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The Tale of the Lady in Black: Chapter-6

Chapter – 6

Recap : Early dawn in a strange village, Linthoi and Martin saw a ritual where a lady wearing a black dress was tied to a pole and was about to be killed. Not thinking about her own safety Linthoi ran out to free the lady in black. (Read previous chapters for details)


Linthoi felt herself shaking in anger. How could they just decide to take a human’s life in cold blood. Do none of them have a soul?

The villagers were all staring at her. Their faces unreadable. They looked serene and mythical in their bright white clothing. They even looked kind hearted. No one would have guessed that they were murderers if met in a different occasion.

They kept staring at her not responding to her shouts. She walked up to free the lady. One of them blocked her and was about to strike a blow.

Martin reached there so fast and shielded her. One punch from him and the other villager dropped on the ground.
"Don't touch her!", he commanded.

The angry villagers were now advancing towards them. There were too many of them. Even though Martin was quite strong, he was being overpowered. Both of them were held captives within minutes.

A very old man came forward. It looked like he was the head of the whole group. He was short and resembled like someone who does black magic.

"Calm down", he said. "It's fruitless to try and escape now. It will only get yourself killed."

He signalled the others to relax the restrain. Linthoi and Martin felt the grips loosen.

The old man now addressed them with authority
"You guys have 2 options." He started.
"First.. Keep silent, let us complete the rituals and you will not be harmed. Second.. You fight and die.”

Linthoi knew the old man meant what he said.

“We are not savages as you might think right now.” He continued. “We don't want any violence and we will really be glad if you don't choose the 2nd option."

The Lady in Black started to plead them to let her go. Her sobs were ignored.

"Why? She's only a girl!" Linthoi pleaded too.

The old man seemed to expect that question. "We have a tradition that we need to follow. Without rules all hell will break loose", he explained.

Linthoi felt very angry. It was really unfair. She tried to get out from their grips but it was four against one. Her odds were none. Martin’s hands were tied with a rope. The villagers were more cautious around him. They were afraid of him.

The old man whispered something among the group. And they were discussing.

A few minutes passed by.
 "We have decided that it’s only fair to explain the reason. It may even help in your decision.”, the old man spoke once more.

“Do you see the man there?” He said pointing at the other man who was previously standing before the lady holding the knife up in the air.
“He is the husband of this lady” he revealed.

“What?!”, Martin exclaimed. “She’s old enough to be his daughter!”

The old man continued as if he was not interrupted.
“We have a tradition in our village. If a woman cheats, she must be killed by the husband under a ritual. If the husband refused, the villagers will stone him to death”

All the people in the crowd nodded their heads in agreement.

It was a weird custom. Many places blame woman for everything that happened. This was no different. Twisted sick mindset of the uncivilised people. And the fate of the lady was decided just like that.

The old man now looked at Martin. “This ritual should be performed before complete sunrise. So we don’t have time to discuss any farther.”

He signalled the person who was holding the drum. And the whole place was again filled with sound of his rhythm. The continuous beat signalling the start of the weird ritual.

Linthoi was shocked at this barbaric act. “How could you?” she said. “Don’t you have a heart?” she shouted.

She tried her best to get out. The other lady started to scream. Martin didn’t move.

The man with the knife took his position. With eyes tightly closed, he raised his hand high up in the air, praying. And with one swift strike, he cuts the throat of the lady in black.

The scream of the dying lady silence in seconds. Now replaced by a violent screech from Linthoi.

 One could also hear a painful shriek from the man holding the knife. He dropped down on the floor sobbing. He killed his wife.

Linthoi’s head was swirling. She didn’t believe what just happened in front of her. And for the second time in this unknown strange land, she found herself surrendering to bright lights. She fell unconscious.


Tomorrow i will write the final chapter. Do drop in to read Linthoi and Martin’s fate.

(i saw a documentary long ago where the pygmy type man killed his wife 4 cheating. he took his wife far away in a boat and killed her with a rock as per their custom.)

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  1. Phew! Yet another gripping chapter. Great :)

  2. damn it...damn the custom... ee kaakhre da..Go Linthoi go Linthoi...:)

    1. thawai nungaite hatke hatdok uraga :( sad i am too

  3. wow, you are taking this tale through a very sad turn now, but it adds to the drama and makes it a master-piece...:)
    "And for the second time in this unknown strange land, she found herself surrendering to bright lights" - this line impressed me very much, you are a genius (fagi nate :P)

    1. fagi nattabro? hehehe.. And you called me a "genius". I literally jumped at that! so happy!! now wait for the grand finale :P

    2. really not kiddin :), and did i really make you jump? hehe, but seriously dunno why but this dialogue is just makes me go "wow"... :)

    3. and waiting for the final part with lots of eagerness and suspense :)

  4. WHen's tomorrow when's tomorrow ??? lol :D
    waiting for the final chapter :D

    1. tomorrow is actually today! now you guys just wait, let me paint the picture! :D

  5. ahem...a lil correction...i think u meant "savages" n not "salvages" by wat d old man was tryin to say...

    1. ahh.. a critic! teeheehee i know who! & corrected!


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