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The Tale of the Lady in Black: Chapter-7

Chapter – 7 (final)

Recap : Linthoi fainted after she saw the lady in black being killed.  (Read previous chapters for more details Chapter-6 )

Someone was shaking her shoulder.
“Wake the hell up woman!!” Martin hissed at her. “This is not the time to act like a sleeping beauty!”

Linthoi slowly opened her eyes feeling disarrayed and confused. She looked at him drowsily and asked “You think I’m a beauty?”. The words escaped involuntarily.

They were in a hut, locked from outside. Held captive by the villager.

Martin was holding her shoulders, his eyes searching her's. She found herself being nervous. She was having difficulty in breathing, being so near this man.

Then it all came back. The ritual! The blood!!

She gave out a gasps. Her thoughts going into trance visualizing the horrifying scene that happened right before her eyes. Going through the torture all over again.
Martin caught her, shaking her to come out of it.
“Linthoi... Linthoi... Listen to me! I need you to be strong right now. Our life depends on it” he said.

She felt her eyes hurting from the painful tears flowing out from the anguish she felt deep inside. She found herself crying on Martin’s shoulder. She cried for the soul of the lady in black,she cried for herself and Danny, she even cried for her mom who left this world..
Martin sat there and held her. He let her shed all her sorrows with those tears. Giving her the time she needed.

Linthoi didn’t know how long they had been sitting like that. It was almost noon now.  Now and then, she could see some people moving outside.

She finally found the courage and asked “What happened after i fainted?”
Martin drew a long breath “They burned her.” He said. “Then took us both at this place. I think they haven’t decided what should be done with us yet”
Her heart went out to the lady once more.
 No i shouldn’t think about her now, she thought.

“Will they let us go?”, she asked peeking at the door.
Martin moved towards the window and started to break the bamboo bar with his strong hands.
“I don’t want to wait and find out” he said.

The villagers were quiet now. Perhaps they were all having lunch inside. Martin and Linthoi walked fast, hiding at each backyard.
They almost reached the deep dense forest. A sight highly welcoming to Linthoi right now.

“THEY ARE GETTING AWAY!!” , someone shouted.

“This is the part where we should start running”, Martin said holding Linthoi’s hand and they ran.

They could never have seen the short dark villager hiding behind a tree, jumping out with an axe. He was very fast.

He swing his axe at Martin, aiming for his heart. But Martin moved just in the nick of time and got the blow on his right upper arm instead. Blood was oozing out violently from the angry wound.

The short dark villager was now advancing towards him. To kill.
Linthoi picked up a log of wood lying on the ground and tried to hit the guy on his head. But he was very fast and she missed. He now moved his attention towards her. She was cornered. He lifted his axe to strike.

The sound of the gun echoed throughout the whole jungle.

The axe man felt flat on the ground. Martin shot him at his heart. The revolver held steady on his left hand. His right arm bleeding profusely.

Linthoi ran towards him to support. The villagers now gathering around them agitated. They looked at the dead guy and they looked at the small gun. None of them advancing further.

The old man was there too. “You can’t kill all of us”, he said. “Surrender now and we might spare you”.

“Cut the crap old man! You’re shit scared. And i guarantee that i will shoot you next”, Martin replied.

Linthoi noticed that Martin was losing a lot of blood. He will be unconscious in half an hour if this goes on, she thought. She checked through his pocket and found a handkerchief. She tied it in his arm to stop the bleeding.

Martin’s gazed were fixed on the old man. “Okay, here’s the deal” he said. You let us walk away. We won’t talk about what we saw and won’t tell anyone. No one need to die anymore today”

The villagers discussed among themselves.
It will be the longest 5 min Linthoi will ever experience.
With the gun being pointed at the village’s old man, the decision was not that hard. They AGREED.
“But if you ever talked about it, we will come and find you”, the old man threatened.


Linthoi and Martin had been walking at the jungle for nearly half an hour now. The bleeding in his arm had reduced, but he was weak. Linthoi tried her best to help him. They didn’t know for sure which way to go. For all they know, they could be going more deeply inside the jungle.

“Stand still.”, Martin whispered suddenly.
She couldn't hear anything. But she obeyed. Her heart racing again.
“Who’s there?” Martin shouted.
 He looked around. “Last chance! I’ll shoot you if you don’t answer now”

Some few feet away, a thin little boy in brown jacket came out from behind a big tree.
“I thought I recognised that tone”, he said smiling towards Martin. 

He looked back and shouted, “He’s here,  you guys!! Found him!”  Three other guys came out from the woods.

“I’m Stanley”, he introduced himself to Linthoi. He was a funny looking young man who grins a lot.
“Where were you man?”, he asked Martin soon after.
Martin looked at Linthoi smiling “Something came up”, he said.
Stanley looked at them both and grinned again.
Martin was serious when he spoke this time “Let’s get out of here. I don’t have time to explain. It’s not safe.”

Martin and Linthoi were fairly near the main road from where they were found. A dark blue van was waiting for them at the road. In no time, they found themselves driving away in good speed.

Linthoi felt out of the loop. It took some time for Martin and Stanley to explain the whole story.
Yesterday Martin was supposed to rendezvous with someone at the woods. But he didn't show up. So a search party was called. They almost gave up the pursuit by noon. That was when they heard a gunshot. They followed the sound.

“I knew you had a gun.”, Linthoi said smiling at Martin. Also realizing she was right about him being an extremist.
He smiled back. “I should have used it earlier to save the lady but they overpowered me before i can reach for it” he said, now looking out at the window.

Linthoi looked out too. The hills moving back from view. Creating more distance between her and the madness behind.

Upon Linthoi’s request, they stopped at the nearest bus stop. They need to get Martin to a hospital as soon as possible.
“So, this is goodbye, lady” he said looking pale.
She felt a lump in her throat. She didn’t want to part yet. Somehow in the past 24 hours this man has become an important part of her life.

Time. It’s unfair to measure time in hours, she thought. It should be measured in moment that counts. And she felt she had spent a lifetime with him.

“Won’t we meet again?”, she asked.
 “I’m not someone you can trust, Linthoi” Martin said. “It’s better if you never see me again”.

Just then Stanley interrupted. “Dude you guys are killing me! No one is dying here. And as JB said ‘never say never’ chillax!”
Martin laughed. “JB who?”
Linthoi  can’t help but smile too. “Yeah let them get you to the hospital. Now give me some cash and i’ll be out of the way” she said showing her hand. “’No purse”
But as the van drove away, Linthoi felt sad. Though somehow she knew this was not the end.


She opened the door to the house she once called home. It was not locked. She went to the bedroom where she caught Danny with another woman. The place looked exactly how she left it before visiting her papa at Manipur. She opened her closet and started packing her stuffs.

Danny ran inside the room. He had heard some noises and had hoped that she had come back. Seeing  her back in her room made him feet immensely at ease.

“I searched for you everywhere last night. I even went to the police station but they refused to file an FIR. Said it was too soon.” He said looking grief-stricken.

He now noticed that she was packing. His guilt stopped him from going towards her, hugging her and never letting her go. He love her.

Linthoi watched him apologize. She watched his eyes filling with tears. She listened to his promises to never cheat on her again.
“It was just that one time.”, he swore. “It didn’t even mean a thing! Please don’t leave me!” He pleaded.

She looked different in the weird black dress she was wearing. She patiently stood there listening to everything that he had to say.

“I forgive you.” Linthoi said finally. He looked at her with spark of hopes in his eyes.

She continued, “Sometimes we do things on wimps and we can’t explain why. People make mistakes. You are only human. And a part of me still love you”
 Something about the way she said made Danny nervous. There was something in her eyes. Something new, which was not there before. Strength!

“I believe you when you said you love me. I may even believe you when you say you’ll never cheat again” she said confidently.

“But i respect myself too much to continue being your wife. It's a choice between you and me. I chose me”

She lifted her suitcase and walked out. Danny knew he have lost her forever. There was nothing he could do.

As she moved out of the front door, she saw him weeping like a small kid, down on his knees. She felt like holding him one last time. But she didn’t.  Taking a deep breath she stepped out in the evening sun. She knew she will be alright.

The End.


Author's note : Sorry for making this episode very long. I had to tie up loose ends :D


  1. "Time. It’s unfair to measure time in hours, she thought. It should be measured in moment that counts" my moral of story :) I was expecting a happy endings but its a short story so anything can happen :) good job

    1. thanks for not throwing stone at me.. hahaha

    2. i ll love to throw Diamond, ruby,etc if I ve to throw stone for your lovely Linthoi's tale :)

    3. damn.. that's a very good line u just said! :D

  2. Replies
    1. haha.. i felt tempted to add that

  3. U didn make it easy.. U r awesome :)

  4. awesomely knitted words and great expression of your imagination. It'll be very easy for any1 to become ur fan I guess. Still, lots to improve and that's where your strength lies. Keep writing dude. :)

    1. yes dude, i'm like a newly born calf, eager to run and learn.. hehehe.. i really enjoyed writing this story. it was fun fun fun!

  5. Had fun reading it. Now waiting for the next series :-)

    1. Next series may take some time :)

  6. Great ending to a great story, you tied up the loose ends very effectively and i think none of the readers are dissatisfied :)
    really a genius :)

  7. Wow... Thats great... Written nicely... My heart goes with Linthoi... Though i didnt expect a happy ending, yet it'd ve been nice if linthoi and martin ended up together! Lolz... But den, we never know... Love it dear:)

    1. Oh sweet Bindi. I'm so glad you liked it! Martin must be happy too. hehehe.

      And yeah, Linthoi is now single. And i will let you in on a secret..."Martin loves Linthoi". He will come to find her when he gets better and they can live happily ever after \m/ :P


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