Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Tale of the Lady in Black

Chapter – 1

She found herself walking aimlessly along the rough road of Silchar, feeling immensely frustrated and angry. She had no idea where she was heading. She had no idea what to do next. Her mind in total chaos, unable to accept the simple truth that her husband had cheated on her.

Linthoi got married 6 months ago to her college sweetheart Danny. She left her job so that she could stay with her husband at Assam. A place completely alien to her. A place where she don’t have a single friend.

She went to meet her pop in Manipur since he was not feeling well. But came back soon after since her dad didn’t want her to stay away from her husband for long.
 ‘People will talk my dear’, he had said lying on his bed. ‘I will be fine here. You should go back to your husband. It’s not good for a woman to stay at her parent’s house once she got married.’

She didn’t inform Danny that she will come back that day. Things would have been different if she had.

Linthoi realised that she was in a bus stand. She had been walking for a long time and now she wanted to sit down somewhere. But her mind asked her to keep moving. And she had to obey.

She checked for a bus that will be leaving soon and climbed up the nearest one available.

“Tickets”, the grumpy looking bus conductor asked, scratching his tummy.

She fumbled in her pockets and found that she got only a few coins and some notes which she must have stuck in her back pockets after buying some potato chips last night, realizing that she left her purse back home.

“How far can i go for Rs 66” she asked. The conductor was not amused and gave her a big frown. He roughly said “You do know this bus is going to Nagaland, don’t you?”.

I don’t care,  she thought.  Anywhere but here.
“Drop me off anywhere where this amount can take me, please”, she replied.

Maybe he got the message or perhaps he’s not interested in chitchat. Either way, he took the money and left her alone.  She felt relieved.

--To Be Continued...



  1. hmmm...simadi waari nuga duri hey... power ga paihanlu ko Linthoi se :P

    1. hehe.. i have no idea what will Linthoi do next.. power paihanse hairiro.. lolz

  2. Replies
    1. yea. i didn't had time to write much today. tomoro u will find more thriller and suspenses (bragging) hehehe

  3. gracy please finish it and i will steal it :)

    1. hehe. sure. But i'm planning to include nonsensical horror stuffs

  4. Short story is famous for a climax n twist ending n I m really sure this one ll surely va a lovely climax n twist too :)

  5. as i told u that i ll come back and read ur short story and kind of got a shock to see the name of my town on ur post. anyway, loved this story!! lets see what happens next :)

    1. Silchar? hehehe.. well i was there to visit a friend once.. so that name popped up. read and give me feedback whether you like it or not?


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