of wine like it was the most interesting piece of art she ever saw. Her fingers playing with the shapes and texture of the transparent thing, feeling incredibly bored. Melissa had been sitting alone at the club for 30 minutes now. Her friend who dragged her there was now gyrating in a wild move, dancing with her new crush.

Her friend caught her stare and gave her a wide smile. Melissa in turn gave 2 thumps up.  She saw how her friend was trying to seduce the crush by her smooth rhythms and she chuckled.  
Looks like she got her ride, she thought.

I better leave home soon, she decided.  She took a sip again, her eyes scanning the crowd. That’s when she saw a man coming towards the counter where she was sitting, looking quite nervous.

“One tequila please” he asked the waiter.
 He poured it down in one shot. His eyes darting towards the exit and at the same time trying to hide his face.
“This is not happening”, he muttered to himself.

Melissa looked at the guy with a new found interest. The night was quite boring and now she got a character to watch. This was one of the reasons why she love coming to crowded places. She liked to observe people under the influence of loud music and alcohols. Girls fighting over a boy. Boys fighting over girl. Men fighting over nothing. Each story ending with some form of action. And she loved the real life drama.

The guy was obviously in trouble. It was not hard to figure out the angle. The guy’s ex GF just walked in the joint and the guy was not ready to face her. 
“I can’t do this.” He said to himself again. “I should get out of here.”

“Ex GF issue?”, she asked him.
He looked startled for a moment. In his nervous state, he hadn't notice anyone sitting nearby  But replied.
“You have no idea how much she can still hurt me. ” he said shaking his head, a little unsure why he was sharing his private thoughts to a stranger.
“Hmmm so i’m guessing it was her who dumped you?”, she asked quite bluntly.
He nodded. “2 years back” he said.
That’s quite a long time back, she thought

“OMG! Flynn !” a lady said behind them.

“Lucy!” He said faking surprised. “What are you doing here?”
“Just hanging out”, she replied playing with her shiny hair. “I really can’t believe it’s you! How long has it been? 2 years! “
“Yeah , 2 years and 3 months” he said, regretting instantly for counting the extra months too.
Lucy smiled while he felt more uncomfortable every minute.
“Did you meet my boyfriend Jerry yet?” she asked introducing her rich looking boyfriend whom she is hanging tightly by his arms.
Flynn wanted to dig a hole underground and disappear.

Melissa saw that the guy who seemed to be called Flynn is highly uncomfortable now. As they continue to talk, she looked at him with a sort of pity. She also noticed that he was quite handsome with his curly hair and innocent eyes. Without thinking much she walked up towards them and did a very silly thing.

“So you’re Lucy!” she said smiling sweetly. “I’m Flynn’s GF, Melissa.”

Lucy looked shocked. Flynn looked shocked. The rich looking BF smiled at her.

She walked by Flynn’s side and held his hand.
She talked in confident addressing her supposedly boyfriend. “Sweetie, have u forgotten that we need to go attend another party tonight? We should leave now” she said. “It was nice meeting you both”.

Flynn realised that Melissa was quite attractive. She is capable of making heads turn. And he knew her ex must be burning inside right now. A warm feeling spread in his heart. He was grateful.

He looked at Lucy knowing she is just some person of his past. ”It was nice seeing you again, Lucy” he said leaving her to her new boyfriend.

And as Flynn and Melissa walked out of the club hand in hand, they were both smiling. It was a beginning of a new story.


  1. expecting for the next episode to

    1. hehe.. i don't think there's any other episode this time! :D

  2. I've been to so many clubs, but never met anyone who'd be my Melissa ;P. Wish more girls would be outgoing like her. Great Story!!

    1. Not everyone is lucky.. hehehe and thanks! :D

  3. New things for me :)
    i loved your narrating style !
    thought of KILLING you, KILLER TRAITS as you say
    An Award for you

    1. damn! i'm so honored! now u got a killer style! haha

  4. "She also noticed that he was quite handsome with his curly hair and innocent eyes." fajaba yengba nungaiba haisidi hekta noticed touba jatnine ko....... character singse mitta loina ubba ngammae :)

    1. mitta ubba ngammido nangsu imagination waangbagine.. hehe.. and beautiful people always get their way. it's unfair. but it's true :P

  5. I must say,One of the best stories I've read.That too short & simple! :) Love it Della!! :) I looove Melissa..Er..who wouldn't!! ;)

    1. oh.. that made me very happy! and yeah, Melissa is a cool lady.. hehe


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