Monday, 6 February 2012

The Tale of the Lady in Black : Chapter-3

Chapter – 3

Recap : Linthoi is plotting to commit suicide after her break-up. She thought she could get a gun from a man in the bus whom she suspects to be an extremist. Read previous Chapters.

Linthoi have been staring at the man in black leather jacket for almost an hour now. Her brain was somehow working in slow motion. Time is of irrelevant to her. All she needed was to keep her mind busy. To keep her mind from remembering how warm she felt when she's at Danny's arms. Or how he used to kiss her forehead every time before leaving for his work. Yes, she needed to think of something else or she will go crazy.

The man in black was about 6ft tall and have a curly brown hair with a slight tan to his light brown skin. In different circumstances, Linthoi would have noticed that he's quite a handsome looking stud. But right now all she could think of was to provoke that man to shoot her or to steal his gun. It never occurred to her chaos mind that he might not be carrying any weapon at all.

She felt her heart skipped when he suddenly stand up motioning the bus driver to stop and went out in an instant. She found herself running after him and jumped down the bus. The conductor stared at her raising an eyebrow when she moved past him but he didn't say anything.

The wind was strong outside and the sky was getting very dark. She could hear the sound of the bus moving behind her. But her eyes were glued to the man standing tall before her who was now looking at her with curiosity.

Her most recent plot was simple. She will act as if she is an undercover agent who was assigned to investigate him. Then she will asked him NOT to move while reaching for her back pocket. He will panic and pulled out his revolver instantly shooting her. bang bang!!

But at that specific spot in the universe where the rain started to drizzle silencing the sound of the wind and his black eyes staring deep into her very own, all she could say was "I want your gun".

A smile slowly played at a corner of his lips and she felt immensely stupid at once. F U she thought.
It was then that she realized they were in the middle of no where. The rough road stretched both sides as far as she can see. The rest was all green jungle.

She felt fear in an instant. What if he was a serial killer!! , she thought panicking. Conveniently forgotten that she came down that bus to die.

"Lady, I don't know what your issue is but the next bus will come in another hour" He spoke in a deep voice startling her. "So, if you manage to stand and wait there at that exact spot for an hour, you'll be alright" he said and started to move towards the thick forest.

"Hey wait! How can you leave me all alone here?" she shouted and followed his steps. Again conveniently forgotten that he was suspected to be a serial killer just some seconds ago.

--To Be Continued



  1. i wont read this its to be continued again :(

    1. I can inform you after i managed to write out all the chapters from this tiny mind of mine. Till then have patience! :P

  2. this is getting hilariously interesting...

    1. as long as it remains interesting, i'm fine :D

  3. is she gonna fall in love with this new guy? :P Mystery msytery

  4. your story is starting to look like a comic/story on the back page of a journal or newspaper ( always "To be continued..." type ) :P

    1. it's hard even to think this far each day. i got other jobs too ya know :P


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