Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Tale of the Lady in Black : Chapter-2

Chapter – 2

Recap –. Linthoi found out that her husband was cheating on her. She’s frustrated and decided to take a bus somewhere far from him. For more details read Chapter -1

Linthoi stared aimlessly at the window. Her brain was numbed and her thoughts were a complete mess. But she knew one thing for sure. She can’t go back to her old life. She won’t.
I don’t have anyone, she thought in a pang.

Being the only child of her parents, Linthoi often felt lonely. Losing her mother 2 years ago was very hard for her. It was what drove her closer to Danny. She wanted the company, any company. He was there for her and she felt safe.

A big wave of wind blew in from the window making her jet black hair fly all over her face. She closed the glass pane and looked at the grey sky.

“There’s a big storm coming” someone said somewhere in the passenger seat.
No, she thought. The storm is already here.

Fresh wound filled her heart again. And she closed her eyes. She wanted to be a different person. She wanted to kill him. She wanted to scream. She wanted to die..

The idea of suicide crept in like an unwanted visitor. She found herself plotting and analyzing.

Hanging myself will hurt. She thought. What if i don’t die and become disfigured like a giraffe?
For a while she feared she was getting insane but she didn’t mind.

Cutting her wrist and bleeding to death felt wrong too. There will be lots of blood and it will take lots of time.

‘How about jumping from one of these hills?’ she mused looking at the hilly ranges flying past the moving bus.

‘Nah, some people don’t die immediately. I don’t want to be fractured down there and starve till i die. What i need is a gun!’ , she decided.

The bus came to a sudden halt.  And up came a man in black leather jacket. He was talking to the grumpy conductor turning his head sideways revealing the black tattoo at the back of his neck.

It was like the God had answered her prayers. She felt it was a sign. A sign that her suicide gun will be delivered by that man standing in front of her. She knew that tattoo from one of her wilder friends. It was a mark for a group of extremist. A group who decided the government is BS and that people need another law enforcer group that can give justice. 

Linthoi didn’t care if they’re right or wrong. Right now all she knew was that 100% chance the man in black leather was carrying a revolver and that she will be finally getting her way out.

-To Be Continued..
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  1. picture...ummm
    Waiting for next chapter

  2. oh goodness, this is turning out to be a classic, you have left the tale at a cliffhanger now, can't wait to read the end of this tale :)

  3. she can eat swallow a bottle of sleeping pills...simple!

    1. an expert in suicides eh? well they don't sell sleeping pills just like that

  4. thought that it was gonna be an epic manipuri film (Mollywood )story but now...Hollywood is very near

  5. Very nice narration :) Eagerly waiting :)

  6. hey what was justin bieber doing when some serious shit was going on....... i was really amaged...... gracy ur imaginations are way too waiting for the next chapter......


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