Thursday, 2 February 2012

Poems from The Vault, Year '03

I’m extremely lazy to write anything tonight. So i dig up some of my old notes from my oldest suitcase and found some silly poems written in 2003. Those days i was single :D and being a teenage i was full of questions and thoughts about love :P

How is love?

No one wants to share
Nobody cares!
But i need to know,
Anyone there?
Have you met love?
Is it good or bad?
That famous word love
Honestly tell.
Some say it’s made in heaven
Yet it seemed rare.
Some find it speechless
Blind in what sense?
Will it really come to me?
Alone will i be?
The magic of the world
Without it still run
I think i’ll survived
Am i normal now?
Time is ticking
And i’m still waiting
A bit too curious
Anyone there for me?

8th September 2003 – 12:30am


Did anyone saw the moon tonight?
Did anyone saw it’s light so bright?
Tell me if anyone felt its love
Tell me I’m not alone in here.

6th October, 2003 – 2:00 am


Stupid Poems

Oh my Patience Sir!
How i miss you Sir!
Hope some summer
We could be together
Where there’s no books between
Where there’s no bench barrier
Only a setting sun
And a sweet scene of greens


(had a crush on a teacher, don’t judge!)


  1. Oh!! questions aye?? And are you making both comment boxes available. Hide one!!

  2. hehe.. Some people don't have facebook profile no. And some only use facebook and i don't know how to internally make the browser decide which comment box to appear

  3. better use this one if you are into long-term impact. If you want that (FB) comment box appear and hide this one or vice versa, than it's easy. To let the browser decide, it's kind of a problem. Take one, ditch the other approach works here :D

  4. oh! But i just embedded it yesterday. Let me put it for a while. hehehe. But thanks for the feedback. It does look weird having 2 comment box

  5. I don't see the facebook comment box anymore. You took it out?

  6. nope i didn't. must be some bug. have to check later. facebook is disabled in my office

  7. but not in mine, it should be shown.

  8. hmmm... will check it out later :(

    1. Check this other blog of mine, Rib Ticklerz there I've got the Facebook comment box :)

  9. ok i will totally check it out once i reach home :D and threaded comment is not working at my office too.. grrrrrr!! :P

  10. I don't care about that. I tried fixing mine, never worked out. It works on mobile but not on PCs.

  11. it works in my laptop. must be some issue with java

  12. "Time is ticking
    And i’m still waiting
    A bit too curious
    Anyone there for me? "
    lol..fajana ngairamba jaatne eche se eikhoi ebai do...hehe
    Teenager and these beautiful lines..u r good! :)

    1. lolz.. when i was young my poems used to rhyme. houjikti yadre hairiye..

      And yeah, i waited 4 him a long long time. but it was worth it :D


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