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The Tale of the Lady in Black : Chapter-4

Chapter – 4

Recap : A woman named Linthoi is now stranded in a deserted place with a mysterious guy in black jacket after she impulsively decided to end her life. (Read previous chapters)

Linthoi is in a state of complete and utter confusion. She had a very long day and was really tired. She didn't know whether to trust the man whom she was now following or to run back at the road and wait for the bus in the wilderness. She felt like she was inside a dream. A long nightmare that doesn't make any sense. But she kept on following him.

He walked fast. He was weird. He didn't even asked me what i was doing here? she thought
He stopped and turned around so fast that she had no choice but to bump into him. He didn't budge an inch at the impact. He's strong, she noticed.

"Why are you still following me?!" he asked in an irritated tone. "Don't you have a home to go to?"
Home, she thought. I don't have any home now. And that thought stabbed her deep.

Maybe he saw the changes in her expression. He was a little gentler when he spoke this time.
"This area is not safe. And it's getting very late."
Which was true. Lost in her world of confusion she had failed to notice that the drizzle was getting heavier and it was almost night.
 She wanted to be safely and warmly tucked in her bed back at home with Danny by her side. And the thought made her numbed with pain. How could Danny cheated on her?! Why?

She stand there staring at her hands, not knowing what to do, feeling stupid and childish. Her wet hair was sticking tight to her head and she resembled a lost puppy.

"What should i do with you?" he said out loud.
He was looking at her with his brows wrinkled in concentration. She could sense the disappointment. Please don't be disappointed with me, she thought weakly. She remembered her dad when she told him that she's planning to marry Danny. He had looked disappointed that day.
"Please, Daddy. Please don't be disappointed with me", she said looking at the man before her.

Her head felt funny. She knew she was in trouble and she can't escape. She welcome the numb feeling that engulfed her. A white light took her whole and swallowed her into complete darkness. She fainted.

Linthoi could hear sounds of people whispering. She didn't want to open her eyes. Everything felt heavy. But the sounds kept getting louder. She felt angry. Why don't they just leave me alone! , she thought.

"Are you awake Lady?" a deep manly voice asked. It sounded familiar. "Wake up!" The voice persisted. She felt a sudden cold splashed all over her face. She woke up in a jump. He had just thrown a handful of water on her face.

She felt disoriented and weak. It was dark and she was in a small room made of bamboo and mud. It was raining outside and the place smelled of grasses. The lamp was so dim but she could see the old woman sitting beside the fire who was now staring at her with a smile.

The man have now removed his jacket. He still wore a black T-shirt though. He stand in one corner of the room observing her.

The old lady got up and gave her something to drink which was highly bitter.
"That will make you feel better, dear" she said.

It took a moment to remember everything. The betrayal, the bus, the gun, the man and the jungle. Somehow she didn't felt all that much suicidal right now.  
Maybe i'm still in shock, she mused.

She started to ask where she was when the man interrupted her. "Dear, you must be very tired. You should take some rest now." he said looking at her.
Dear?, she thought. He continued "Grandma, you were very kind to let us in tonight. I will take care of her now. You can rest too. It must be way passed your usual sleeping time" He smiled warmly.

The old lady gave them both a big toothless smile too and left the room wishing them a good night.

Linthoi was surprised at the way she left them alone. It was rare at that part of the country to let an unmarried man and a woman stay together in a room even in daylight.

He seemed to have guessed her confusion. He came and sat beside her and gave out a long sigh..
"Phewwww, Lady do you always do this with every stranger you met at bus?" he said shaking his head. "You need your rest so i'll make this as short as possible". Linthoi decided to listen patiently.

"After you fainted dramatically in the woods, i thought of leaving you. But being a gentleman i just can't do that, can I? I once heard there was a small village somewhere around so i started to search.Lucky for us i found that old woman's grandson and he took us here" he explained.

But he didn't mentioned how he searched for almost an hour in the pouring rain. And that it was totally by chance that he found anyone. The old lady's grandson came out to cut woods but was caught up in the rain. The boy was taking a shelter under a big branch when he heard someone calling out.

The man looked quite fresh considering the ordeals he just went through of carrying her and all, she thought. "I'm Martin, by the way", he said. "Do you have a name, lady?"
She still feel a bit dizzy and wanted to sleep. "Linthoi" , she said. "How long was i out?" she asked.

"Glad to finally know the name of the damsel i saved" Martin smirked looking very satisfied with himself. "You were out for nearly 5 hours. I told them you're my wife since they will ask too many questions if i didn't" he said matter-of-factly.
"I also told them that our vehicle broke down so were stranded and that we will leave tomorrow as early as possible"

She felt grateful to this stranger."Thank-You" she murmured.
She misses Danny. She was still weak.  
A good sleep will do me good, she thought hugging the pillow closely, slowly welcoming a subtle dream where she was Alice in Wonderland. She felt she was in safe hands. She felt peaceful.


Was Linthoi really safe in that unknown place? Find out right here tomorrow in Gracy's Garbage :D

(since people don't like my "To be continued" line - courtesy: Rojit)



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  2. Thanks for the mention :P I wonder where this story s leading to. Not even a single hint. "Danny" and "Martin"..the guys' names and the lady- "Linthoi" !? Intriguing..hmm!

    1. hehe. The last line suggestion was too cool to ignore. And it's a mystery. stay tuned :D

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  9. "Linthoi could hear sounds of people whispering. She didn't want to open her eyes. Everything felt heavy. But the sounds kept getting louder. She felt angry. Why don't they just leave me alone! , she thought."
    Wow this piece of narration proves that you are becoming a classic author...
    Can't wait to read the next one :)

    1. classic author? that sounds so nice even if i'm not! thanks dude. much much much appreciated :)


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