Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Codes for the Conscienceless

I lack conscience. When you know that you lack the will to differentiate between good,cool and bad, it's time to have a code or else you'll go wild. That's what Dexter Morgan did, the good serial killer. Big fan. And i'm thrilled to say that I have been following my own set of codes since i was young. Not saying I'm a serial killer or anything remotely like that. Mind it..!

But i do have some rules without which i would be a totally different person. It's very personal but I'm gonna list out some of them.Yes, i'm jobless!

1)  Never cheat on your man :

I'm a one-man woman(whatever that means). I have dated only one guy in my life. It took me some time to find The ONE but i did. Kudos to me. And i have been sticking by his side ever since. Even if it's so hard since there are lotsa hot and rich guy who likes me. Teeheehee.. Kidding (partially) :P

2) Do drugs but only once :

I'm NOT totally unreasonable. I understand the need to experiment and try new things. How else can your future rockstar twin sons respect you if you're so straight?

Let’s take alcohol for instant. Nowadays a girl drinking at a party is nothing new. And i have no thoughts whatsoever that makes me feel it’s a bad thing. But a rule is a rule. I drink each type only once. It’s so not my fault that there are so many varieties to choose from!! :P

3) Lie only to your parents :

I try not to lie to anyone else and i try hard. (It’s so damn hard) But you must agree that lying to your parents is a must if you want to have fun!

Imagine a scenario in college days where i called up my dad around midnight and say:

Me : Hi daddy, me and some girls at hostel decided to go to Ooty tomorrow with only Rs.800 in my pocket.
Dad : What?
Me : I know it’s the first time for all of us. One of my friends has a friend there and we can crash at the dude’s place. Not sure whether there will be other dudes too. But don’t worry everything is under control.

No father in their right mind (unless he is hearing impaired) will allow you to go. Will he? And i’m just taking a mild example.

4) Help Thy Friends :

Frankly speaking i don’t care how many times he called you fat. But i listen to all the nags and try to come up with a solution because that’s what a good Christian girl should do.

So yeah, here are some of my codes. And i’m bind by them, good or bad. It is a part of me now.


Happy Birthday Michael C. Hall  a.k.a DEXTER


  1. so bold and true dear...............

  2. i like all the codes and hope my daughter someday could follow these :)

    1. including them lying to you.. hehehe.. but it's a good code. it kept me grounded. or else who knows what might i be right now?!

  3. good one :)
    a few codes might be added though but this is good enuf to be a "good" girl ;)


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