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The Tale of the Lady in Black: Chapter-5

Chapter – 5

Recap : Linthoi and Martin, two complete strangers, came to a village in the woods. Read previous Chapters for details.

 Linthoi was eating strawberries with her mom sitting on green grasses under the sun. There were piles and piles of strawberries stacked up everywhere and colorful butterflies flying all around them. She saw a black butterfly fluttering it's wing very near her. She got up to catch it. It kept on flying far away and she kept on chasing. She turned back feeling uneasy. Realizing in panic that her mom was not there anymore. The green grasses have now become black weeds and everything got very dark. She heard a woman screamed. She ran. Her heart racing. The woman screamed again, this time very near!

"Wake up, Lady", he said in almost a whisper. "Linthoi, can you hear me?" Martin whispered again.

Linthoi opened her eyes and saw that he was so close to her. And she wanted to scream but he had put a hand to her mouth. "Shhhhhhhh..", he said "Control yourself woman, there's something going on outside"

It was dawn but still quite dark outside. She could hear sounds of subtle drums. Like some procession. 

Martin removed his hand from her mouth signalling her to remain silent. They both went towards the window to find the origin of the weird eerie sound.

A group of people all wearing white were walking slowly on the small road. They were carrying a flame torch and chanting something under their breathes. One of them was carrying a drum playing a soft rhythm. A bunch of them were carrying the stretcher on their shoulders with the dead body in it.

"I think it's a burial procession", she said. "I wondered who died".

She spoke too soon. To their surprises, the body in the stretcher moved ! It was a lady. She was tied to it and was trying hard to get out. She screamed again, crying for help. But no one even bothered. It was as if her shrieks were muted. 

"What the F***", Linthoi said quite loudly.
"SShhhhhhhhhhhh..." Martin said. He was watching intently too. He noticed that all the villagers were carrying a big heavy knife. He knew they were not people whom he can mess with.

The poor lady was sobbing. She wore a black dress. It looked quite odd among the pool of whites the villagers were wearing.

Linthoi automatically looked at her own attire. To her surprise she was also wearing a black dress. The old woman must have changed her last night when she was unconscious and wet. She didn't notice it before. It immensely disturbed her that she was wearing the same dress as that of the screaming woman in the stretcher.

This might not mean anything, she thought. Though her instinct tell her to run like hell and never look back.

 "We should get out of here", she said to Martin.
He was already thinking the same thing. "Yes, we should! " he said
Coward, she thought against her will.

They both looked at the window again. The procession had stopped. The villagers were now circling the lady in black. They tied her to a poll ignoring her small helpless fights to freedom.

One of the villagers was gathering hays around her. It was obvious that she will be burnt under some rituals. Another villager who looked quite old stand before the lady, holding his big knife high up in the air, praying. Poised to strike her anytime now. It's better to have a fast dead rather than being burnt alive. The lady screamed again.

Something inside Linthoi screamed too. She felt pure immense anger at that point of time. A feeling so raw and deep that makes her unable to bear the thought of letting the Lady in Black die.

Totally against her will and reason, she found herself running out and shouting at them to stop.

One can never be sure why Linthoi decided to run out to help a total stranger that fateful day. Maybe she saw a part of her in the other lady. Maybe she wanted someone else to survive the injustice of this highly unfair world. Perhaps not even herself knew why.

But Linthoi did ran out and shouted at the bunch of crazy people to stop killing and now they were all staring at her.


Will Linthoi survive after her action? Tune in tomorrow to find out more :P

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    1. Can't wait for the next post. you have the ability to create a curiosity about the story :) Rock on

    2. Della della, oh my della, she's a good writer'uh!!

    3. Thanks Karthick and Naresh. So glad you guys are following my story so far. Keep reading!

  3. hmmm....dont know where r you gettin wit dis...all lies in ur next move.

    1. it's a suspense thriller! what? u thought i was too predictable? :P

  4. really totally unpredictable...
    and that's excellent too :)
    do tell me though what is the secret of such interesting ideas for the tale that you get every other day

    1. thanks man! and secrets? ammmm.. it must be the love,support and curiosity of you guys that keeps me going.. coz this is d first time i started writing a chapter wise story.. hehe.. keep readin!!

    2. yeah i'm like stuck to this story, so no other choice that to keep reading :P :)
      and you know what great writers like Charles Dickens and the like always wrote and published their stories in installments in this way... :)
      keep it up...

    3. OMG OMG... did u just compared a fraction of Charles Dickens with me? U sure know how to make someone happy! N i didn't know that Dickens published in installments. Looks like i got a small ray of hope to publish a book sumday! **smirks**

  5. now...this looks like one good story from a talented story teller...lemme follow the whole story. u just aroused the curiosity bug out of me...kuddos della..keep writing

    BTW m writing a story "The Journey". read it on my blog..I could very well relate to the patrogonist here ...m not publishing frequently but hope to finish it soon...

    1. thanks for that lovely comment! do check out all the chapters. maybe you will like it :D

      and i'm checking out your blog right now


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